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[Pspp-commits] [SCM] GNU PSPP annotated tag, v0.7.9, created. v0.7.9

From: Ben Pfaff
Subject: [Pspp-commits] [SCM] GNU PSPP annotated tag, v0.7.9, created. v0.7.9
Date: Tue, 07 Feb 2012 16:14:05 +0000

This is an automated email from the git hooks/post-receive script. It was
generated because a ref change was pushed to the repository containing
the project "GNU PSPP".

The annotated tag, v0.7.9 has been created
        at  88d21911ad00549392d10095e8883c89f029e15d (tag)
   tagging  5cdb1f83c37674ee6d588bb0104729d564012ecb (commit)
  replaces  v0.6.1
 tagged by  Ben Pfaff
        on  Tue Feb 7 08:08:13 2012 -0800

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
GNU PSPP 0.7.9.
Version: GnuPG v1.4.10 (GNU/Linux)


Ben Pfaff (1076):
      New hmap and hmapx hash table implementations.
      Avoid bug in GCC 4.3 in hmap-test.  Add comment warning about the bug.
      Avoid the C99-only feature of declaring a variable as part of a for 
      Merge commit 'origin/stable'
      Fix build when build and source directories are separate.
      Make [ and ] valid tokens in the lexer.
      Make str_copy_rpad() behave properly with a DST_SIZE of 0.
      Implement variable and data file attributes.
      Fix GCC 4.3 warnings about parameters of incomplete type.
      Eliminate unused code in glm.q, regression.q.
      Parenthesize more defensively in macro definition.
      Fix typo in comment.
      Eliminate unused variable.
      Add prototype for design_matrix_clone() to design-matrix.h.
      Advise not to build in a directory whose name contains a space or 
      Fix warning due to unmunge() returning a const string that needs to be 
      Fix GCC 4.3 warning about uninitialized structure member.
      Use const consistently in linreg routines, to avert warnings.
      Make pspp_linreg_with_cov() void, since it doesn't actually return a 
      Make src/libpspp/version.c depend on Makefile.
      Do not assume that canonicalize_file_name() always returns non-null.
      Fix crash in tabulating long-string variables in CROSSTABS.
      Use gnulib 'close' module, for compatibility with newest Gnulib.
      Add PKG_CHECK_MODULES to forbidden m4 patterns.
      Fix memory leak in get_system_decimal().
      Rename compare_values, hash_values with "_short" suffix.
      Allow MATCH FILES before an active file has been defined.
      Break get.c up into multiple files in a logical fashion.
      Replace case_ordering with subcase.
      Implement ADD FILES and UPDATE.
      Remove unused match-files.c.
      Make cases simpler, faster, and easier to understand.
      Fix assertion in case_copy().
      Put unique dictionary indexes into internal variables
      Accept LF, CR LF, and LF as new-line sequences in data files.
      perl-module: Document PSPP::Dict::get_var() for too-large index.
      INSTALL: Add hints about how to obtain root permission.
      perl-module: Make PSPP::Reader::get_next_case() return a list.
      perl-module: Document and test PSPP::Dict::get_var_cnt().
      perl-module: fix version mismatch between module and PSPP
      Speed up Wilcoxon matched-pairs signed-ranks significance routine.
      wilcoxon: Drop now-unnecessary timer support.
      Link against -lws2_32 on Windows.
      Fix error message for bad characters in syntax files.
      Fix memory leak in wilcoxon_execute().
      Remove redundant test in lex_is_idn().
      Add "x" prefix to calls to plain malloc(), calloc(), strdup(), realloc().
      Make create_iconv() properly distinguish converters by name.
      SET LOCALE: Don't use lex_tokstr() after skipping to next token.
      Fix a few typos and capitalization errors in developers guide.
      Fix memory leak in cmd_data_list().
      NPAR TESTS: Consistently order variables in summary statistics.
      Use Bob Jenkins lookup3 hash instead of FNV.
      data-parser: Treat " ," the same as ",".
      t-test: Remove write-only variable.
      t-test: Move 'cmd' variable from file scope into cmd_t_test().
      t-test: Move 'mode' variable from file scope into cmd_t_test().
      perl-module: Better document "make test" requirements.
      datasheet: Drop false dependency on md4.h.
      pool: New function pool_strdup0.
      Delete CORRELATIONS skeletal parser.
      range-set: New function range_set_allocate_fully.
      range-set: Add test coverage for range_set_destroy(NULL).
      range-set: Inline some simple functions.
      range-set: Add new function range_set_scan().
      range-set: New functions range_set_last and range_set_prev.
      sparse-array: Use __builtin_ctzl on GCC 4.0 or later, as an optimization.
      sparse-array: Improve iteration interface.
      sparse-array: Simplify code slightly.
      model-checker: Kill dependencies and move back to libpspp.
      model-checker: Move summary printing function into model checker.
      model-checker: Add more progress functions.
      model-checker: Revise advice on checking for duplicates.
      model-checker: Don't discard error states.
      Implement new command-line argument parser.
      model-checker: Add command-line parser for model checking options.
      New wrapper for access to temporary files.
      New data structure sparse_xarray.
      output: Add auxiliary data parameter to tab_dim.
      Change "union value" to dynamically allocate long strings.
      gui: Fix segfault when pushing Del on a long string variable cell.
      Remove debug printfs that escaped from my local tree.
      Make value_set_missing(), etc. tolerate values of width -1.
      New function parse_value() for parsing a value of specified width.
      Add support for value labels on long string variables.
      sys-file-reader: Fix memory leak.
      Fix test failure introduced along with parse_value().
      Implement missing values for long string variables.
      Get rid of uses of MAX_SHORT_STRING in Gnumeric and PostgreSQL readers.
      Fix portable file reader use of long strings.
      Make MAX_SHORT_STRING an implementation detail of the "value" code.
      Move datasheet test out of PSPP into a separate binary.
      value: New function value_swap.
      sparse-xarray-test: Style and comment fixes.
      datasheet-test: Don't test null operations.
      datasheet-test: Make column widths to test configurable on command line.
      datasheet-test: Check duplicate states before discarding them.
      datasheet-test: Fix printing of string values in error messages.
      datasheet-test: Add test for datasheet_resize_column().
      datasheet: Fix bugs in datasheet_resize_column() found with new test.
      argv-parser: Add assertion to find likely bugs in client code.
      crosstabs: Fix memory leaks.
      crosstabs: Trim unsightly spaces from titles in output.
      datasheet-test: Add support for testing string backing store columns.
      crosstabs: Fix segfault when chi-square was requested.
      crosstabs: Remove write-only variable.
      crosstab: Remove struct that was defined but never used.
      crosstabs: Fix chi-square display and add regression test.
      Remove spurious Makefile from src/output.
      Fix handling of #! at beginning of PSPP syntax file; add regression test.
      output: Add initial support for PSPP output via Cairo.
      cairo: Set line width.
      cairo: Fix header box drawing.
      Drop call to deleted function value_cnt_from_width (from debug-only code).
      Fix type mismatch between value_hash prototype and definition.
      Fix type mismatch between value_hash prototype and definition.
      table: Replace macros by inline functions, to improve type safety.
      output: Remove static variables from manager code.
      output: Get rid of unused members of struct som_table_class.
      output: Get rid of unused SOM_ROW, SOM_COLUMN enums.
      cairo: Fix values of prop_em_width, fixed_width.
      Get rid of most global variables in outputting tables.
      output: Use "struct string" in tabi_title in place of fixed-size buffer.
      Allow variables created by var_create_internal to have any width.
      output: Make table dimension functions work in arbitrary contexts.
      sparse-xarray: Add missing #include <limits.h>.
      sparse-xarray: Add missing #include <limits.h>.
      output: Make global variables less global.
      cairo: Use default Cairo scale factor.
      output: Make allocating and freeing drivers independent of configuration.
      por-file-reader: Tolerate short lines when detecting portable files.
      sys-file-reader: Don't warn if compression bias field is 0.
      Add Unicode (UTF-8) line-drawing support to device configuration.
      Make the UTF-8 graphic devices avoid overstriking by default.
      output: Make outp_parse_options slightly more general-purpose.
      output: Improve warnings about negative table dimensions.
      output: Make tables reference-counted.
      output: Implement very rudimentary graphical GUI output for PSPPIRE.
      output: Make GUI output window scrollable.
      output: Use gtk_widget_show_all instead of gtk_widget_show_now.
      output: Use "base" color for background in GUI output window.
      crosstabs: Fix free of bad pointer and use-after-free error in cleanup.
      output: Include command names in titles in GUI output.
      output: Add overview pane to GUI output window.
      output: Improve title display in overview pane of GUI output.
      output: Give the overview pane in the GUI output a reasonable initial 
      output: Make double-clicking in GUI output overview pane scroll to table.
      output: Reduce Cairo minimum version to 1.5.
      output: Avoid functions added in GTK 2.14 in GUI output code.
      output: Fix segfault for writing output outside a command invocation.
      output: Get rid of histogram_plot_n function.
      LIST: Don't use outp_driver 'prc' member any longer.
      output: Get rid of 'prc' member of struct outp_driver.
      piechart: Use definition of M_PI from GSL.
      piechart: Fix spelling of "magnitude".
      piechart: Change 'angle' variable from static to automatic.
      chart: Fix format string issues in chart_write_title callers.
      chart: Fix format string issues in draw_tick callers.
      chart: Fix format string issues in chart_write_title callers.
      chart: Fix format string issues in draw_tick callers.
      Release PSPP 0.6.2 prerelease 1.
      output: Refactor implementation of charts.
      Relocate the locale directory.
      Release PSPP 0.6.2-pre2.
      Fix segfault drawing pie charts with old versions of libplot.
      Add Dutch translation.
      Release PSPP 0.6.2-pre3.
      output: Make box-whisker plots work again.
      CROSSTABS: Handle long string variables without crashing (bug #26131).
      gui: Fix brown-paper-bag bug in output file name selection.
      Update to latest nl.po.
      Release PSPP 0.6.2-pre4.
      Use Harry Thijssen's real name instead of his nick "unknown-1", at his 
      output: Fix GUI output, which was broken in the chart refactoring.
      Consistently capitalize the name "Gnumeric".
      Separate table functions that format their arguments from those that 
      i18n: Change some strings to reduce work of translation.
      i18n: Reduce translatable strings in SHOW command.
      i18n: Eliminate some translatable strings.
      "Sig." is an abbreviation, "Exact" is not.
      i18n: Merge translatable strings.
      REGRESSION: Fix access beyond end of allocated region.
      Fix failure to write output file in GUI on Windows when HOMEPATH is "\".
      Fix reversed logic in when to append "/" to path in previous commit.
      Release PSPP 0.6.2-pre5.
      charts: Allow passing a null pointer to chart_unref.
      Move implementation of NP plots out of EXAMINE into the charts engine.
      output: Remove barchart implementation, which is unused.
      output: Use macro HAVE_CHARTS instead of NO_CHARTS.
      output: Make building without libplot possible again.
      charts: Use numeric colors instead of color names.
      output: Make chart geometry the responsibility of the output driver.
      output: Use Cairo and Pango to draw charts, instead of libplot.
      output: Fix vertical alignment of text to a baseline in chart output.
      output: Draw titles on charts in a larger font than other labels.
      output: Fix warnings about unused function arguments in ODT driver.
      output: Get rid of write-only "hit" member in struct tab_joined_cell.
      output: Remove write-only "col_group' member from struct tab_table.
      output: Always use helper functions to access struct tab_table members.
      Eliminate casts that can be replaced by uses of the & operator.
      Add UP_CAST macro, for safer casting from contained data to its container.
      Eliminate unnecessary casts.
      Add CHECK_POINTER_HAS_TYPE macro, and use it to make *_data macros safer.
      Add CONST_CAST macro, for casting away "const" more safely.
      Separate table functions that format their arguments from those that 
      Delete tab_create()'s unused third parameter.
      Delete tab_raw function and tab_alloc macro.
      Merge master into output branch.
      EXAMINE: Fix null pointer dereference introduced in commit b46b794dfb9.
      T-TEST: Avoid NaN in paired-sample correlation significance calcuation.
      Fix missing @clicksequence problem with older Texinfo versions.
      Update to latest nl.po.
      T-TEST: Also fix the case where the correlation is slightly less than 
      Add Brazilian Portuguese translation.
      Release PSPP 0.6.2-pre6.
      Merge commit 'origin/stable' into stable
      FREQUENCIES: Make frequency table headings easier to translate.
      Don't pad variable labels written to system files.
      Fix "make check" with --enable-relocatable.
      hmap-test: Disable tests that GCC 4.3 miscompiles.
      Fix "make install" with --enable-relocatable.
      Rename README.CVS to README.Git and update to refer to Git instead of CVS.
      Make GtkItemEntry compatible with GTK+ 2.17.4 and later.
      perl-module: Tolerate minor PSPP version number differences.
      Fix missing @clicksequence problem for building Docbook output also.
      perl-module: Additional fixes for Perl version number on PSPP autobuilder.
      Don't use nonportable "mktemp" utility in perl-module/
      perl-module: Fix build on FreeBSD 7.2
      Rewrite README.Git to mention the Gnulib commit number and explain better.
      INSTALL: Mention that GNU make is required.
      README.Git: Fix syntax of suggested commands.
      Upgrade to latest Gnulib version and fix resulting FreeBSD build failures.
      Fix numerous warnings about an unknown attribute rpl_malloc on mingw32.
      Upgrade gtk-builder-convert to newer version that adds useful warnings.
      hmap-test: Skip test instead of reporting success on GCC 4.3.
      Update Dutch and Brazilian Portuguese translations.
      Release PSPP 0.6.2-rc1.
      Declare Makefile suffixes, to be a little closer to POSIX make compliance.
      Avoid GNU make extension $(RM) in makefiles.
      Avoid nonportable -i option in sed invocation.
      Drop double suffixes from makefiles to improve POSIX make compliance.
      Remove redundant variable declarations from
      Use @VARIABLE@ instead of $(VARIABLE) consistently in Makefiles.
      Don't use $< in target rules, for portability to POSIX make.
      Revert "INSTALL: Mention that GNU make is required."
      Eliminate too-expansive "clean" rule kluge by requiring fixed Automake.
      Don't delete .po files from source directory in "make clean".
      Enhance dissect-sysfile utility to print compressed data also.
      sys-file-reader: Tolerate nonsensical opcodes in compressed data.
      Merge "master" into "output".
      hmap: Remove shadowed variable from inner scope.
      hmap: New function hmap_is_empty().
      hmapx: New function hmapx_is_empty().
      New data type string_set, a set of unique strings.
