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Re: [Phpgroupware-users] migrate phpgroupware data

From: Brian Johnson
Subject: Re: [Phpgroupware-users] migrate phpgroupware data
Date: Tue, 05 Oct 2004 14:31:12 +0000

I would suggest running the matching version on postgresql (alongside your
current installation).  That will set up the tables for you which should deal
with any data type problems.

Then do a dump from mysql that makes SQL insert statements (not sure how mysql
dump works since I don't use mysql)

Edit the dump file to remove any SQL statements that aren't inserting data
(eg, delete the SQL that creates the tables since they would already be
created by the phpgw-postgres installation)

Run the edited SQL file to insert the data into the postgres db.

You SHOULD upgrade.  You can choose to upgrade before OR after transfering to
postgres.    Due to biug changes in the addressbook between .14 and .16, you
should extend the php run time in php.ini (I think)

Chris Weiss (address@hidden) wrote:
> (from IRC during a slag time)
> <grval> I need advice on how to migrate phpgroupware data from one
> platform to another. After my first attempt failed, I did some
> research and then decided to come here.
> <grval> We have phpgroupware ( running on a Red Hat box
> using mysql. I want to move all the data over to a debian woody box
> with postgres.
> <grval> is there a way to export the data from one instance
> phpgroupware and import it in another?
> <grval> I tried doing a database dump in mysql and loading it into
> postgres (I got it to load after modifying the data types a bit), but
> phpgroupware ( would not give me the option to upgrade in
> setup.
> <grval> I am looking for another way to get the data accross.
> personaly I would attempt to open the data in the same version first,
> just to make sure it all got over and still works.
> Another thing to consider would be to install a .14.004 on pgsql and
> massage the data and datatypes to match and not just to work.  pgsql
> is fairly picky about the type of data stored in certain types where
> mysql is much less picky, if the transformation isn't just so then all
> sorts of odd things might happen, and there are bugs that are fixed in
> later .14's and in .16 concering these datatype consistancies.
> also please reply to the address@hidden address.
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