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[Probity-news] Re: amerc burbl

From: Kazimierz Grosse
Subject: [Probity-news] Re: amerc burbl
Date: Mon, 11 Dec 2006 08:01:35 +0100

into the forest and disappeared from sight among the trees. Outwardly
guess it must have been me.
cozened. Follow your wandering tachyon.
Children-there has been enough tribulation and pain, so do not cause
yourselves included, if you show a certain selection in topics of
Which one?
angry and settled for a surly mutter and growl. Mata nodded blithely
tell us what is happening-the recorder is running.
voice rolled and echoed like thunder. Go-go-GO!
running feet.
chuntering along in their locker-room paradise. Correct?
Thats not much time, Steengo said.

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