      New data type string_map, a string-to-string map.
      subcase: Add more useful functions.
      casereader: New function casereader_truncate().
      casereader: New function casereader_advance().
      casereader: New function casereader_create_empty().
      casereader: New function casereader_translate_stateless().
      casereader: New functions casereader_project() and casereader_project_1().
      casereader: New function casereader_select().
      file-name: Generalize fn_interp_vars().
      output: Remove PostScript driver.
      Remove AFM files.
      Get rid of superfluous Makefile in src/output/charts.
      Rename src/output/charts/box-whisker.[ch] to 
      Add new SENTINEL macro to compiler.h, for GCC's __attribute__((sentinel)).
      str: New function ds_steal_cstr.
      casereader: Make parameter to casereader_count_cases const.
      Distribute some files that were forgotten.
      LIST: Remove WEIGHT subcommand.
      Rewrite PSPP output engine.
      psppire: Add File|Export command to output viewer window.
      psppire: Reimplement overview pane for output viewer window.
      Fix use of uninitialized data in table_casereader_get_cell().
      Update Makefile for tests to reflect currently recommended style.
      New library for interned strings.
      message: Make msg_dup() copy and msg_destroy() free the file name.
      message: Fix corner case in msg_emit().
      ascii: Fix ascii_flush().
      ascii: Fix closing pipe files in ascii_destroy().
      pspp: Fix interactive usability for multi-line commands.
      ascii: Fix handling of file open error.
      odt: Change default output file name to "pspp.odt".
      msg-ui: Fix typo in user message.
      Make text output left-justified in ascii and cairo drivers.
      ascii: Remove unimplemented "tab-width" setting.
      cairo: Require minimum page width.
      cairo: Avoid GLib-GObject-CRITICAL from g_object_unref() on error path.
      csv: Open output file immediately, instead of delaying.
      csv: Close pipe files properly.
      html: Delete redundant code.
      odt: Fix writing files with names different from pspp.odt.
      odt: Avoid assertion failure if "mimetype" file cannot be created. Modernize call to AC_INIT so that PACKAGE_URL gets defined.
      doc: Be more optimistic about PSPP completion.
      array: Fix typo in comment.
      message: Give MSG_ values for categories and severities different prefixes
      verbose-msg: Remove.
      New "string_array" data structure for working with arrays of strings.
      llx: New macro LLX_INITIALIZER to initialize an llx list statically.
      llx: New function llx_find() to find a pointer in a list.
      datasheet-test: Make variable "const".
      make-file: Fix #includes.
      Add Spanish translation from
      Update Catalan and Brazilian Portuguese translations.
      doc: Distribute doc/pspp.xml, so that users don't need makeinfo or 
      Greatly simplify PSPP configuration.
      output: Make errors, warnings, and notes into a new "message_item".
      Merge "output" into "master"
      output: Phrase output driver error messages more consistently.
      Smake: Remove unused gethostname, getlogin_r, strsep modules.
      hmap-test: Disable ordered insert tests on GCC 4.3.
      odt: Remove dependency on <pwd.h> because mingw32 does not have it.
      output: Support --without-cairo.
      gui: Remove write-only variable 'new_type' from on_var_type_ok_clicked().
      levene: Write null pointers as NULL instead of as 0.
      Smake: Add mkdtemp module, used by odt output driver.
      odt: Restore writing creator metadata.
      FACTOR: Mark translatable string as not a printf format string.
      RELIABILITY: Consistently capitalize "N of Items".
      Include the .glade files in pspp.pot, not just the .ui files.
      RELIABILITY: Make expected test results reflect "N of Items" 
      Allow more version number flexibility, by using Automake "gnu" mode. Update version number to 0.7.4 to release new POT file.
      FACTOR: Avoid freeing indeterminate pointer.
      perl-module: Automatically update version number check.
      testsuite: Don't check pspp version with AT_TESTED.
      doc: Do not remove pspp.xml upon "make distclean".
      Build the ODT driver only if libxml2 is available.
      MISSING VALUES: Fix free of indeterminate pointer.
      moments: Fix null pointer dereference in calc_moments().
      gui: Fix null pointer dereference in get_object_assert().
      gui: Fix theoretical comparison against garbage pointer.
      FREQUENCIES: Fix corner case for histogram calculation.
      Fix format string errors.
      q2c: Fix format string errors.
      q2c: Mark functions that do not return NO_RETURN.
      NPAR TESTS: Avoid segfault in do_summary_box() if descriptives disabled.
      gnumeric-reader: Avoid convert_xml_string_to_value segfault on NULL string
      Remove obsolete TODO file.
      AUTHORS, THANKS: Add additional credits for translators.
      gui: Suggest viewing the user manual online if starting Yelp fails.
      gui: Fix File|Export in output viewer.
      csv: Fix setting output file name.
      odt: Remove dependency on external "zip" program.
      Fix zlib problem introduced by linking against gnulib's crc32() function.
      po: Update Dutch translation.
      gui: Save positions of windows only when they are closed.
      configure: Always apply zlib crc32() rename fix.
      casereader: Factor buffering shim out into separate source file.
      procedure: Fix LIST procedure (and others) in GUI.
      CROSSTABS: Initialize hash tables for every split, not just once overall.
      terminal UI: Fix circumstances when errors should be logged to stdout.
      CROSSTABS: Rewrite tests in Autotest and add test for bug #27883.
      tests: Fix bug in NPAR TESTS subtest for CHISQUARE command.
      tab: Drop redundant assertions.
      CROSSTABS: Make 3-way crosstabulation work reasonably.
      configure: Check for glib-genmarshal program at configure time.
      FREQUENCIES: Choose number of bins for histogram based on valid cases.
      gui: Merge File|Open|Syntax and File|Open|Data into File|Open.
      gui: Fix build problem (missing header #include).
      DESCRIPTIVES: In GUI, generate Z scores immediately instead of deferring.
      FREQUENCIES: Fix spelling error in dialog box text.
      tab: Add debugging checks to tab_hline() to match those for tab_vline().
      FREQUENCIES: Add ability to calculating percentiles without showing them.
      FREQUENCIES: Use Freedman-Diaconis formula to choose histogram bin width.
      FREQUENCIES: Modernize syntax and improve chart support.
      tests: Integrate FREQUENCIES tests into Autotest testsuite.
      gui: Add charts, additional formatting feature to FREQUENCIES dialog.
      INSTALL: Remove duplicate pkg-config requirement.
      INSTALL: libintl is also required.
      array: Fix indentation.
      value: New function value_clone().
      FREQUENCIES: Use newer hmap library instead of older hsh_table library.
      FREQUENCIES: Capitalize names of enums.
      FREQUENCIES: Get rid of unused data_pool.
      FREQUENCIES: Eliminate file-scope variables n_variables, v_variables.
      FREQUENCIES: Move file-scope variable syntax_pool into struct frq_proc.
      FREQUENCIES: Move file-scope variables for percentiles into struct 
      FREQUENCIES: Move file-scope variables for stats into struct frq_proc.
      FREQUENCIES: Move file-scope variables for charts into struct frq_proc.
      FREQUENCIES: Get rid of final (non-const) file-scope variable.
      FREQUENCIES: Simplify code for sorting the frequency table.
      psppire: Use default GTK+ font in output shown in GUI.
      bt: New function bt_is_empty().
      bt: Improve code formatting.
      dict: Make dict_clone_var(), dict_clone_var_assert() not rename variables.
      Update to most recent gnulib.
      examples: Remove obsolete
      hash-functions: New function hash_pointer().
      Get rid of unnecessary uses of var_get_dict_index().
      dictionary: Fix potential access beyond allocated memory.
      dictionary: Fix memory leak in dict_set_encoding().
      variable: Introduce and use new function var_get_encoding().
      Make "internal variables" part of a dictionary.
      Make struct variable refer to struct vardict through a pointer.
      vardict: Make vardict opaque to variable code.
      dictionary: Remove unneeded assertions.
      variable: Remove unneeded assertions.
      hmap: New function hmap_clear().
      hmapx: New function hmapx_clear().
      dictionary: Use hmap instead of older hsh_table.
      value: New function value_clone_pool().
      Add case-insensitive string set.
      variable-parser: Eliminate use of old hash table data structure.
      variable-parser: Implement PV_NO_DUPLICATE.
      AUTORECODE: Fix indentation.
      AUTORECODE: Use "union value" instead of custom "union arc_value".
      AUTORECODE: Use Autotest for test suite.
      AUTORECODE: Eliminate use of old hash table implementation.
      RECODE: Convert tests to use Autotest.
      COMPUTE: Convert tests to use Autotest.
      DESCRIPTIVES: Convert tests to use Autotest.
      AGGREGATE: Convert tests to use Autotest.
      short-names: Eliminate use of old hash table data structure.
      perl-module: Use new var_get_encoding() function.
      perl-module: Use Autotest for testing Perl.
      perl-module: Fix missing data in PSPP code embedded in generate_sav_file. Restore use of AM_GNU_GETTEXT. Define DEPENDS_ON_LIBINTL if LIBINTL is nonempty.
      Move definition of UI_FILES out of HAVE_GUI.
      configure: Improve check for PostgreSQL's libpq.
      perl-module: Better document Perl module requirements.
      perl-module: Avoid compiler warning from conflicting "my_strftime" macros.
      integer-format: Support 64-bit integers in integer_get().
      Document system file record type 7, subtype 16 as 64-bit number of cases.
      cairo-chart: Fix Pango version check.
      perl-module: Add --without-perl-module configure flag.
      New case-insensitive string map data structure.
      New stringi_set functions.
      dissect-sysfile: Print contents of extension records with unknown 
      Implement MRSETS command.
      Use ftello() and fseeko() instead of ftell() and fseek() everywhere.
      Take advantage of Gnulib configmake module.
      FREQUENCIES: Refactor and simplify percentiles calculations.
      CROSSTABS: Merge functions into cmd_crosstabs().
      Ignore additional files created by Gnulib.
      cairo: Update #include style.
      output: Refactor Cairo output driver to make printing via GTK+ practical.
      Upgrade manuals' licenses to GFDL 1.3 and remove cover texts.
      cairo: Remove write-only member 'file_type' from struct xr_driver.
      cairo: Apply margins to pages added with xr_driver_next_page().
      cairo: Allow xr_driver_create()'s caller to usefully set more options.
      gui: Factor out creation of Cairo output driver in printing code.
      gui: Configure page setup when printing in the GUI.
      compiler: Fix SENTINEL macro in non-GCC case.
      psppire-axis: Use rint() instead of nearbyint(), for portability.
      Merge "paginate" branch into "master".
      README.Git: Update to newest Gnulib.
      cairo: Implement xr_driver_destroy() and use it during printing.
      sys-file-reader: Tolerate variable labels longer than 255 bytes.
      sys-file-reader: Variable attributes record uses long variable names. Increase version number to 0.7.5 for translationproject.
      dissect-sysfile: Properly interpret padding bytes in compressed data.
      dissect-sysfile: Allow padding compressed data at end of file without 
      dissect-sysfile: Eliminate harmless GCC warning.
      sys-file-reader: Fix reading overlong value labels for long string 
      po: Update Dutch translation.
      perl-module: Copy perl-module files if missing as well as if changed.
      Move auxiliary files used for build into "build-aux" directory.
      Add $EXEEXT to names of binaries executed in tests.
      Fix test on Mingw.
      Fix Mingw test failures due to differences in line endings.
      Fix tests/formats/ test on Mingw.
      Fix tests/command/ test on Mingw.
      Remove 255-byte limit on the length of literal strings.
      gui: Speed up rendering of large tables that are only partly visible.
      pspp: Add --no-output option to allow entirely disabling output.
      MOMENTS: Avoid lexical corner case in test case.
      expressions: Improve "type mismatch" error messages from expression 
      expressions: Don't abbreviate "number" as "num" in error messages.
      expressions: Improve error messages evaluating invalid Boolean values.
      expressions: Improve error message for bad quarter argument to DATE.QYR.
      DEBUG EVALUATE: Eliminate lexical corner case, rewrite tests in Autotest.
      po: Avoid passing nonportable -D option to "install" program.
      gui: Create user settings directory if it doesn't already exist.
      gui: Fix permissions when creating configuration directory.
      Smake: Don't create .cvsignore files.
      inexactify: #include <config.h> Do not define DEPENDS_ON_LIBINTL.
      README.Git: Update to latest Gnulib.
      tmpfile: Rename "struct tmpfile" to "struct temp_file".
      tests: Fix test failures in calendar and expressions tests.
      Do not treat isolated CR in input data as new-line.
      psppire: Re-implement --help and --version options.
      pspp: Mark the pspp --help text as translatable.
      psppire: Fix insecure temporary file creation in clipboard_get_cb().
      lexer: Fix funny indentation.
      README.Git: Upgrade to latest Gnulib.
      Avoid redundant linking against libtool convenience libraries.
      Revert unintended change to tests_libpspp_str_test_LDADD.
      output: Fix logic error in table_select_slice().
      gui: Fix spelling error in user-visible string.
      cairo: Remove support for printed headers.
      cairo: Fix handling of font sizes.
      temp-file: Rename "ext-array" (for "external array").
      temp-file: New functions for creating temporary files honoring $TMPDIR.
      make-file: Remove superfluous fflush().
      FLIP: Convert tests to use Autotest.
      AGGREGATE: Add .h file to Makefile (fixing "make distcheck").
      i18n: Make a few strings more generic for translators.
      Replace S_I[RWX]{USR,GRP,OTH} macros by their values.
      sys-file-writer: Fix comment.
      sys-file-writer: Make write_error(), close_writer() static.
      sys-file-writer: Consistently use "goto error" to exit.
      DATA LIST: Convert tests to use Autotest.
      DATA LIST: Fix output column reporting for FREE and LIST formats.
      DATA LIST: Don't report an error for an empty final field in LIST format.
      SAVE: Fix UNSELECTED=RETAIN with a filter variable.
      Implement SAVE TRANSLATE to comma- and tab-delimited text formats.
      SET: Add test to avoid regression on bug #30682.
      tests: Rewrite attributes tests to use Autotest.
      ADD FILES: Convert testsuite to use Autotest.
      BEGIN DATA: Convert tests to use Autotest.
      COUNT: Convert tests to use Autotest.
      tests: Ignore since it is now a generated file.
      format: Fix type code for Z format in system and portable files.
      format: Optimize fmt_from_io().
      format: Remove declaration of data that is never used.
      format: Move is_fmt_type() prototype near more-related functions.
      format: Remove prototypes of unimplemented functions.
      format: Make fmt_number_style_init(), fmt_number_style_destroy() static.
      format: Introduce a new type, struct fmt_settings.
      settings: Reformat the_settings initializer.
      settings: Make viewwidth, viewlength "int"s instead of pointers.
      settings: Avoid using a pointer and global data for algorithms.
