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[pdf-devel] code for items in doc section 3.3 Object Documents

From: address@hidden
Subject: [pdf-devel] code for items in doc section 3.3 Object Documents
Date: Mon, 28 Sep 2020 11:21:01 +0000

section 3.3 of (some version I have of) docs, documents various items including:
pdf_obj_doc_t *pdf_obj_doc_new (pdf_u32_t flags )
pdf_obj_t *pdf_obj_doc_open (pdf_fsys_t filesystem ,
pdf text t path , pdf char t * header_string , pdf obj doc ctx s ** ctx ,
pdf error t * error )
pdf_bool_t pdf_obj_doc_close (pdf obj doc t * doc , pdf error t** error )

but I have failed to find any evidence of them anywhere in any revisions of the code, trying to do so with
bzr grep -r "1..969" pdf_obj_doc_open
etc. to a repository i retrieved from savannah, and similar git stle attempts in a git version I found elsewhere.

Are there implementations of the functions in that section hiding somewhere that can be obtained,
or does the state of the docs just indicate something that was planned that didn't happen, or at least never made it into the repository?

(I realize the library development seems basically non-existent, but I was interested in exploring whats there, as that functionality seemed potentially useful to me.)

David Hoke

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