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[Pspp-commits] [SCM] GNU PSPP annotated tag, v0.8.0, created. v0.8.0

From: Ben Pfaff
Subject: [Pspp-commits] [SCM] GNU PSPP annotated tag, v0.8.0, created. v0.8.0
Date: Tue, 23 Jul 2013 14:00:11 +0000

This is an automated email from the git hooks/post-receive script. It was
generated because a ref change was pushed to the repository containing
the project "GNU PSPP".

The annotated tag, v0.8.0 has been created
        at  4101550b69655a51b67e45fb19dfa2089f149cf4 (tag)
   tagging  bcd3924d7e3376d243fa264014a5266f25d67ef5 (commit)
  replaces  v0.7.9
 tagged by  Ben Pfaff
        on  Tue Jul 23 06:59:26 2013 -0700

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
GNU PSPP version 0.8.0.
Version: GnuPG v1.4.12 (GNU/Linux)


Ben Pfaff (308):
      po: Update German translation from
      po: Update Dutch translation from
      Add Slovenian translation from
      gui: Fix grammar in user message in psppire-data-window.c
      jonckheere-terpstra: Declare variables at beginning of block.
      gui: Fix warnings due to missing GObject type conversions.
      por-file-writer: Avoid infinite loop with value labels.
      dictionary: Truncate file label in dictionary encoding, not UTF-8.
      sys-file: Recode string fields in file header also.
      sys-file: Support EBCDIC magic number in system files.
      GET: Add an ENCODING subcommand.
      po: Update Slovenian translation from
      perl-module: use $(MAKE) directly in rules that call make.
      tests: Improve test for supported encodings.
      examples: Change extensions from .stat to .sps.
      categoricals: Mark dump_interaction() and categoricals_dump() UNUSED.
      tests: Avoid failure due to race to mkdir tests/valgrind.
      sys-file-reader: Avoid read past end of buffer.
      str: Skip only up to one-past-the-end in ss_tokenize().
      po: Update Dutch translation from
      Updated the Lithuanian translation from
      Updated the German translation from
      encoding-guesser: Remove spurious blank line.
      encoding-guesser: Fall back to windows-1252 when UTF-8 can't be right.
      zip-writer: Add missing #include <byteswap.h>.
      identifier: Apply isdigit() only to values in valid range.
      Sort attributes by name for display, to make order arch-independent.
      pool: Use 16-byte alignment on 64-bit architectures.
      psppire-output-window: Use fallback PATH_MAX on GNU/Hurd.
      po: Update French translation from
      ods-reader: Fix write beyond end of buffer.
      ods-reader: Fix memory leak.
      sort: Allocate space for sort buffers on demand, not in advance.
      spreadlevel-plot: Fix missing #include <stdlib.h>
      FACTOR: Fix crash with /ROTATION=NOROTATE.
      sys-file-reader: Remove obsolete comment.
      i18n: Factor out encoding categories from GUI into common code.
      Revert "Fix DSO linking issue"
      psppire-data-editor: Drop psppire_data_editor_set_font() redundancy.
      psppire-data-store: Use PSPPIRE namespace instead of GTK+'s.
      psppire-data-store: Use NULL for a null pointer.
      psppire-buttonbox: Fix style in header file.
      gtkxpaned: Remove write-only variables.
      find-dialog: Change "Cancel" button to "Close" button.
      Allow dictionary 'var_deleted' callback to examine the deleted var.
      psppire-dict: Get rid of static var in auto_generate_var_name().
      psppire-dict: Make auto_generate_var_name() public, and rename.
      psppire-dict: Return new var from psppire_dict_insert_variable().
      psppire-dict: g_return_if_fail for idx in psppire_dict_get_variable().
      DO IF: Fix crash when END IF appears without DO IF.
      Revert "psppire-dict: g_return_if_fail for idx in 
      gui: Use canonical names for signals.
      format: New functions fmt_change_width(), fmt_change_decimals().
      format: Introduce a new type "enum fmt_use".
      format: Fix typo in comment.
      helper: New function value_to_text__().
      value-labels: New function val_labs_find_value().
      abt: Drop child parameters from 'reaugment' function.
      abt: New function abt_is_empty().
      range-set: Rename "insert" function "set1", "delete" to "set0".
      range-set: New macro RANGE_SET_FOR_EACH to make iteration easier.
      New "range-tower" data structure.