      Implement the PRESERVE and RESTORE commands.
      build-aux: Add generated files to .gitignore.
      Suppress warnings about conversions between char * and unsigned char *.
      ONEWAY: Fix declaration-after-statement warning.
      linreg: Delete unused static function.
      i18n: Lightly reformat comments to better resemble other files.
      i18n: Avoid memory leak when create_iconv() fails.
      i18n: Ensure that every recoding starts from the initial shift state.
      i18n: Properly restart conversion when output buffer overflows.
      i18n: Refactor for simplicity.
      i18n: Handle EINVAL more gracefully.
      i18n: Add simple tests.
      tests: Remove unnecessary mention of header files from
      RECODE: Suppress warning about conversion using CHAR_CAST_BUG.
      cast: New macro NULL_SENTINEL.
      str: Make ss_alloc_substring() allocate null-terminated strings.
      i18n: Use UTF8 macro instead of "UTF8" literal string.
      i18n: New function recode_substring_pool().
      syntax-string-source: Fix format string problems.
      PERMISSIONS: Add missing check for string token.
      AGGREGATE: Simplify code.
      HOST: Use more modern syntax.
      Make translation easier.
      lexer: Improve translatability of lex_error().
      lexer: Remove DUMP_TOKENS debugging feature.
      lexer: Use lex_is_string() more consistently.
      command: Remove INSERT from list of unimplemented commands.
      command: Remove superfluous trailing spaces from command names.
      command: Add specific DATASET unimplemented commands.
      message: Consistently initialize locator; use 0 for "no line number".
      message: Add column range to struct msg_locator.
      calendar: Use sensible error reporting in calendar_gregorian_to_offset().
      data-in: Eliminate "implied_decimals" parameter from data_in().
      data-in: Rewrite logic for recoding input, and get rid of src_enc member.
      data-in: Make data_in() parameters more uniform.
      data-in: Get rid of first_column, last_column arguments.
      abt: Convert tests to use Autotest.
      bt: Convert tests to use Autotest.
      heap: Convert tests to use Autotest.
      hmap: Convert tests to use Autotest.
      hmapx: Convert tests to use Autotest.
      ll: Convert tests to use Autotest.
      llx: Convert tests to use Autotest.
      range-map: Convert tests to use Autotest.
      range-set: Convert tests to use Autotest.
      sparse-array: Convert tests to use Autotest.
      str: Convert tests to use Autotest.
      string-map: Convert tests to use Autotest.
      stringi-map: Convert tests to use Autotest.
      string-set: Convert tests to use Autotest.
      stringi-set: Convert tests to use Autotest.
      tower: Convert tests to use Autotest.
      tests: Convert test to use Autotest.
      tests: Convert test to use Autotest.
      tests: Convert test to use Autotest.
      tests: Convert test to use Autotest.
      tests: Convert test to use Autotest.
      tests: Convert EXAMINE tests to use Autotest.
      tests: Convert FILE LABEL, DOCUMENT, ADD DOCUMENT tests to use Autotest.
      tests: Convert FILE HANDLE tests to use Autotest.
      tests: Convert FILTER tests to use Autotest.
      tests: Convert GET DATA /TYPE=TXT tests to use Autotest.
      tests: Convert GET DATA /TYPE=GNM tests to use Autotest.
      DO REPEAT: Report an error when END REPEAT is missing.
      lexer: Properly initialize lexer->prog when lex_get_line_raw() fails.
      DO REPEAT: Add test for missing END REPEAT.
      tests: Break up into and
      tests: Convert GET DATA /TYPE=PSQL tests to use Autotest.
      tests: Convert IMPORT and EXPORT test to use Autotest.
      tests: Fix distribution, by adding tests/ to EXTRA_DIST.
      syntax-file: Open syntax files immediately, instead of delaying.
      INSERT: Convert tests to use Autotest.
      tests: Fix typo in GET DATA /TYPE=TXT test.
      tests: Merge the four GET DATA /TYPE=PSQL tests into a single one.
      LAG: Convert tests to use Autotest.
      DATA LIST: Convert tests for line-ends compatibility to use Autotest.
      casereader: Fix casereader_select() with BY argument greater than 1.
      LIST: Convert tests to use Autotest.
      tests: Remove PG_CONFIG from TESTS_ENVIRONMENT.
      pspp: Make a signal that indicates a bug re-raise that signal to exit.
      LOOP: Convert tests to Autotest framework.
      pspp: Avoid printing multiple messages for a single signal caused by a 
      tests: Convert test to Autotest framework.
      MATCH FILES: Convert tests to Autotest framework.
      MISSING VALUES: Convert test to Autotest framework.
      tests: Convert test to Autotest framework.
      N OF CASES: Convert test to Autotest framework.
      NPAR TESTS: Convert BINOMAL tests to Autotest framework.
      NPAR TESTS: Convert CHISQUARE tests to Autotest framework.
      NPAR TESTS: Convert WILCOXON tests to Autotest framework.
      NPAR TESTS: Convert SIGN test to Autotest framework.
      PERMISSIONS: Convert test to Autotest framework.
      Convert PRINT and WRITE tests to Autotest framework.
      pspp: Make style slightly more like the rest of the program.
      pspp: Fix crash passing the name of a nonexistent file on the command 
      RANK: Convert tests to Autotest framework.
      RENAME VARIABLES: Convert tests to Autotest framework.
      tests: Convert REGRESSION tests to Autotest framework.
      RELIABILITY: Convert tests to Autotest framework.
      ROC: Convert tests to Autotest framework.
      SAMPLE: Convert test to Autotest framework.
      SORT CASES: Convert tests to Autotest framework.
      tests: Convert system file tests to Autotest framework.
      tests: Remove tests/command/ from list of tests.
      SYSFILE INFO: Convert test to Autotest framework.
      SPLIT FILE: Convert test to Autotest framework.
      T-TEST: Convert tests to Autotest framework.
      EXAMINE: Convert another test to Autotest framework.
      tests: Convert tab handling test to Autotest framework.
      perl-module: Use ABSTRACT instead of ABSTRACT_FROM in Makefile.PL.
      tests: Distribute and loosen its dependencies.
      perl-module: Fix build race.
      UDPATE: Convert tests to Autotest framework.
      perl-module: Make perl_module_tarball rule quieter.
      USE: Convert tests to Autotest framework.
      tests: Convert variable display tests to Autotest framework.
      VECTOR: Convert tests to Autotest framework.
      WEIGHT: Convert test to Autotest framework.
      tests: Convert very long strings tests to Autotest framework.
      tests: Remove files that are no longer used.
      EXAMINE: Convert some more tests to Autotest framework.
      SAVE: Convert test for non-empty case map to Autotest framework.
      GET: Convert some more tests to Autotest.
      tests: Convert test of compressed system files to Autotest framework.
      tests: Convert a test for crash on invalid input to Autotest framework.
      COMMENT: Convert test to Autotest framework.
      INPUT PROGRAM: Convert tests to Autotest framework.
      tests: Convert test for UNIFORM expression function to Autotest framework.
      q2c: Convert test to Autotest framework.
      tests: Convert expression parsing test to Autotest framework.
      tests: Convert test to Autotest framework.
      tests: Convert tests for overwriting files to Autotest framework.
      tests: Convert test for overwriting a special file to Autotest framework.
      tests: Convert test for #! support to Autotest framework.
      pspp: Don't attempt fancy clean-up upon receiving a fatal signal.
      tests: Convert tests for signal handling to Autotest framework.
      pspp: Get rid of clean_up() function now that it has only one caller.
      TEMPORARY: Convert test to Autotest framework.
      tests: Convert tests for unwritable output dirs to Autotest framework.
      VALUE LABELS: Convert tests to Autotest framework.
      tests: Convert tests for SAVE /KEEP=ALL to Autotest framework.
      tests: Remove some files that are no longer used.
      datasheet: Convert tests to Autotest framework.
      sparse-xarray: Convert tests to Autotest framework.
      tests: Fix typo in "write to same system file being read" test.
      output: Convert paper size tests to Autotest framework.
      tests: Convert random distribution tests to Autotest framework.
      tests: Convert test for VALUELABEL expression function to Autotest.
      tests: Convert test for variables in expressions to Autotest.
      tests: Convert test for vectors in expressions to Autotest framework.
      data-in: Convert BCD input tests to Autotest framework.
      data-out: Convert tests for binary and hex formats to Autotest framework.
      data-out: Convert tests for date formats to Autotest framework.
      float-format: Convert tests to Autotest framework.
      format-guesser: Convert test to Autotest framework.
      data-out: Convert test for MONTH format to Autotest framework.
      data-out: Convert test for time output formats to Autotest framework.
      data-out: Convert test for WKDAY format to Autotest framework.
      tests: Fix "make dist" by correcting typo in EXTRA_DIST.
      data-in: Convert tests for N and Z formats to Autotest framework.
      data-in: Convert tests for binary and hexadecimal formats to Autotest.
      data-in: Convert test for WKDAY format to Autotest framework.
      data-in: Convert test for MONTH format to Autotest framework.
      data-in: Convert test for numeric input formats to Autotest framework.
      data-in: Convert tests for date formats to Autotest framework.
      data-out: Convert tests for numeric output formats to Autotest framework.
      data-in: Convert tests for time input formats to Autotest framework.
      tests: Convert tests for binary and 360 data I/O to Autotest framework.
      tests: Remove file and Makefile contents that are no longer necessary.
      po: Update Spanish translation from
      tests: Put in a logical order.
      tests: Avoid reading $HOME/.pspprc inside the testsuite.
      doc: Always build ni.texi, tut.texi in source directory.
      Increment version number to 0.7.6 for
      po: Update Dutch translation from
      format-parser: Fix parse_format_specifier() failure case.
      str: Remove unused functions.
      tests: Add keywords to render tests.
      render: Fix cells spanning otherwise completely empty rows/columns.
      data-reader: Correct spelling.
      CROSSTABS: Handle case where all cases in a crosstabulation are missing.
      case: Add support for debugging case reference count leaks.
      cairo: Always save output item in xr_rendering_create().
      cairo: Draw table titles in xr_rendering_draw() too.
      psppire-output-window: Insert a half-line of space between output items.
      cairo: Fix rendering of wide titles for GUI rendering.
      datasheet: Add a few assertions.
      executor: Execute pending transformations after processing syntax.
      po: Update Catalan translation from
      Stop building src/language/stats/glm.c for now.
      Improve failure output of tests that use wc.
      data-out: Make MONTH, WKDAY tests more portable.
      sys-file: Make test writing compressed system file more portable.
      po: Update Catalan translation from
      sparse-array: Fix accidental assumption that "long" is exactly 32 bits.
      CACHE: Implement command as no-op.
      Add tut.texi to gitignore file.
      csv: Better support separators other than comma or tab.
      Added the Lithuanian translation from
      csv: Add ability to suppress table captions.
      csv: Make the character used for quoting configurable.
      NPAR TESTS: Accept .313 instead of .312 for point probability in SIGN 
      ONEWAY: Accept 3.88 instead of 3.87 in multiple variables test.
      tests: Only attempt to run PostgreSQL tests if the server is installed.
      perl-module: Only run the combined test if Text::Diff is present.
      INSTALL: Update to mention test-only dependencies.
      perl-module: Fix return value of append_case subroutine.
      sys-file: Add functions for converting between codepage numbers and names.
      Updated the Lithuanian translation from
      str: Inline some trivial functions.
      str: Change "char" to "byte" in function names.
      str: Add some functions for handling UTF-8.
      identifier: Add some functions for Unicode syntax.
      command: Factor command name matching out of command.c.
      lexer: New type enum token_type.
      lexer: Get rid of lex_negative_to_dash().
      lexer: Change the functions for retrieving token strings.
      VALUE LABELS: Relax limit on value label length from 60 bytes to 255.
      Remove the NULLINE and ENDCMD settings.
      Remove the PROMPT, CPROMPT, and DPROMPT settings.
      command: Don't allow SORT as an abbreviation for SORT CASES.
      gui: Factor out duplicated code for executing and pasting syntax.
      friedman: Fix GCC warning about uninitialized fr.w.
      mann-whitney: Suppress GCC warning about unused parameter.
      ONEWAY: Fix warning for passing "const" pointer as non-const parameter.
      covariance: Fix const-ness of covariance_calculate[_unnormalized] retval.
      categoricals: Make parameter to categoricals_done() const.
      expressions: Make extract_min_valid() parameter const.
      INPUT PROGRAM: Remove unused enumeration.
      DEBUG XFORM FAIL: Issue an error message as part of transformation.
      q2c: Prefer lex_match_id() over lex_match_hyphenated_word() in emitted 
      NPAR TESTS: Prefer lex_match_id() over lex_match_hyphenated_word()
      identifier: New function token_type_to_string().
      DO REPEAT: Make this command usable anywhere.
      float-format: Don't translate test strings.
      ECHO: Use text_item, as intended.
      i18n: Remove unnecessary #ifs.
      AGGREGATE: Align arg_func_tab[] in columns.
      GET DATA: Fix punctuation in error message.
      value-parser: Remove redundant call to lex_force_string() in 
      lexer: Remove unused function lex_put_back_id().
      lexer: Fix GCC warning for unhandled TOKEN_N_TYPES in lex_token_name().
      NPAR TESTS: Fix "NPAR TESTS BINOMIAL, P = 0.5; N1/N2 < 1" test failure.
      NPAR TESTS: Fix two test failures.
      expressions: Fix test failures due to new year.
      README: Describe meaning of copyright year ranges.
      Updated the Lithuanian translation from
      q2c: T_RPAREN should be T_LPAREN for matching a left parenthesis.
      hash-functions: Use C instead of preprocessor to test size of double.
      sys-file-reader: Fix double-free on read of partial record.
      sys-file-reader: Check that multiple response set names begin with `$'.
      sys-file-reader: Add missing periods at end of error messages.
      sys-file-reader: Really enable warnings for invalid variable formats.
      sys-file-reader: Improve debugging usefulness of error messages.
      sys-file-reader: Avoid redundant "within system file" in messages.
      sys-file-reader: Elevate invalid number of labels from warning to error.
      sys-file-reader: Add tests.
      doc: Update description of character encoding information in system files.
      doc: Document that type-7 records must appear in ascending numerical 
      sys-file-writer: Fix subtype used for v14+ multiple response set records.
      i18n: Always allocate from pool in recode_substring_pool().
      Smake: Avoid duplicating $(GNULIB_TOOL) invocation.
      tests: Add `check-programs' target.
      dict: Make dict_make_unique_var_name() return an allocated string.
      variable: Remove VAR_NAME_LEN limit for internal representation of name.
      vector: Remove VAR_NAME_LEN limit for internal representation of name.
      combine-files: Eliminate VAR_NAME_LEN restriction from combine_files().
