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[Platero-devel] FROM MRS KABILA!

Subject: [Platero-devel] FROM MRS KABILA!
Date: Sun, 7 May 2006 12:10:37 -0700 (PDT)

I have a new email address!
You can now email me at: address@hidden

My Dear ,

My Name is Mrs Florence Kabila, My husband is Dr Richard Kabila a

former Zimbabwean Ambassador to UK, who died some years back after a brief

illness in London.

I and My husband lived a Peaceful live before he died, but as we were married for over 22yrs without any child, before my husband died in 2002,he gave me a document of a some amount of money which he deposited in a Security company in abroad at the tune of($8.5million us dollars) still unclaimed.

I do not have any children of my own, my husband relatives are not in

good terms with me,because i don't have children for him they call me barren woman, since i have this documents to this money, i have just given it to my lawyer,please can you work for God , Charity and Humanity?

I am presently admitted in an Irish Hopital in Ireland, iwas discovered of Highy Blood Presure(HBP) now it has resulted to a stroke and i may not survive this sickness according to the Doctor, he said i may die any day!

I pick your name from the internet and decide to try you and see if you are responsible to work for God. I'm writing you from my

doctors Lab Top computer, there is no need to reach me by phone, i will

like to give you my lawyer's contact so that he will send you the documents to this money, then you go ahead and clear this money immediately from ! the security company and it becomes money which you will put mainly for the work of God.

Note; This money will belongs to you, and make sure you utilize this

money into any Orphanage, charity organisations,Religious work, it is

very important!!! so reply back and i will give you the lawyer's contact, you work directly with him, Note. security company do not know it was money, my husband deposited it as a Medical Equipment without any one Notification!!!.

I Waiting to read from you, please i am not opportuned to access my email box always, so all corrospondant is strickly through my lawyer contact, i want if i die today, this money will be useful to the needy and God will recieve my soul Amen.

please do reply me at address@hidden


Mrs Florence Kabila


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