      gui: Add undocumented --measure-startup option.
      gui: New type PsppireEmptyListStore.
      gui: New boxed type for struct fmt_spec.
      gui: New widget PsppireValueEntry for editing a "union value".
      helper: Move escape_underscores() here.
      tests: Fix reference to old library
      crosstabs-dialog: Line up backslashes.
      psppire-acr: Clarify acr ownership of its list store.
      gui: Properly manage ref counts of combo box and tree view models.
      gui: Put <?xml> declaration at beginning of roc.ui.
      psppire-dialog-action: Remove unused variable.
      PsppireValueEntry: Simplify 'if' condition.
      Import GtkTreeView from GTK+ 2.0-2.20.1 renamed as PsppSheetView.
      pspp-sheet-view: Reduce time and memory cost to O(1) in number of rows.
      pspp-sheet-view: Improve scrolling performance.
      pspp-sheet-view: Fix visual artifacts for sheet views > 65535 pixels wide.
      pspp-sheet-view: Fix rendering moving cursor left or right with keyboard.
      pspp-sheet-view-column: Add support for tooltips on columns.
      pspp-sheet-view: Edit cells on the first click by default.
      pspp-sheet-view: Support rectangular selection, column popup menus.
      pspp-sheet-view: Start editing upon button release, not press.
      pspp-sheet-view: Add "special-cells" property to speed drawing many 
      pspp-widget-facade: New code to measure and render some GTK+ widgets.
      pspp-sheet-view: Optimize by making column header widgets lazy.
      pspp-sheet-view: Improve look of sheet when there are few columns.
      pspp-sheet-view: Make pspp_sheet_view_stop_editing() public.
      pspp-sheet-view: Add "fixed-height" and "fixed-height-set" properties.
      psppire-cell-renderer-button: New cell renderer for GtkButton.
      psppire-cell-renderer-button: Add "slash" property.
      po: Update Spanish translation from
      po: Update Catalan translation from
      range-tower-test: Fix test failures on 64-bit architectures. Link PSPPIRE explicitly against gthread.
      lexer: Check that 'read' function in lex_source returns valid value.
      gui: Make lex_gtk_text_buffer_read() count bytes, not characters.
      i18n: Set LC_COLLATE locale category based on system locale.
      PRINT SPACE: Fix missing fh_unref() on error path.
      line-reader: New library for reading a file line-by-line.
      Add ENCODING subcommand to several commands.
      text-data-import-dialog: Allow user to choose input encoding.
      gui: Redo var sheet, data sheet, text import with PsppSheetView.
      gtk-contrib: Remove GtkSheet-derived PsppireSheet.
      gui: Speed up initial file load with many columns
      goto-case-dialog: Avoid gtk critical for invalid case number.
      psppire-var-store: Remove.
      po: Update Slovenian translation from
      psppire-data-editor: Avoid ' modifier with g_string_append_printf().
      gui: Fix Glib-GObject-WARNING when closing the active dataset.
      psppire-dict: Make PsppireDict not own its "struct dictionary".
      Merge "master" into "psppsheet" to obtain bug fixes from "master".
      psppire-var-store: Chain up to correct parent method from "dispose".
      psppire-data-window: Delete dataset when closing window.
      psppire-data-editor: Unref old data_window upon change.
      psppire-data-window: Avoid reference leak to PsppireDict.
      psppire-data-window: Destroy dataset from finalize.
      psppire-window-base: Avoid memory leak in get_window_id().
      Merge "master" into "psppsheet" to obtain bug fixes from "master".
      psppire-var-sheet: Refresh var sheet when variables change.
      var-type-dialog: Avoid static variables.
      var-type-dialog: Move UI into separate .ui file.
      u8-istream: Retry read upon EINTR.
      text-data-import-dialog: Convert input lines to UTF-8 upon read.
      var-type-dialog: Avoid string copy setting up currency treeview.
      var-type-dialog: Fix possible memory leaks.
      var-type-dialog: Use G_TYPE_INT to store an int.
      format: Make fmt_date_template() human-friendly, respect field width.
      var-type-dialog: Use fmt_date_template() to reduce duplication.
      var-type-dialog: Properly adjust formats when switching buttons.
      var-type-dialog: Reduce redundancy.
      var-type-dialog: Reduce redundancy further.