      FILE HANDLE: Get rid of VAR_NAME_LEN limit on handle name.
      GET DATA /TYPE=TXT: Get rid of VAR_NAME_LEN limit on variable names.
      MODIFY VARIABLES: Eliminate VAR_NAME_LEN limit on variable names.
      VECTOR: Eliminate VAR_NAME_LEN limit for variable names.
      DEBUG EVALUATE: Eliminate VAR_NAME_LEN limit.
      variable-parser: Rewrite parse_DATA_LIST_vars().
      variable-parser: Drop VAR_NAME_LEN restriction from 
      DESCRIPTIVES: Eliminate main restriction on Z-score variable name length.
      FLIP: Eliminate false dependency on VAR_NAME_LEN.
      REGRESSION: Eliminate restriction to VAR_NAME_LEN in reg_get_name().
      text-data-import-dialog: Eliminate VAR_NAME_LEN restriction.
      por-file-reader: Remove dependency on VAR_NAME_LEN.
      float-format: Eliminate tests' dependence on exact string encoding.
      GET DATA: Get rid of lex_put_back().
      PRINT SPACE: When an output file is specified, don't ignore expression.
      operations.def: Fix indentation.
      Use new Gnulib function dtoastr() to format short, accurate real numbers.
      CROSSTABS: Eliminate redundant data copying.
      PRINT: Use UTF-8 encoding for output to the output subsystem.
      i18n: New function recode_byte().
      i18n: Introduce C_ENCODING as replacement for LEGACY_NATIVE.
      legacy-encoding: Remove.
      format: Increase abstraction of fmt_number_style.
      data-out: Make each converter responsible for storing null terminator.
      format: Create a new "struct fmt_affix" for prefix and suffix strings.
      format: Count prefix and suffix width in terms of display columns.
      data-out: Reorganize output_Z() to be more easily understood.
      pool: Support NULL pool argument to pool_alloc_unaligned().
      data-out: Optimize and fix some bad assumptions.
      data-out: Add test for non-ASCII custom currency formats.
      README.Git: Update to newer commit.
      DELETE VARIABLES: Style fix.
      group: Delete unused functions.
      T-TEST: Fix use-after-free with TEMPORARY and independent samples.
      FREQUENCIES: Fix percentiles calculation.
      Smake: Remove ulc-width-linebreaks module.
      Update all #include directives to the currently preferred style.
      file-handle-def: Use hmap instead of list for name table.
      data-reader: Remove unreachable "return" statements.
      file-name: Do not make output files line-buffered in fn_open().
      sys-file-reader: Refactor to clean up character encoding support.
      output: New function text_item_create_nocopy().
      str: New function ss_realloc().
      str: Rename ss_chomp() to ss_chomp_byte(), ds_chomp() to ds_chomp_byte().
      str: New functions for checking for and removing string suffixes.
      hash-functions: New function hash_case_bytes().
      i18n: New function uc_name().
      i18n: New function recode_string_len().
      i18n: New functions for truncating strings in an arbitrary encoding.
      identifier: Rename token_type_to_string() and make a new version.
      i18n: New functions and data structure for obtaining encoding info.
      encoding-guesser: New library to guess the encoding of a text file.
      u8-istream: New library for reading a text file and recoding to UTF-8.
      segment: New library for low-level phase of lexical syntax analysis.
      scan: New library for high-level PSPP syntax lexical analysis.
      lexer: Reimplement for better testability and internationalization.
      NEWS: Remove Time-stamp line.
      message: Remove reference to deleted type "struct source_stream".
      dataset: Remove unused types and useless struct forward declaration.
      Rename procedure.[ch] to dataset.[ch].
      dataset: Rename functions with "dataset_" prefix.
      dataset: Use similar form to dictionary code for callbacks, and document.
      Change terminology from "active file" to "active dataset".
      Fix up build following dropping ulc-width-linebreaks module.
      Add valgrind support to testsuite.
      Smake: Add 'memrchr' Gnulib module.
      tests: Wrap more binaries for "check-valgrind" target.
      str: Make ss_alloc_substring_pool() null-terminate its output.
      i18n: Test converting between unknown encodings too.
      i18n: Only close valid iconv converters in i18n_done().
      cairo: Correctly render table during scrolling.
      Update version number to 0.7.7 to
      FREQUENCIES: Fix crash when median and histogram both requested.
      gui: widget-io: Fix cleanup code in widget_printf(), widget_scanf().
      tests: Fix quoting in data-in tests.
      tests: Only check MODE=360 when EBCDIC is supported.
      segment: Fix uninitialized variable in segmenter_parse_comment_2__().
      u8-istream: Include <limits.h> for definition of MB_LEN_MAX.
      u8-istream: Add cast to iconv() to suppress warnings on some systems.
      gui: Link against $(LIBICONV) too.
      gui: Fix Glib warnings for dialogs in realize and configure callbacks.
      gui: Fix crash in Paired T-Test dialog on selecting first variable.
      LIST: Fix crash when SPLIT FILE was used.
      gui: psppire-var-view: Change "<unset>" to null string.
      FORMATS: Allow setting formats of string variables.
      FORMATS: Allow an optional slash before each set of variable names.
      tab: Make tab_value() take a variable instead of a dictionary.
      DISPLAY: Display values for value labels using the variable's format.
      value-labels: Fix comment.
      value-parser: Make parse_value() accept variable's print format also.
      po: Update Dutch translation.
      intern: Use UP_CAST macro instad of open-coding it.
      intern: New function intern_strlen().
      value-labels: Interpret \n as new-line in value labels.
      gui: Add missing scroll bar in K related samples variables list.
      configure: Invoke AM_GNU_GETTEXT by hand.
      render: Fix rendering of TAL_GAP rules.
      table-casereader: Put space between columns.
      Updated the Lithuanian translation from
      CROSSTABS: Fix output of multiway statistics tables.
      gui: Fix crash in executor when inline data is missing.
      Updated the Lithuanian translation from
      Updated the Lithuanian translation from
      ascii: Drop useless 'wrap_mode' parameter from ascii_layout_cell().
      ascii: Add support for multibyte characters.
      odt: Write command name in output both only before command, not after.
      ascii: Don't print command names in output.
      ascii: Print syntax in output single-spaced.
      Add new output/ascii.h header to the distribution, fixing "make dist".
      Smake: Add unilbrk/u8-possible-linebreaks Gnulib module.
      Updated the Lithuanian translation from
      Reformat src/language/stats/
      str: Always null-terminate string in str_format_26adic().
      dissect-sysfile: Don't omit the last in a series of text tokens.
      short-names: Drop redundant call to var_set_short_name().
      short-names: Consider character encoding when making short names.
      dictionary: Set encoding early when cloning a dictionary.
      dictionary: Make dict_create() take the new dictionary's encoding.
      variable: Make var_set_label() use the variable's own encoding.
      sys-file-reader: Take string encoding into account for text records.
      sys-file-writer: Fix encoding of several string fields.
      sys-file-reader, sys-file-writer: Fix encoding problems for mrsets.
      MRSETS: Recode counted value to UTF-8 before displaying.
      DISPLAY FILE LABEL: Display in a more natural way.
      sys-file-reader: Add tests for non-ASCII characters and encodings.
      sys-file: Add test to write non-ASCII to most .sav string fields.
      QUICK CLUSTER: Fold quick-cluster.h into quick-cluster.c.
      QUICK CLUSTER: Update #include directives to match current style.
      QUICK CLUSTER: Adjust comment style.
      i18n: Fix type of objects passed as u8_mbtouc()'s character parameter.
      encoding-guesser: Don't guess UTF-8 for ASCII if it is the fallback.
      Use %zu, not %d, to format a size_t.
      FACTOR: Use %s for literal string.
      po: Update Catalan translation from
      po: Update Spanish translation from
      gui: Always convert file names to UTF-8 for use in syntax.
      gui: Put a separator line before list of windows in Windows menus.
      gui: Fix const-ness warning for measure_to_string() return type.
      gui: Fix const-ness warning in create_lines_tree_view().
      gui: Drop null base_finalize function from PsppireDataWindow.
      gui: Use dispose instead of finalize method in PsppireDataWindow.
      psppire-window: Use g_string_append_unichar() instead of global var.
      gui: Include only <gtk/gtk.h> to use GTK+.
      gui: Remove obviously unnecessary #include directives.
      gui: Prefer NULL to 0 for initializing pointers.
      gui: Make syntax execution functions take a PsppireDataWindow argument.
      gui: Eliminate dataset-related global variables.
      gui: Fix File|Open in syntax editor.
      gui: Fix g_object_get() memory leaks for PsppireWindow's filename.
      psppire-buttonbox: Add "default" property.
      gui: New "entry-dialog" module for prompting for a text string.
      Implement DATASET commands.
      gui: Add ellipsis to menu items that require further input.
      gui: Change View|Data and View|Variables to radio button menu items.
      NEWS: Consolidate post-0.6.2 NEWS.
      psql-reader: Fix build when PostgreSQL is installed.
      Increment version to 0.7.8 to send to Translation Project.
      gui: Unselect data in data editor when the datasheet is replaced.
      intern: Fix GCC warning.
      Updated the Lithuanian translation from
      po: Update Dutch translation from
      gui: Provide substitute for gtk_widget_get_realized() for GTK+ < 2.20.
      gui: Add workaround for GTK+ 2.20 crash at startup.
      dataset: Fix memory leak.
      gui: Add <gtk/gtk.h> wrapper with functions from GTK+ 2.18 and 2.20.
      gui: Use GTK+ accessor functions instead of deprecated macros.
      cairo: Left-justify text items rendered in the GUI.
      temp-file: Use 64 kB buffer for temporary files.
      ext-array: Speed up with unlocked versions of I/O functions.
      gui: Only unselect range from first data sheet when data changes.
      gui: Label message output items in the output viewer treeview.
      gui: Avoid creating empty output window at startup time.
      psppire-sheet: Avoid CRITICAL unselecting range before window created.
      gui: Make File|Open open multiple datasets by default.
      gui: Remove redundant call to psppire_window_set_title().
      gui: Make File|Recently Used Data behave like File|Open.
      gui: Delete now-incorrect advice to translators.
      po: Update Dutch translation from
      gui: Get rid of the_recent_manager global.
      Automatically link every program against libintl and libiconv.
      dissect-sysfile: Move to new "utilities" directory as "pspp-dump-sav".
      pspp-dump-sav: Update #include syntax to current style.
      pspp-dump-sav: Do not mark any strings for translation.
      pspp-dump-sav: Add GNU standards compliant command line interface.
      configure: Use $LIB<x> for linking a program, not $LTLIB<x>.
      pspp-dump-sav: Add #include <limits.h> to get INT_MAX definition.
      encoding-guesser: New function encoding_guess_whole_file().
      i18n: New function is_encoding_supported().
      gui: Move null_if_empty_param() from psppire-window to helper.
      gui: Refactor checking for .sav and .por suffixes.
      gui: Recode syntax files on load and save.
      gui: Make File|Recent Files remember the correct encoding.
      SORT CASES: Don't delete filtered-out cases.
      gui: Make AGGREGATE dialog initially show all of the right pane.
      gui: Fix temporary filtering by a variable's value.
      gui: Clean generated gtk.h wrapper on "make clean".
      tests: Remove unused old shell-based test files.
      GET DATA /TYPE=TXT: Also allow full format to be specified.
      CD: Fix a bug and add a regression test.
      sys-file-writer: Put long variable name in variable attributes.
      sys-file-writer: Write encoding names in all-uppercase.
      Update code that assumed a dictionary's encoding could be NULL.
      sys-file-reader, sys-file-writer: Use codepage numbers.
      sys-file-writer: Write variable names in mrsets in lowercase.
      sys-file-writer: Omit empty multiple response sets records.
      variable: Do not trim trailing whitespace from variable labels.
      sys-file-writer: Write identical sets of value labels only once.
      sys-file-reader: Reduce invalid format from error to warning.
      gui: Drop 'dict' parameter from text_to_value().
      gui: Consistently use print format instead of write format.
      gui: Simplify value_to_text() parameters.
      gui: Eliminate some dependencies on the dictionary.
      gui: Strip numerics and strings differently in value_to_text().
      gui: Move some formatting functions into PSPP core.
      doc: Fix order of NUMERIC and MRSETS sections.
      tests: Fix Perl module tests on Mac OS X.
      tests: Avoid nonportable "mktemp" usage.
      GLM: Allow +/- .001 for Corrected Total Type III Sum of Squares.
      format: Honor width step in fmt_fix().
      format: Use max width for over-max decimals in fmt_fix().
      variable: Simplify var_set_display_width().
      Updated the Lithuanian translation from
      range-set: Skip some tests on llvm-gcc 4.2.
      Upgrade to newest Gnulib to help relocatable-prog on Mac OS X.
      gui: Ignore the -psn_xxx option passed to Mac desktop apps.
      po: Update Catalan translation from
      po: Update Spanish translation from
      glade: Fix building libglade_psppire.
      gui: Add missing $(DESTDIR) to install rule.
      po: Add French translation from
      range-set: Fix typo in comment.
      Fix build error if "close" macro is not always visible.
      gui: Fix configuring Unicode box characters.
      gui: Make .csv available for output export with File|Export.
      gui: Fix spelling error in macro name.
      lexer: Rename 'close' to 'destroy' in struct lex_reader_class.
      doc: Remove reference to unimplemented SET PAGER command.
      SET: Warn for more obsolete subcommands.
      settings: Update default MXLOOPS and document.
      settings: Implement MXLOOPS subcommand.
      LOOP: Correctly implement MXLOOPS and add a test.
      lexer: New function lex_error_expecting().
      lexer: Drop lexer parameter from lex_sbc_missing().
      lexer: Use error helper functions in more situations.
      lexer: New functions lex_spec_missing(), lex_spec_only_once().
      lexer: New function lex_force_string_or_id().
      q2c: Use new subc_list_error() to report too many subcommands.
      q2c: Remove final untranslated strings from q2c.c.
      q2c: Remove gettext.h #include from generated code.
      crosstabs-dialog: Remove unused vars from on_format_clicked().
      configure: Add option --enable-Werror to add -Werror to CFLAGS.
      ONEWAY: Fix printf format specifier.
      str: Mark definition of ss_empty() "static inline".
      hmap: Mark definition of hmap_node_hash() "static inline".
      DO REPEAT: Properly convert lex_syntax_mode to segmenter_mode.
      GET: Fix confusion over the type of the 'type' parameter.
