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Re: [Prime-dev] What's up?

From: Gerry Kirk
Subject: Re: [Prime-dev] What's up?
Date: Thu, 13 Jun 2002 15:51:38 +0600 (BDT)


Let me know if you need any help with CVS. Morley, who is on this
list, has a lot of experience with CVS, too. Glad to see Linux
infiltrating your workplace. :)

Right now, I don't have a lot of thoughts about the web site,
mainly because the product itself is still very much in the early
stages. My main goal is to build up a team so we can start
designing and building a product. So far, this has proven
I do want to get some documentation up on the site. I have a
'vision' document which gives an overview of what PRiMe is
intended for. I will send that document to you. Please put it in
the File List section, and then post a news item stating that the
document is now available for viewing. I wrote it using
StarImpress, but do you think we should post a PowerPoint version

Tell me if the following interests you. If the app will be
developed with PHP, I hope to use the BinaryCloud framework, found
at Do you have any PHP experience, Jeff? We
could use the development of our own web site as a way to get more
familiar with BinaryCloud.

I think the main benefit of trying to put together a web site know
would be mainly to draw more attention to the project, either
people who can work on it or those interested in the product
Perhaps you could create a list of common parts of a web site
found for open source applications. Things like a download page,
contact info page, etc. It would be useful to design the structure
now even if we don't have content for everything yet.

Also, please experiment with uploading / downloading files from
CVS, if you have time for that.


IT Specialist

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