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[osip-dev] 200 Ok retransmissions

From: FEICHTER Christoph
Subject: [osip-dev] 200 Ok retransmissions
Date: Mon, 22 May 2017 10:52:00 +0000



I had a look in the code to find out, where the

retransmission of 200 Ok responses are sent.

… and found out, that this is done in eXosip_event_wait !

thus, they are sent in the context of an application-thread,

whereas retransmissions for 1xx responses and requests are sent in osip.


what is the reason for this ?

an app using a high timeout for eXosip_event_wait

would not expect that the retransmission-timing of 200 Ok response is being influenced !


in addition, in case the app receives lots of events,

the function _eXosip_retransmit_lost200ok  is rarely called – and the 200 Ok retransmission could starve.





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