      Avoid declaring variables in the middle of a block, to avoid requiring 
      gui: Fix printing of tables split across pages in psppire-output-window.
      gui: Fix behavior of print preview in psppire-output-window.
      gui: Make Enter work in the Goto Case dialog.
      psppire-dialog: Add missing prototype for psppire_dialog_help() to header.
      cairo: Only apply options to table items, to avoid crash.
      Fix PSPP link on OpenSUSE and possibly Ubuntu 11.10.
      Add German translation from
      README: Update.
      gui: Use $(INSTALL_DATA), not $(INSTALL), to install data files.
      pspp-dump-sav: Add manpage.
      RANK: Avoid putting declaration after statement.
      pspp-dump-sav: Mark manpage to be distributed.
      Makefiles: Define dist_man_MANS before trying to add to it.
      pspp-dump-sav: Fix sizeof on "array" that is actually a pointer.
      perl-module: Add "!= NULL" to assignment used as condition.
      perl-module: Add missing "#include"s to PSPP.xs.
      perl-module: Fix bad arguments in call to settings_init().
      gui: Fix warnings.
      Name the src/libpspp convenience library consistently.
      Move PSPP shared libraries from $(libdir) to $(libdir)/pspp.
      po: Update German translation from
      Increment version to 0.7.9 to send to Translation Project.

Jason H Stover (51):
      Added design_matrix_clone() to clone a design matrix.
      Do not use const in pspp_linreg_get_vars. Use correct covariance
      pspp_coeff_var_to_coeff: Guard against a null pointer in coefs[i]->v_info.
      coeff_init: Do not use coeff[0] as the intercept.
      covariance_accumulate: New function for one-pass computation of the
      glm.q: Removed code to us QR decomposition, which requires the entire data
      covariance-matrix.c: Added one-pass algorithm to compute covariance
      pspp_linreg_with_cov: Accept struct covariance_matrix as first argument.
      Rewrote interaction.[ch]
      fixed update of moments
      Fixed bug in compare_values_short. Reported by Ben Pfaff.
      interaction.c: Introduced interaction_variable and interaction_value
      Skip the SAVE subcommand if no valid data are present, instead of 
      covariance-matrix.c (covariance_matrix_init): pass pointer to
      linreg.c: (pspp_linreg_mse) New accessor function
      covariance-matrix.c: (covariance_accumulator_hash) For categorical
      covariance-matrix.c (is_origin): New function
      covariance-matrix.c: Add matrices to store valid sample sizes and
      design_matrix.c: New accessor functions design_matrix_get_element and
      covariance_matrix.c (get_n_rows): New function to compute the number
      covariance-matrix.c: (is_covariance_contributor) Removed unnecessary 
      Moved is_origin and get_exact_subscript to design-matrix.[ch]
      Allocate adequate space for permutation
      Remove call to var_set_width
      Moved static is_origin from design_matrix.c to category.c: cat_is_origin.
      Fixed crash caused by regressing with categorical variables
      Renamed interaction_variable_get_var to interaction_get_variable.
      New function check_interactions to specify all possible interactions
      New function covariance_2pass_create
      Rework glm.q to use new covariance routines
      Fix separation of categorical and numeric variables.
      Call covariance_accumulate_pass2
      Rewrote linreg.[ch], regression.q and glm.q to use the new
      fill_covariance now returns a value
      Set categoricals to NULL in one-pass covariance; avoid freeing NULL in 
      Free linreg struct if no valid data;
      fixed counting of valid cases in fill_covariance
      allocate space to store independent variable list
      Compute the independent variable means
      use sizeof double to allocate means
      Set final element in covariance matrix. Use accessor functions for linreg 
struct. Initialize total sums of squares.
      Rewrote to use new covariance functions.
      New function covariance_calculate_unnormalized
      Removed unused function
      Do not rely on user to specify all variables in VARIABLE subcommand. 
Fixes bug 30389.
      Add argument specifying column containing dependent variable.
      Fix upper bound for subscript in ordered_cols.
      Fixed degrees of freed in t-stat for intercept
      Added type 3 sums of squares to GLM
      Fixed type 3 sums of squares for models containing interactions

Jason Stover (11):
      Fix bug 25677
      covariance-matrix.c (get_sum): New function to compute means during
      covariance-matrix.c (covariance_accumulator_to_matrix): Use sum_i and
      Return 0.0 for mean of a categorical variable. Fixes bug mentioned in bug 
report 26861.
      Remove write-only variable from interaction_case_data.
      Return 0.0 for mean of a categorical variable. Fixes bug mentioned in bug 
report 26861.
      pspp_linreg(): Use cache->n_coeffs to set the dimensions of sw, instead of
      pspp_linreg(): Use cache->n_coeffs to set the dimensions of sw, instead of
      Merged changes from branch interaction-review
      Cruft removal
      New functions glm_custom_design and parse_interactions.

John Darrington (1229):
      Start of new branch involving major rewrite of lib/gtksheet/*
      Added the "Split Window" facility to allow viewing of different
      Actually add the code for the "Split Window" factility
      Renumber development branch (master) to 0.7.0
      Complete re-implementation of the EXAMINE command.
      Added a n_missing parameter to casereader_create_filter_missing.
      Add casereader_create_append_numeric function.
      Oops.  Neglected to add new files.
      Added some common glob patterns to .gitignore
      Rewrote the EXAMINE command.
      Fixed some breakage in comment lines.
      Fixed some issues calculating percentiles when missing values are 
      Add n_missing argument to casereader_create_filter_missing
      Add ".sav" or ".por" suffix to filename when saving with Save_As
      Implemented the reliability command.
      Downgraded mismatched gtk warning.
      New function: var_create_internal.
      Added new casetranslator for appending ranks.
      Added README to distributed files
      Added src/math/statistic.h to dist files.
      Use pow2 function instead of SQR macro.
      Added some error checking to casereader_create_append_rank
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://address@hidden/srv/git/pspp
      Added the MEDIAN function to AGGREGATE.
      Added the /WILCOXON subcommand to NPAR TESTS
      Used pow2(x) instead of x * x where appropriate.
      Moved all static libraries to libtool libraries.
      Mark variable as unused.
      Avoid crash when recovering from syntax error in RELIABILITY.
      Fixed minor build problems.
      Add .la to gitignore
      Avoid forcing an int into a void *
      Whitespace changes only
      Updated the description of the --with-gui-tools flag.
      Enable recode unsupported RECODE mappings.
      Moved the datasheet testing code out of src/{libspp,data}
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://address@hidden/srv/git/pspp
      Add generated c files to .gitignore
      Allow hyphens in {sub}command names.
      Mark variables as unused
      Allow value labels for non integer values.
      Set the DECIMAL point character from the LC_NUMERIC
      Fixed return type of design_matrix_get_case_count.
      New .gitignore file
      Added (source) configurable default output directory.
      Marked CORRELATIONS and PEARSON CORRELATIONS as unimplemented.
      Remove reference to sa_restorer, because it's not part of POSIX.
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://address@hidden/srv/git/pspp
      Move definition of OUTPUT_FILE_NAME to before first use.
      Rewrote the command line parser using argp.
      Updated British translations.
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://address@hidden/srv/git/pspp
      Corrected problem with mismatched linefeed characters.
      Don't canonicalise pathnames of included files.
      Fixed problems when configured with --without-libplot
      Fail more gracefully when the file specified on the command line is
      Merge branch 'master' into rewrite-sheet
      Made some gui functions multi-head safe.
      Merge branch 'master' into rewrite-sheet
      Added a set of per binary LDFLAGS parameters.
      Change bg_color and grid_color to an array of two colors
      Remove unsafe colormap operations.
      Remove calls to gdk_cursor_new
      Remove calls to gdk_pointer_ungrab
      Add prototype for gtk_xpaned_compute_position
      Replaced macros with static inline functions
      Simplified the scrolling behaviour
      Make the arrow keys behave more like what popular spreadsheets do.
      Delete gtkextra.c
      Removed some unused gtksheet features.
      Add useful test/example file.
      Removed some unused code.
      More unused code deleted.
      Whitespace changes, and function refactoring.
      Added .libs to .gitignore
      Remove "backing pixmap".
      Fixed some other little bugs which kept in.
      Fixed the tooltips/hover feature
      Whitespace changes
      Correct scrollbar adjustments for row/column titles width.
      Removed the visibility predicate from the row/column models.
      Fixed problem where the old active cell wasn't hidden.
      New function rectangle_from_cell
      New function rectangle_from_range.
      Use rectangle_from_cell where appropriate.
      Fixed horizontal alignment of text within cells.
      Fix vertical alignment of text.
      Made attributes justification default to GTK_JUSTIFY_LEFT
      Added event handler for the Delete key
      Made everything except gtkitementry.c multi-head safe
      Fixed problems with justification
      Merge branch 'rewrite-sheet' of ssh://address@hidden/srv/git/pspp into 
      Deleted gtkitementry
      Deleted lib/gtksheet/gtkextrafeatures.h
      Fix entry widget size allocation.
      Combine cell_draw_bg and cell_draw_label into a single function
      Reduce flicker on scrolling
      Improve the behaviour of the moveto function
      Removed unused return value from cell activation features
      Rename functions
      Improved behaviour of arrow keys
      Fixed the scrolling of the sheet when the active cell changes.
      Prevent sheet from stepping outside its valid cell range.
      Prevent traversing to cells for which there is no variable
      Prevent double-click signal from being emitted when the row/column is 
      Block entry change handler whilst traversing cells
      Avoid runtime warning
      Remove gtk_sheet_move_query function
      Avoid critical when renewing dataset
      Avoid annoying double line at beginning of rows/columns
      Removed function default_row_height
      Remove inline qualifiers
      Change traverse signal to take GtkSheetCell instead of gint,gint
      Remove unused signal
      Fix crash
      Ben's patches to tower.[ch]
      Replace gsheet-column interface by psppire-axis
      Remove flicker when redrawing row/column titles
      Removed the autoresize-column feature which was unused
      Removed feature relating to multiline column button labels which we never 
      Removed the STRING_WIDTH function
      Don't redraw buttons in size_allocate callback
      Merge branch 'rewrite-sheet' of ssh://address@hidden/srv/git/pspp into 
      Fix problem inserting variables at end of var sheet
      Added "min-extent" and "default-size" properties.
      Fixed minor bug getting the extent of the last unit
      Set the minimum-extent property from the size_allocate handler of the 
      Remove gtkextrafeatures.h from file manifest
      Remove the gsheet-row-* modules and replaced with psppire-axis-*
      Merge branch 'rewrite-sheet' of ssh://address@hidden/srv/git/pspp into 
      Remove obscure pango_font_description munging which caused criticals
      Generate marshaller functions instead of using prebuilt ones.
      Added extra include path necessary when building outside the source dir
      Added g_return_if_fail to new methods
      Removed reference to row-geometry property which no longer exists
      Remove [hv]geo arguments to gtksheet which no longer do anything
      Remove sheet_container member which served no useful purpose
      Change return type of gtk_sheet_get_entry and removed an unused function.
      Disabled sheet entry for non-editable cells
      Removed condition which was always true
      Merge branch 'rewrite-sheet' of ssh://address@hidden/srv/git/pspp into 
      Use BUILT_SOURCES to ensure that marshallers get built
      Made the active cell border a lot more noticeable
      Removed internal_allocation member which was assigned but never used
      Remove unused auxvalues variable
      Removed unsed is_visible from sheetmodel
      Fixed problem displaying the active cell.
      Draw active cell on adjustment changes
      Fix problem redrawing old active cell
      Dont try to draw cells outside the valid range
      Fixed bug redrawing row/column title windows
      Fixed crash when scrolling
      Improve useability of value label dialog.
      Make close button grab the focus on popup
      Improve drawing of active cell border
      Fixed problem when double clicking on column header
      When adding variables in varsheet, add at the current position.
      Add mutual links to VARIABLE/DATAFILE ATTRIBUTE documentation
      Remove unused property from var-sheet
      Remove font information from cell attributes and sheet model.
      Remove unused variable
      Calculate the width of M based on the current font
      Rename properties so as to be more specific
      Add cast to avoid warning
      Added popup menu to row titles in variable sheet
      Merge branch 'rewrite-sheet' of ssh://address@hidden/srv/git/pspp into 
      Remove flicker drawing cell ranges
      Replaced extern "C" with G_BEGIN_DECLS
      Deleted some superflous nonsense
      Removed an unsed variable and used an unused macro
      Remove marshaller from helper.c and use a generated one instead
      Fixed some boundary conditions displaying row/column data
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://address@hidden/srv/git/pspp
      Deleted psppire-case-file.[ch]
      Destroy datasheet, but not if we've made a reader of it
      Add handlers for inserting/deleteing cases
      Added static qualifier
      Update model on inserting/deleting cases
      Add range_changed callbacks as appropriate
      Remove extraneous code moving sheet adjustments on updates
      Whitespace change
      Only grab the focus when appropriate
      Keep adjustment values in their relative positions on resizing sheet
      Remove unused sheetmodel function
      Use value_compare_3way instead of compare_values_short in find dialog
      Merge branch 'master' into rewrite-sheet
      Remove {rows,columns}_resizeable function
      Allow variables to be entered beyond the end of sheet.
      Improve reliability of active cell border display
      Improve rendering of active cell border
      Replaced implementation of psppire-axis.
      (re)enabled dragging of row boundaries
      Made the datasheets share axes
      Canonicalise identifier names
      Make the axis implementation more tolerant of boundary conditions
      Improved robustness of axis implementation
      Add a resize method to the axis
      Set variable display width when datasheet's columns are resized.
      Trap some bad usage
      Written a proper implementation of psppire_axis_impl_delete
      Make the axes members of the data editor object
      Free the elements from the pool
      Prevent widths less than 1
      Draw the boundary line when resizing rows/columns
      Don't crash when resizing columns with no associated variable
      Fix bug resizing rows/columns
      Removed that rather kludgy idle callback
      Added a chapter to the developers' manual about i18n.
      Fix up include path for generated source file
      Merge commit 'HEAD'; branch 'master' into rewrite-sheet
      Simplify expose callback
      Fixed a problem redrawing the active cell.
      Improve reliability of active cell border rendering
      Fix some warnings
      Fix problem where entry strings got mangled
      Prevent updates to the model from feeding back to the current sheet
      Redraw cells when a row/column is resize
      Fixed bug which manifested itself in the text import dialog
      Fix compiler warning
      Don't set row/column to zero when selecting
      Fix some runtime warnings
      More runtime warnings fixed
      Re-enabled display of global sheet button
      Fix warning
      Merge commit 'HEAD'; branch 'rewrite-sheet'
      Rename gsheetmodel to psppiresheetmodel
      Rename GtkSheet to PsppireSheet
      Moved marshallers to src/ui/gui
      Readd lost files
      Remove expand property from inappropriate widget
      Adjusted packing properties as appropriatate
      Created new directory src/ui/gui/sheet
      Rename lib/gtksheet to lib/gtk-contrib
      Add perl parseable line to src/libpspp/version.c
      Integrated the perl module into the pspp build system.
