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Re: [ProjectPSI] Question about "whys" in your docs

From: Tolga Dalman
Subject: Re: [ProjectPSI] Question about "whys" in your docs
Date: Wed, 04 Jan 2006 15:28:33 -0000
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hello Mikalai 

First of all, I have to apologize for answering so late. I just have realized
that none of our developers is on the list. 

Regarding your questions: 

> I have picked up docs in pdf
> ( file. The
> section "Introduction - why PSIworld?" is empty. Can you give examples

This document is fairly outdated, and will be completely removed once the 
Wiki mainpage is complete. 
If you wish to make suggestions for improving the PSIworld documentation, feel
free to send an email to this list (now, at least I should be subscribed :).
Of course, you may edit the Wiki page yourself until it is finished and set
to readonly.

> for "whys", like in what applications can PSIworld be used and how. "...
> to ease the implementation of dynamic Artificial Intelligence
> environments" - do you mean PSIworld shall be used only as environment
> *for* AI agents, i.e. where agents "live"? Or can it be used for
> *representing* some world, about which agent has to reason? For example,
> agent has to act in real world and reason about it, so, a model
> (representation) of real world is needed. 

PSIworld shall implement three levels of environments:
(1) a low-level scripting/programming environment, such as run-time server, 
    communication layers, etc.
(2) a virtual world essentially consisting of a set of two-dimensional maps
    where agents can act and move
(3) an object ontology, which defines the agents features and behaviour

Especially the last item is of special interest to Artificial Intelligence 
applications, since all algorithms (such as automatic reasoning) are 
implemented using the object ontology. 

Unfortunately, we're still in level 1 implementing the basic application 
engines. Nevertheless, we're still making progress :)

> Are there any another intended
> ways of using PSIworld?
Definitely! Most PSIworld modules are implemented (or planned) in a way, such
that they can be used in other applications as well. For example the networking
code is implemented as C-library with a pretty easy and generic API.

Tolga Dalman

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