      Change the perl module's distname to be more distinct from that of the 
main distribution
      Read version header from source
      Added functions to enable reading data files from perl
      Ensure that module version agrees with pspp version
      Update documentation of perl module
      correct documentation
      Update abstract
      Automatically detect src dir from build dir
      Merge branch 'master' of /home/john/Development/pspp-bare
      New subroutine PSPP::Dict::get_var_by_name
      New objects psppire-window and psppire-syntax-window.
      Rewrite output-viewer.c --> psppire-output-window.c
      Enabled the minimise_all menu, and set the title bar to reflect the usage 
of the window
      Move data-editor.c to psppire-data-window.c
      Fixed bug finalizing window
      New (singleton) object psppire-window-register
      Add actions to the menuitem signals
      Refactor common code in dialog implementations
      Re-enable reporting of filename in syntax errors
      Remove obsoleted files from build rules
      Set the window title when opening a file on the command line
      Set default name on File->New
      Add menushell initialiser to output viewer
      Make sure finalizers are called properly
      Fix warnings
      Added infrastructure for GtkBuilder and change oneway-dialog to use it.
      Migrated rank and recode dialogs to GtkBuilder
      Convert Frequencies dialog to GtkBuilder
      Convert Examine dialog to GtkBuilder
      Convert Crosstabs dialog to GtkBuilder
      Convert MessageDialog to GtkBuilder
      Convert Regression dialog to GtkBuilder
      Add *.ui to .gitignore
      Converted T-Test dialogs to GtkBuilder
      Convert to psppire.ui
      Fix pointer types as appropriate
      Remove invalid property
      Remove inappropriate include directives
      Merge commit 'HEAD'; commit 'master/master'
      Write message to status bar on saving syntax files
      Ensure that dict survives sysfile
      Merge branch 'master' of /home/john/Development/pspp-bare
      Merge commit 'savannah/master'
      Update module to reflect new case API
      Added method to get the custom variable attributes
      Ensure that perl module tests work before pspp has been installed
      Link the perl module against the shared library instead of the static one
      Replaced call to g_strcmp0 with strcmp, since the former
      Move .ui files to build directory
      Merge commit 'origin/master'; commit 'savannah/master'
      Add short entry to Examples.pod describing Reader
      Merge branch 'master' of /home/john/Development/pspp-bare
      Add the perl module tarball to the build target
      Updated copyright notices with the year 2009
      Fix syntax errors in pod
      Added module file to PM entry
      Merge commit 'origin/stable'
      Fixed bug allocating the memory in NPAR BINOMIAL
      Fix further bug in NPAR BINOMIAL
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://address@hidden/srv/git/pspp
      Change  COPYING from GPLv2 to GPLv3
      Remove which did more harm than good.
      Merge branch 'savannah/perl-module'
      Bump minor version number
      Correct the directory of the perl module tarball target
      Updated NEWS
      Don't build the perl module if cross compiling.
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://address@hidden/srv/git/pspp
      Silently ignore some inrecognised subtypes.
      Fix minor build issues.
      Add LIB_CLOSE to link command for dissect-sysfile program.
      Added LIB_CLOSE to link flags for test programs.
      Relocate path names when searching for files.
      Added a brief description of the --enable-relocatable flag to INSTALL
      Prevent test failure when non-English language selected
      Use c-ctype functions in lexer.
      Use the sum of weights of only those cases which are valid to
      Merge commit 'HEAD'; commit 'savannah/master'
      Merge branch 'master' of /home/john/Development/pspp-window-manager
      Converted syntax-editor definition from libglade to gtkbuilder
      Converted to GtkBuilder
      Set more appropriate default names for Syntax and Output windows.
      convert labels and missing values dialogs to GtkBuilder
      Re enable the connect_help function
      Replace "usage" property with a "description" property
      Fix signature of connect_help
      Fix problems with make distcheck
      Merge commit 'window-manager/master'
      Prevent data sheet from traversing into an invalid column.
      Reorder sources list
      Add a set_unsaved method.
      Unsaved indicator for data files.
      Refactor code from psppire.c
      Set the filename on loading a new file
      Removed most uses of GladeXML from data window
      Remove remaining GladeXML references from psppire-data-window.c
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://address@hidden/srv/git/pspp
      fix warnings
      remove .glade files from installed file list
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://address@hidden/srv/git/pspp
      Convert descriptives dialog to GtkBuilder
      Remove used #include
      Remove glade version of connect_help
      Remove last vestiges of libglade dependencies
      Initialise the quote_combobox list manually.
      preregister custom widgets so that GtkBuilder can find them
      Made psppire-window an abstract type
      Made button-box an abstract type
      Quit the application after closing the last window
      Prompt for save on closing data window
      Change argument type of pspp_window_register_foreach
      Fix display of window icon
      Fix crash which occurred under mingw.
      Remove references to libglade from config and documentation
      Save window contents on closing.
      Rename get_object_assert to get_action_assert
      Rewrote the recent file manager stuff
      Added a .desktop file.
      Remove preprocessor condition which could no longer be satistified
      Remove reference to 'struct data_editor' which is a type which no longer 
      Set icon for text import assistant window
      Merge branch 'master'; commit 'origin/stable'
      Added stock icon to About menuitem
      Added a simple singleton object for user preference storage.
      Convenience functions for setting/retrieving window geometry.
      Save and recall window geometry for dialog boxes
      Convert variable name to utf8 before displaying in tooltips
      Added some spacing between widgets
      Improve behaviour of recent file lists.
      Refactor Data and Syntax Loading
      Fix problem focusing variable sheet
      Add new dependency to gui-tools
      Tab key now moves to next row, upon end of line.
      Remove some unused variables
      Remove some unnecessary casts
      Add libpspp-core as a dependency of the perl module
      Better abstraction of the unsaved window status.
      Rename identifier and add timestamp for unsaved flag.
      Made the save-before-quit dialog more HIG compliant.
      Default response to be same as Cancel
      Fixed a bug reading empty strings from Postgres databases.
      Allow make clean to work without perl-module/Makefile
      Use double precision floats throughout psppire-axis-*
      Include gtk-builder-convert to process .glade files
      Convert manual to docbook and load that in yelp.
      A simpler way to avoid one makeinfo bug
      Remove repeated '@setfilename' lines from Texinfo source.
      Fix generation of email address
      Re-arrange data-editor widgets.
      Split into two files.
      Fixed problems getting accelerator keys to work in data editor
      Don't proxy button-open to action_data_open.
      Fix critical when opening fonts dialog
      Save windows' maximized status as well as their geometry.
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://address@hidden/srv/git/pspp
      Config option to prefer variable labels vs. names
      Focus var/data sheet after switching tabs
      Emit variable callback even if label is null.
      Prevent wierd focusing issues when changing cell
      Indicate filtered cases in data sheet.
      Use GtkHPaned in variable info dialog
      Make psppire_sheet_get_attributes a private function
      Remove preprocessor condition
      New object PsppireDictView
      Delete extraneous characters from comment.
      Namespace police duty.
      Remove some unnecessary #includes
      Add a popup menu to the PsppireDictView object.
      Fix bug saving window positions
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://address@hidden/srv/git/pspp
      Correct typo in BINOMIAL section of user manual.
      Fixed crash which occured when deleting dictionaries which had variable 
      Rename the "model" property to "dictionary"
      Change name of config parameter
      Added missing '#include <config.h>' lines.
      Fix corrupted .sav files on w32 builds
      Fix crash when running under windows with non-english locale
      Avoid potential bugs with setlocale's return value.
      Allow non-ascii characters to be entered into the variable and data 
      Initialise description on init.
      Convert filename encodings when opening files.
      Show error dialog if syntax file is not readable.
      Convert filename on confirmation dialog
      Fix bug in text-import-dialog
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://address@hidden/srv/git/pspp
      Added #include <config.h> to files as appropriate.
      Set the text import dialog's default button.
      Added the "Display Data File Information" item.
      Removed some unused features from src/libpspp/i18n.c and 
      Redesign the character re-encoding code.
      Made var_is_valid_name more permissive.
      Read dictionary encoding from data files.
      Test for NULL before calling strdup
      Convert files named on the command line to filename encoding.
      Remove LIB_CLOSE variables from linker options.
      Pass dict to name_to_string and label_to_string.
      Convert encoding even if encodings are identical.
      Display a file's encoding in SYSFILE INFO.
      Avoid calling iconv_open on each conversion.
      Fix crash running two consecutive examine commands.
      Ensure value labels dialog doesn't grow unreasonably large
      Write encoding to system files.
      Set dictionary's encoding when reading gnumeric files
      Set the dictionary's encoding when reading postgresql data.
      Document record 7, subtype 20 in system file format.
      Add code to read character encoding to dissect-sysfile.
      Merge branch 'refs/heads/charset' of ssh://address@hidden/srv/git/pspp 
into charset
      Fixed bug writing portable files.
      Merge commit 'origin/stable'
      Refactor locale initialisation.
      Implemented the SET LOCALE='...' command.
      Merge commit 'origin/master' into charset
      Fixed bug where piecharts with many segments crashed.
      New datasets to use the current default encoding.
      Use a system file's "character code" to set the encoding.
      Allow non-ascii characters to be entered as variable names.
      Update pspp developer's guide with new i18n changes.
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://address@hidden/srv/git/pspp
      Add PsppireDictView to glade library.
      Add a dialog box for the reliability command.
      Oops.  Add new file.
      Another one I forgot ...
      Binomial tests can now be specified by a cutpoint.
      Merge psppire-axis and psppire-axis-impl
      Added a cell-padding parameter to the sheet.
      Allow users to set the precision of output statistics.
      Implemented the ENCODING subcommand to DATA LIST.
      Issue warning when combining files of distinct encodings
      Merge commit 'origin/stable'
      Fixed problem saving syntax files with non-ascii names.
      Fix problems saving data files with non-ascii filenames.
      Merge commit 'origin/master' into charset
      Use the replacement rename function from gnulib.
      Fixed crash on quit
      Implemented the sign test.
      Fix some compiler warnings
      Change g_print to g_warning
      Tolerate the inability to convert character encodings
      Use replacement rename function from gnulib
      Fixed bug opening the find dialog.
      Fixed bug in q2c when munging hyphenated strings.
      Ensure that setlocale (LC_MESSAGES is called when appropriate.
      Make the gui more thread safe
      Hold the thread lock in a timer callback
      Avoid warnings when opening a new system file.
      Update some comments
      Improve the style handling of the column/row title buttons.
      remove superfluous tests
      Unmap tooltip when sheet is unmapped
      Hide tooltip when leaving sheet
      Grab default for close button on message dialog
      Continue button to grab default on realization
      Whitespace changes only.
      Separate the execute_syntax function into its own file.
      Make psppire-axis thread safer
      Made psppire-conf thread safer
      Revert "Make psppire-axis thread safer"
      Revert "Made psppire-conf thread safer"
      Replace BORDER_WIDTH macro with appropriate cell_padding parameters
      Merge commit 'origin/stable'
      Compensate cell border for gridline thickness
      Fix GUI bug risizing columns.
      Remove unused code
      Fix bug where data sometimes got erroneously copied between cells
      Added Dutch translation. Thanks to unknown-1
      Fix compilation error on Cygwin.
      Fixed crash calculating trimmed mean with missing values.
      Ensure that NUMERIC's format (if any) is a valid output format.
      For consistency, use gnulib's memory allocation functions in the gui.
      Merge commit 'origin/stable'
      Relocate the locale directory.
      Don't create histograms for string variables.
      Correct default_output_path function on Windows.
      Ensure that windows opens the right file for output.
      Remove unneeded object members
      Remove gratuitous call to change_active_cell.
      Correct typo in command line argument string.
      Updated dutch translation.  Thanks to unkonwn-1
      Remove unused code
      Fix bug inserting rows and columns and rename state variable.
      Added a tutorial chapter to the manual.
      Fix misaligned menu items
      Mention that two juxtapose LIST keywords are intentional
      Delete '*' from DATA LIST examples
      Change examples using heights to be all in millimetres
      Correct grammar
      Remove whitespace before footnotes
      Fix incorrect word order
      Prevent invalid variable widths in variable sheet.
      Support mult-data charts and legend.
      Added parser for the ROC command.
      Added documentation for the ROC command
      Fixed bug inserting cases in data sheet.
      Added stub for ROC computation
      Added a new casereader translator to consolodate cases.
      Added test for the ROC command
      Added basic calculation and display of area under the curve
      Use the requested method for calculating the ROC AUC standard error
      Add framework for ROC summary table
      Fix bug when positive and negative groups are of different lengths
      Add check that input to casereader_create_distinct are sorted
      Added code to generate the ROC cutpoint tables.
      Added code to plot the ROC curve
      Fix compile warning
      Add new functions to define subcase orderings.
      Added second ROC test
      Fix bugs when input data is repeated
      Ensure that windows opens the right file for output.
      Correct default_output_path function on Windows.
      Store variable names, labels and value labels as UTF8.
      Change enum legacy_encoding to const char *.
      data_out function to dynamically allocate return value.
      Convert to utf8 in data_out function.
      Fix crash when opening empty dataset
      Recode strings when writing system files.
      Add dictionary argument to tab_value.
      Fix bug in value labels dialog box
      Fix compile warnings
      Replace legacy_recode with recode_string.
      Fix problem running the perl module
      Use default encoding when reading system files if no encoding is given in 
      Remove erroneously commited diagnostic statement
      Change union value type to contain uint8_t types instead of char.
      Remove recoding in data_store.
      Added a dict parameter to data_in and dealt with the consequences.
      Updated the developers' manual to reflect the new situation
      Fix compiler warning in test program
      Fix crash on text import dialog
      Fix bug encodig missing value keys in gui
      Fix crash in find dialog and make code less horrible.
      Removed unused function prototypes
      Replaced the glade definition of about dialog with a C one.
      Updated the example with an easier to visualise one
      New function prepare_cutpoints
      Fixed bug reporting the significance of paired value t-test.
      Fixed bug reporting the significance of paired value t-test.
      Corrected typos in the perl documentation
      Fix ROC behaviour in the presence of missing values.
      Update documentation regarding missing values.
      Ensure correct behaviour when the state var is missing.
      Before recoding a variable's name, check that it
      Use data_out_pool in crosstabs.q
      Improve code to trim leading spaces from numeric output.
      The length of the string is now not always the
      Add comment explaining the meaning of encoding to data_out
      Merge commit 'origin/data-encoding'
      Avoid compiler warning
      Added the '=' to the plot subcommand's documentation.
      Corrected spelling of "consolidate".
      Respect the constness of caseproto.
      Fix cleanup of ROC command.
      Add assertion to check code consitency
      Add some comments and macros to make the code more readable
      Added more (hopefully usefull) comments
      Replace caseproto_clone with caseproto_ref
      Remove double semicolons.
      Add perl functions to get the format of a variable
      Merge commit 'origin/roc'
      Fix merge problems
      Merge commit 'origin/stable'
      Remove reference to roc.h which doesn't exist.
      Fix warnings in flip command.
      remove return values from callbacks which don't need them
      Change signature of text_to_value.
      Add "dictionary" property to PsppireVarStore and use it.
      Disable extend_selection call.
      Whitespace changes for the benefit of xgettext.
      Partial fix of selection in the sheet.
      Remove unnecessary variable
      Made selection a bit more reliable
      Removed unnecessary variables
      Replaced GTK_STATE_NORMAL with PSPPIRE_SHEET_NORMAL where appropriate
      Redraw selection when reducing its area.
      Redraw affected areas after de-selecting a region
      Prevent var sheet from traversing to an invalid cell
      Remove unused function psppire_sheet_cell_get_state
      Re-enable selection of complete rows/columns
      Avoid the need for an extra click when de-selecting a region
      Removed unnecessary variable and consequently unreachable code.
      Removed unused function
      Re-enable signal emmission on row/column selection
      Remove the RESIZE feature of the sheet.
      Fix bug in casemapping long strings.
      Fix clipboard export of non-ascii strings.
      Replace safe_strcmp with g_strcmp0.
      Allow ranges with left to right and bottom to top sense to be selected.
      remove unused return value
      Remove commented code
      Use u8_cpy instead of memcpy.
      Initial attempt at an ODF driver
      Add the file I forgot to include
      Add comments and cleanup
      Added a meta.xml file.
      Enable joined cells to be rendered properly
      Revert inadvertently commited change to required pango version
      Prevent existing output file from interfereing with zip
      Add a styles.xml file
      Fixed bug rendering joined columns
      Added options to the ODF driver.
      Consolidate translatable strings into a common form.
      Revert pango dependency to version 2.20
      Update perl module version number
      Remove const qualifier.
      Don't override label for Save As menuitem
      Fix make distcheck
      Update to most recent Gnulib
      Correct typo in printed string
      Rewrite automake rules for internationalisation files.
      Add the all_q_sources to the dependencies of po/pspp.pot
      Replace "all-hook" with "all-local".
      Remove i18n related configuration items which are no longer used
      Canonicalise some printed strings, to make translators' lives easier
      Fix tests broken by the new table widths, caused by previous change
      Merge commit 'origin/stable'
      Add necessary #include stddef.h directive
      Correct printf conversion specifiers for size_t types.
      Added a new target "programs" to the makefile.
      Initial framework for CORRELATIONS command
      First working version of CORRELATIONS.
      Add a manual entry for the CORRELATIONS command
      CORRELATIONS: Added support for the STATISTICS subcommand
      CORRELATIONS: Documented the /STATISTICS subcommand
      CORRELATIONS: Properly deal with case weights.
      Update INSTALL file
      Remove duplicate entry from command.def
      Canonicalise orthography of Big/Little Endian
      Update NEWS file
      Avoid use of $* in Makefile since it's problematic
      Started transition to a .glade-less system.
      Allow xgettext to extract strings from .ui files
      Converted some additional .glade files .ui
      Converted to psppire.ui
      Add a two pass algorithm to calculate covariance matrices.
      New module src/math/categoricals .
      Add reverse map entries to categoricals.
      Fix order of pool_calloc arguments.
      Allow dump function to work with numeric variables
      Resize the moment matrices after the first pass
      Move categorical variable into the var_params struct
      Destroy the categorical variables when the covariance matrix is destroyed
      Use cov->dim instead of cov->n_vars where appropriate
      New functions is_missing and get_val
      Call categoricals_done at start of second pass.
      Remove some unnecessary #include directives
      Don't update categorical variables whose values are missing
      New functions to return the sum and weights associated with categorical 
      Don't crash if all categorical variables are empty
      Keep track of the number of variables involved in the categoricals.
      Populate the moment matrices with the categorical entries
      Remove unused function categoricals_index
      Drop first category of each variable from covariance matrix.
      Wrap operations which index into reverse_variable_map
      Remove inappropriate call to gtk_window_set_keep_above
      New module src/math/correlation
      Use significance_of_correlation function in t-test.
      Properly display ampersand characters in dictionary view widgets
      Fix some minor problems with the reliability dialog
      Move definition of sort-cases-dialog to a seperate file.
      PsppireSelector: new properties: "source-widget" and "dest-widget".
      PsppireDictView: Change "dictionary" property to "model".
      Updated the Dutch translation at the translator's request
      Separated psppire_selector_set_subjects into two individual functions
      Fix property erroneously altered in commit 
      Fix problem building with --without-libplot
      Update to reflect latest copy of Gnulib
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://address@hidden/srv/git/pspp
      Ensure that only one set of callbacks exist.
      New module psppire-var-view
      Search for a gettext implementation at configure time
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://address@hidden/srv/git/pspp
      Update to reflect latest copy of Gnulib
      Rework the recode-dialog to fit new selector / psppire-var-view objects.
      Remove unused code
      Remove awkward dependency from psppire-selector.c
      Implemented a dialog box for the ROC command
      ROC dialog: Disable reference button when curve is not drawn
      Set the dictionary encoding of files created by the perl module.
      Change psppire_dicts pointers from G_POINTER to PSPPIRE_VAR_PTR_TYPE
      New function psppire_var_view_contains_var
      Added a dialog box for the CORRELATION command
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://address@hidden/srv/git/pspp
      Merge branch 'master' of 
      Show only numeric variables in correlations dialog
      Remove unused code
      Don't allow string variables in ROC dialog as dependent variable
      Fix missing menu label
      Remove unused GtkAdjustment objects
      New interface PsppireSelectDestWidget.
      Ensure all symbols in glade library are resolved
      Properly escape marked up text in dictionary views
      Fix bug in ROC parsing long string variables
      Merge commit 'origin/stable'
      Linear Regression: Dependent variables should not be strings.
      Added the Catalan translation from
      Remove gettext markup from g_param_spec arguments.
      Merge branch 'master' into output
      First attempt at FACTOR command
      FACTOR: Remove diagnostic messages
      FACTOR: Implemented the /PRINT=CORRELATIONS SIG DETERMINANT subcommands
      New translations from
      Fix fault XML in documentation.
      Merge branch 'master' into output
      Remove obsolete file
      FACTOR: Added  "Scree Plots"
      Added documentation for the FACTOR command
      Avoid warning about GtkAdjustments with non-zero page_size
      Remove unused declarations
      Added a menu entry and dialog box for the FACTOR command.
      FACTOR: Ensure a non-zero number of factors.
      Add optional / to AGGREGATE OUTPUT subcommand.
      Use non-deprecated macros.
      Avoid warnings about adjustments with non-zero page sizes
      Removed some calls to deprecated Gtk functions
      FACTOR: Check that the number of factors does not exceed the number of 
      Initialize factor dialog extraction parameters at dialog start
      Changes made by gnulib-tool
      Weight cases dialog: set the sensitivity of radiobuttons.
      Convert syntax files to UTF-8 before loading them.
      Don't convert values returned from gettext to UTF8.
      Fix crash on variable type dialog custom currency display.
      First attempt at a psppire print dialog.
      Convert to data-editor.ui
      Use consistent orthography for "stock-id" property
      Remove the resolve_action function which is no longer needed
      Move implementation of the datasheet variable popup menu to the 
GtkBuilder file
      Remove property settings from psppire_data_window and put them into the 
GtkBuilder file
      Move var sheet variables popup menu to GtkBuilder file
      Move data sheet cases popup menu to GtkBuilder file
      Added some missing translation tags
      Updated the po files
      Refactor the Help menu.
      Convert syntax-editor from .glade to .ui
      Converted output-viewer from .glade to .ui
      Remove reference to gtk-builder-convert which is no longer distributed
      Whitespace changes only
      Remove unused GObject pointer from dialog functions and update signal 
connect functions accordingly
      Change gpointer variable to PsppireDataWindow * in dialog function 
      Use signal handlers with the window as the first argument where 
reasonable to do so
      Remove unnecessary GtkAction * variables
      Created convenience function connect_action
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://address@hidden/srv/git/pspp
      Translate the contents of frequencies and descriptives checkbox treeviews
      Update nl.po from
      Expanded comments to src/libpspp/i18n.[ch]
      Paste to a single common syntax window instead of a new one.
      Renamed function to reflect change of purpose from previous commit
      Added tests for the FACTOR command
      Removed diagnostic messages from print operation callbacks
      Add stock items to output viewer menuitems
      Added an implementation of the Chi-Square dialog box
      Fixed bug parsing binomial test.
      Implemented the Binomial Test dialog box.
      Update manual's licence to FDL 1.3
      First working version with Factor Rotations
      Print the rotated sums of squared loadings
      Added proper convergence criteria for rotation phase
      Updated tests to take account of factor rotations
      Added ROTATION to this list of default tables
      Implemented a rotations subdialog for the FACTOR command
      Added brief documentation about the FACTOR command's rotation feature
      Merge commit 'origin/covariance'
      Removed src/math/interaction.[ch] which has been superseded by 
      Revert "Removed src/math/interaction.[ch] which has been superseded by 
      Fix crash on Windows when calculating a covariance matrix of dimension 1.
      Fix problem opening files with non-ascii names on Windows
      Removed src/math/coefficient.[ch] which are no longer used
      Update required versions of the GSL and GTK libraries
      Use meaningful identifier for the Edit|Copy action
      Added a GTK_STOCK_INFO icon to the file information menu
      Replace LDFLAGS setting inadvertently removed by commit 
      Added basic clipboard functionality to the output viewer.
      Add html target to output viewer clipboard
      Added a SelectAll menuitem to the output viewer
      Added an ODT target to the output viewer clipboard
      Call expand all on Edit->SelectAll
      Entered some extra unicode box chars in the table
      Added remaining relevant unicode box characters
      Fix compiler warnings
      Use gtk stock item instead of a custom one
      Output viewer: Guess file type from filename suffix.
      Removed uninitialised variable.
      Create the detrended np plot instead of a second normal one
      Fix crash on erroneous ROC input
      Be more forgiving about ROC syntax
      Added some very rudimentary tests for charts.
      Documentation: Added concept indices for various charts
      Fix inconsistent label positions on piecharts.
      Fix memory leak in casewriter_make_reader.
      en_GB.po: Attended to fuzzy entries
      perl-module/Makefile.PL: Change DLEXT to SO
      Remove unnecessary translatiosn of stock items.
      Remove unused functions make_temp_file and make_unique_file_stream
      Ensure that psppire's --help and --version options work even without an X 
      Correct makefile dependencies for perl module
      Seperate the goto-case dialog into its own definition file
      (Re)enable select cases dialog.
      Move select cases into its own definition file
      Move compute dialog definition to its own file
      perl-module: Further corrections to dependencies
      Fix invalid reference
      Fix uninitialized variable
      Fix memory leak in examine
      Fix memory leak in tab_destroy
      Fix various memory leaks
      Replace unknown XML entities with their numerical counterpart.
      Remove const qualifiers from encoding converter components.
      Fix memory leak
      add missing source file to glade support library
      Reliability dialog: Add checkbox for summary subcommand
      Fix memory leak in data_in
      Remove unnecessary include directives of hash.h
      Delete file "means.q"
      Replaced relibility.q with relibility.c
      Avoid unused function warning
      Fix memory leak in MRSETS
      Fix memory leak in crosstabs
      Remove URL from translatable string
      AGGREGATE: New file aggregate.h containing the summary function 
      Added dialog box for the aggregate command
      Removed the gnulib modules which are being flagged as obsolete
      Flush the journal after every write.
      Deallocate memory from pool using the correct function
      FACTOR: prevent crash if the dataset is empty.
      Avoid compiler warning
      Documentation: Add explanation of ONEWAY/MISSING
      Replace oneway.q with a manually crafted oneway.c file
      Avoid duplicating the list of autotest files.
      Migrate the tests for the ONEWAY command to autotest style
      ONEWAY: Add explicit tests for the homogeneity and descriptives 
      Aggregate dialog: Initialize HPane widget width on opening.
      Aggregate: Fixed bug when attempting to create duplicate variable
      SET FORMAT: Flag an error if an invalid format is given.
      Aggregate-dialog: Preselect summary function and variable name.
      Use GtkSourceView and implement simple syntax highlighting
      Enable the bracket matching
      Added basic print capability to the syntax window
      Added basic undo/redo to syntax window
      Allow undo/redo of pasted text as a single item
      Relocate the directory in which the lang file is installed
      Avoid compiler warnings
      Inform users about GtkSourceView dependency
      correlations: Fix memory leak
      Fix bug reallocating sourceview path array
      Fix translation of column header.
      Fix translation of column headers in text import dialog.
      file-handle-def.c: replace hash with hmap
      Correct grammar in printed string
      Consolidate printed strings
      Canonicalise 2-tailed vs. 2-sided
      Text input dialog: Use widget-io
      Allow undo/redo of pasted text as a single item
      syntax-editor.ui cleanup
      Update tests to reflect string changes.
      Move MX* processing to libpspp/message.c
      SET MXWARNS = 0 to be interpreted as unlimited.
      Implemented Cut, Copy and Delete in the syntax editor
      Syntax Window: Edit->* item sensitivity follows selection
      Implemented Edit->Paste in the syntax viewer
      Syntax Window: Dynamically set paste sensitivity
      Merge commit 'origin/master' into sso
      Categoricals.c Create entries for all groups.
      ONEWAY: seperate the command specification from the variables used in its 
      Oneway:  Use lex_get_num instead of lex_parse_value.
      Oneway: Additional test case.
      Oneway: Use covariance matrix and sweep operator
      Oneway: Remove dict member from struct and add wv member
      Covariance matrix interface change.
      Oneway:  Remove group_values struct from show_contrast_coeffs
      Oneway: Remove group_stats from the show_homogeniety function
      Add optional callback functions to categoricals.
      oneway: Fix descriptives for multiple variables
      oneway: use new structures in the show_contrast_tests function
      oneway.c: Use the categoricals struct to calculate number of groups
      Categoricals: Use moments instead of keeping cc count ourselves
      Oneway: Fix problems with MISSING=ANALYSIS
      Oneway: Fixed most compiler warnings
      Categoricals: Sort the reverse value map.
      Allow translation of default variable name.
      Allow translation of default filenames in GUI
      Improved the syntax generated by the select-cases dialog
      Remove obsolete comments.
      Autorecode: Add value labels indicating the source values.
      Seperate the GtkBuilder definition for Split into its own file.
      Fixed bug #30969: Crash in split file dialog box
      Autorecode: Add the /GROUP subcommand
      Autorecode: /GROUP vs. heterogenous strings.
      Prevent critical when closing output viewer
      Rename compare_string --> compare_string_3way
      Syntax Window: Don't connect callbacks until all members are initialised.
      Translate the names of aggretation functions.  Fixes bug #31035
      Consolidate quoting style in printed strings.
      Update en_GB localisation
      Update string comparision in perl module test
      FLIP: Don't change new variables to upper case.
      Remove gettext markup from diagnostic string.
      Fix outstanding quote style issues
      Const casts.
      Fix bug #31052: Crash on histograms with only one datum
      tests_check target depends upon check_PROGRAMS
      Created an additional i18n test
      Update to latest Gnulib
      Disconnect clip signal handlers when a syntax window is destroyed
      Replace glm with a new implementation.
      Fix memory leak in output rendering
      Fix memory leak in sweep.c
      Fix memory leak in casegrouper.  Closes bug #30764
      Fix memory leak in LIST command.
      Use macros from cast.h instead of literal casts
      en_GB.po: translate quotes to UTF characters
      Consistently use the return value from case_ref.
      Add comments informing the caller about side effects
      Fix memory leaks in ROC command
      Remove erroneous CONST_CAST
      Consolidate translatable strings
      Undo inappropriate quote substitution in generated HTML.
      Added gettext markup to some strings which required it
      Update generated HTML to conform to W3C standards.
      Workaround for gettext deficiencies
      Fix bug in autorecode - strings vs. /group
      Replace npar.q with npar.c
      Consolidate translatable strings
      Change identifiers for consistency with other commands
      Eleminate unnecessary variables
      Perl Module: Add prototypes keyword to XS definition
      NPAR TESTS: reformat and use cast macros
      NPAR TESTS: Add framework for n sample independent variable tests.
      NPAR TESTS: Implement parser for kruskal wallis test
      Remove some duplicated #includes
      Use cast macros
      Use conventional search for gsl if pkg-config fails
      Initial implementation of the Kruskal-Wallis test.
      Added tests for the Kruskal Wallis test
      Fix memory leaks in Kruskal-Wallis test
      Add documentation for the Kruskal-Wallis subcommand
      Avoid compiler warnings
      Update Catalan translation from
      Add some comments where needed
      Updated NEWS file
      NPAR: use hmapx instead of hash.h
      Include hash-functions.h instead of hash.h
      Fixed bug in oneway /descriptives subcommand vs. weights.
      Re-implemented the levene calculation
      Fix test failures on T-TEST command.
      Update en_GB.po and remerge
      Merge commit 'origin/master' into sso
      Fix typos in printed strings
      Update en_GB.po
      Implemented the /RUNS subcommand for NPAR TESTS.
      Fix memory deallocation bug
      Remove redundant whitespace
      Whitespace changes only
      First attempt at the Friedman test
      en_GB.po: Fix fuzzy translation
      Documentation for the Friedman test
      fix memory leak
      remove unused variable
      Add test for friedman test and fix problem with missing values
      Properly handle  weights in Friedman test
      Documentation: Make subsection order alphabetical
      Avoid compiler warnings
      Use sort instead of qsort thus avoiding compiler warning
      Remove various duplicated #include directives
      Ensure tests have unique names
      CROSSTABS: (Re)implemented the format=DVALUE option.
      First attempt at Mann-Whitney U test.
      Mann-Whitney: Change the rank sum used for Wilcoxon W
      Added manual entry for the Mann-Whitney test
      Mann-Whitney: Use value names in rank table.
      Added a test for the mann-whitney test
      INSTALL: Add note about (non)installation of the perl module
      Allow perl module to enter non-ascii data
      Make ascii driver's length and width parameters fit the terminal.
      Smake: Add a rule to update the gl directory without doing all the other 
      Added implementation for the Cochran Q test
      Added very basic documentation for the Cochran Q test
      Add test for the Cochran Q
      Conditionally compile in the SIGWINCH handler
      Added a dialog box for the k-related-sample non-parametric tests.
      NPAR: Implemented the /KENDALL subcommand.
      Fix typo
      Make tests which use wc more robust.
      First working GLM command
      GLM: Add unimplemented subcommands, and add a test.
      Fixed the categoricals such that now both GLM and ONEWAY work
      Merge remote branch 'savannah/master' into sourceview
      Re-implemented the T-TEST command and the levene calculation.
      Fix bug parsing T-TEST
      Remove some files which are no longer used
      Perl Module - Add function to count cases in a reader.
      Implemented a zip-writer to correspond to zip-reader
      Added support to read OpenDocument spreadsheet files
      Fix building when readline library is not present
      Replace some obsolete Gtk macro calls
      Use local include paths instead of relative to $top_builddir/src
      Set the show-tips property on the recent chooser menus
      Filter the data file list by mime type instead of file extension
      Remove unused functions
      Remove duplicated functions
      Change the order of the reported NPAR values in two sample related tests.
      Replace some deprecated GTK macros
      Remove action member from PsppireSelector
      Replace deprecated function call
      Make the value labels dialog resizable
      Fix bugs deleting temporary files and their containing directory.
      Implemented the McNemar test.  Closes bug #33242
      Use greater-than-or-equal to sign instead of '>='.
      Mark get_rule function as inline.
      Fix GUI issues in K-Related NPAR dialog box.
      Fix incorrect conditional
      Avoid GtkCritical in recode dialog
      Use variable labels in DESCRIPTIVES output.  Fixes bug #31565
      New widget PsppireValChooser.
      Added COUNT dialog box. Addresses one part of bug #29869
      Move the glade definition for the paired samples dialog box to its own 
      Implement dialog box for the non-parametric 2-related-samples tests
      Add the /BLANK subcommand to AUTORECODE
      Replace the t-test paired options dialog with a simpler implementation.
      Fix bug where recent data files were not added
      Implemented the POSTHOC subcommand for the ONEWAY command.
      Update NEWS file
      Use PACKAGE_URL from config.h instead of literal string
      Remove some gnulib modules whichare being flagges as obsolete
      For consistency with other files use <> instead of ""
      QUICK-CLUSTER: Seperate const from non-const data and make it handle 
      Quick Cluster: Avoid crash when presented with missing values
      Added dialog box for the AUTORECODE command.  Closes bug #30009
      Fix compiler warnings
      Remove redundant files in test sources, that apparently caused link 
      Merge remote branch 'savannah/master'
      QUICK CLUSTER: Implement pairwise missing option
      QUICK CLUSTER: Add MISSING=EXCLUDE for consistency with other commands
      QUICK CLUSTER: Add documentation
      Added dialog box for quick cluster command
      Add some  "mnemonic_widget" refs which had been forgotten
      K-means dialog only should accept numeric variables
      Added dialog for the NPAR RUNS subcommand
      GLM: Prepare the lexer to accept nested variables
      GLM: Rewrite interactions module and update glm.c to use it in some places
      Categoricals to take interactions instead of variables.
      Change interaction functions to use cases rather than value arrays
      Categoricals: Replace single value by a case, so that interactions can be 
      Categoricals: remove var member which is no longer required
      GLM: Fix memory leaks
      GLM: remove design_vars which are now superseeded by interactions
      GLM: get_ssq: replace hardcoded 1 with cmd->n_dep_vars
      Fix ssq for interactions
      Remove unused function
      categoricals.c: Rename var_params to interact_params
      categoricals.c: Fixed part of the dump function
      Extended the glm command to accept interactions.  Unfortunately the ssqs 
are wrong
      Move call to categoricals_done earlier in the covariance code
      Made GLM as well as ONEWAY work
      Fixed crash when interactions have no instances
      glm.c: new function design_full to create default interactions
      Fix memory leak
      Fix crash in Correlations
      Crosstabs Dialog: Cosmetic changes
      Frequencies Dialog: Cosmetic changes
      Chi-square Dialog: Cosmetic changes update location of gitlog-to-changelog script
      Fix problem building under Gtk+2.18
      PsppireKeypad: Correct the parent class declaration
      Reliability Dialog: Fix broken mnemonics
      Replaced the function widget_scanf with a new widget psppire_scanf
      Added use-underline and mnemonic-widget properties to PsppireScanf
      Factor Dialog: Add mnemonics
      Correlations Dialog: Cosmetic improvements
      K-Means Dialog: Cosmetic improvements
      Regression Dialog: Cosmetic improvements
      Binomial Dialog: Cosmetic Improvements
      Descriptives Dialog: Cosmetic Improvements
      Npar K-related Dialog: Cosmetic Improvements
      Oneway Dialog: Cosmetic Improvements
      Set the "local-only" property on GtkFileChooser widgets to FALSE
      Implemented the KMO and Bartlett test in the FACTOR command
      Added an implementation for the One Sample Kolmogorov-Smirnov Test
      Merge remote branch 'origin/sourceview'
      Fix warnings
      Update the recommended gnulib commit, since it contains an important w32 
      Improve paste to &c
      Added an implementation of the median test
      GLM: Disable the interactions option until it actually gives the right 
      Fix make makedistcheck and re-organize icon paths.
      Avoid compiler warnings about uninitialised variables.
      Filter file choosers by mimetype instead of file name
      File Open dialog: disable encoding selector when not applicable
      Moved call to gl_NEXT_HEADER outside the conditional.
      Added a summary introduction to INSTALL, to try to make it less 
frightening to inexperienced users
      Fix warnings and remove conditional compilation which is no longer 
      Added dialog box for univariate anova.
      Smake give correct dependencies where they are well defined
      GLM: Add a test for a full factorial anova example
      Move interaction subset predicates out of glm.c into interaction.c
      Fixed a crash in REGRESSION when there were no non-missing values.
      Corrected example files. Closes bug #34343
      Optimisation for the type3 sum of squares procedure
      Implemented the SET=TNUMBERS subcommand
      Fix crash on parseing invalid GLM syntax
      Added a base parameter to the interaction_case_hash function
      Remove visibility from the univariate analysis menu until it works better
      Add a warning to GLM until we've sorted out its problems
      Fixed a crash in the oneway command
      Fix incorrectly ordered arguments to xcalloc
      Fix potential problems with non-literal printf arguments.
      Added some missing gettext macros
      Consolidate some very similar user visible strings
      Remove redundant error message.
      Use variable labels in crosstabs.
      Remove labelling options from Crosstabs GUI
      Remove duplicate #include lines
      New object: psppire-lex-reader
      File Open: Don't try to analyse the file if it's a directory.
      Remove useless code
      GLM: Add debugging option /SHOWCODES
      sweep.c: swap rows/columns instead of using indirection for last_col
      sweep.c: Reverse sense of consistency tests.
      sweep.c: Reduce scope of local variables and avoid reusing them.
      sweep.c: Move repeated call out of if ... else
      sweep.c: Use gsl_matrix_memcpy instead of element by element copying.
      categoricals.c: Reimpliment the get_binary_by subscript function
      Rename df --> df_prod and comment accordingly
      categoricals.c Fix the calculation of the per encoding sums
      glm.c:get_ssq Remove unnecessary assignment
      glm.c: Allow parser to accept METHOD=SSTYPE(n) subcommand
      GLM: Update logic for choosing types of sums of squares
      GLM: Implemented the Type I sums of squares and added a test for that.
      GLM test: Remove redundant transformations and reorder.
      categoricals.c: Effects coding.
      Whitespace changes only
      GLM: Added test for type II sums of squares
      GLM: Added implementation for the Type 3 sums of squares.
      Fix memory leak
      GLM: Mimic spss output with /INTERCEPT=EXCLUDE
      Remove unused function
      categoricals.c: Rename function to more accurately reflect its purpose
      Remove unused global variables
      ONEWAY: Fixed crash when the dependent variable contained only missing 
      Value Labels Dialog: Fix packing properties
      Added a function to clone an interaction.
      Added basic framework for the MEANS command.
      Remove xr_draw_chart from cairo.h and make static
      Cairo output driver: Added options to set the foreground and background
      Output viewer: use the widget's style to set the colors of the
      Output Viewer:  Try to adapt to changes in style
      Fix errors in the Texinfo source discovered by makeinfo 4.13.90
      Added a callback to the dialog help buttons, and a handler to call
      Escape # character in call to g_spawn_command_line_async
      Correct packing properties of sort cases dialog.
      doc/ Added eacute to the list of docbook entities which need 
to be mutated
      Set the output driver parameters dynamically from the output window style.
      New file: builder-wrapper.h and builder-wrapper.c
      Add files to manifest, inadvertantly omitted from previous commit.
      lex_get_text_buffer_read: Avoid potential buffer overflow.
      Fix memory leaks
      Fix memory leaks parsing string expressions
      Avoid crash rendering charts in the gui interface.
      online_help: use g_spawn_async instead of g_spawn_command_line_async
      Use idle callback to write to the local config directory
      Avoid deprecated Perl syntax.
      Categoricals cleanup:  New structure 'payload' which reduces the
      MEANS: This command is IMO now stable enough to be used. Adding to 
      Fix warnings
      MEANS: remove arguments to callbacks which were always unused
      Corrected various misspellings in the documentation
      Remove stray include directive
      MEANS: implemented the /CELLS={ALL,NONE,DEFAULT} options and added a test
      MEANS: Implemented /MISSING=TABLE subcommand
      MEANS: Added further tests for missing value behaviour
      Improve behaviour of resizing the value chooser widget
      Added documentation for the MEANS command
      Reimplemented the logo as a svg image and converted to a 64x64 bit icon
      Moved rank.q to rank.c
      New abstract class PsppireDialogAction
      Don't crash on Games-Howell test when there are small numbers of cases 
per category.
      Converted the correlations dialog to a PsppireDialogAction object
      Convert kmeans dialog to a PsppireDialogAction
      Converted roc-dialog to a PsppireDialogAction object
      Removed erroneous duplicated line
      Converted reliability dialog to a PsppireDialogAction object
      Converted Sort dialog to a PsppireDialogAction object
      Rewrite documentation for the RECODE command.
      Error with g_critical instead of g_assert on invalid variable types.

Matìj Cepl (1):
      gui: Streamline pspp.desktop

Mehmet Hakan Satman (1):
      QUICK CLUSTER: New command.

Michel Boaventura (4):
      psppire: Translate all format type categories, not just some of them.
      psppire: Translate more GUI strings.
      gui: Fix crash clicking on the upper-left corner of the data sheet.
      Change charset from html output to utf-8

Mindaugas (1):
      gui: Add Lithuanian translation and MIME type to pspp.desktop



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