      var-type-dialog: Change entries to spin buttons, add validation.
      FACTOR: Fix warning about discarding const qualifier.
      ods-reader: Fix ods_file_casereader_destroy() call in open function.
      variable: Skip callback if new format is same as old format.
      var-type-dialog: Convert to a GObject.
      var-type-dialog: Fix memory leak.
      gui: Factor new text_to_value__() function out of text_to_value().
      val-labs-dialog: Convert to a GObject.
      psppire-var-sheet: Remove unneeded #include from header.
      val-labs-dialog: Remove unused 'window' member.
      val-labs-dialog, var-type-dialog: Make these dialogs modal.
      psppire-dialog: Add "acceptable" predicate.
      gui: Rename var-sheet-dialogs.ui to missing-val-dialog.ui.
      missing-val-dialog: Avoid destroying uninitialized data.
      missing-val-dialog: Convert to a GObject.
      Merge 'master' into 'psppsheet'.
      psppire-cell-renderer-button: Avoid use-after-free with popup dialog.
      widgets: #include missing header file.
      widgets: Insert (void) cast in call, to suppress GCC warning.
      sys-file-reader: Fix memory leak.
      sys-file-reader: Fix setjmp() technicality.
      psppire-var-sheet: Allow adjusting width of string variables.
      psppire-cell-renderer: Fix behavior of repeated clicks on a button.
      expressions: Fix coercion of numbers to booleans at top level.
      CROSSTABS: Fix bug in check for REPORT in general mode.
      EXAMINE: Avoid useless call to casereader_count_cases().
      Remove variables assigned to but never used.
      Remove unused "finalize" functions.
      cairo: Avoid deprecated pango_cairo_font_map_create_context().
      gui: Check return value of gtk_tree_model_get_iter().
      Suppress warnings for suspicious use of "enum" constants.
      split-file-dialog: Add use of unused variable in split_file_dialog().
      gnumeric-reader: Add cast to suppress warning.
      Suppress GCC 4.7 warnings due to unimplemented features.
      Suppress GCC 4.7 warnings by changes to code that make it less clear.
      Merge 'master' into 'psppsheet'.
      Remove variable assigned to but never used.
      tests: Better isolate search text in test of error reporting. Increase pango minimum version from 1.20 to 1.22
      psppire-data-editor: Keep value labels setting across Windows|Split.
      pspp-sheet-view-column: Be consistent about use of !! for booleans.
      psppire-data-sheet: Use specific functions instead of g_object_set().
      pspp-sheet-view-column: Make clicking on a row head column select all 
      psppire-data-sheet: Make clicking on Cases column select all data.
      psppire-var-sheet: Make clicking on Variables column select all data.
      psppire-data-sheet: Implement Edit|Cut.
      psppire-data-sheet: Implement Edit|Paste.
      gui: Make Tab, Shift+Tab skip row head and new-var columns in data sheet.
      pspp-sheet-view: Make Shift+Tab select only one cell when switching rows.
      Merge 'master' into 'psppsheet'.
      pspp-sheet-view: Fix warning using arrow keys to navigate column buttons.
      psppire-button-editable: Fix infinite recursion in button-release-event.
      psppire-data-sheet: Set cursor on row in 
      gui: Rename psppire_data_sheet_show_variable().
      pspp-sheet-view: Refactor pspp_sheet_view_event().
      pspp-sheet-view: Enable Home and End in sheet.
      pspp-sheet-view: Make Home and End go to left and right of sheet.
      Merge 'master' into 'psppsheet'.
      CROSSTABS: Use FORMAT setting to control output format.
      output: Make default output file name depend on the format.
      DATA LIST FREE: Warn when a quoted string is not followed by a delimiter.
      INPUT PROGRAM: Don't break out of INPUT PROGRAM on interactive error.
      data-parser: Use data-file error types for data-file errors.
      format-parser: Improve error message when format specifier lacks width.
      DATA LIST: Accept freefield format types without widths use minimum width.
      psppire-data-window: Only allow saving a file with at least one variable.
      Remove feature to automatically connect to GDB when debugging is enabled.
      tests: Add tests to cover corner cases in DATESUM, DATEDIFF.
      DESCRIPTIVES: Make Z score calculation honor SPLIT FILE.
      histogram: Add missing #include.
      SHOW: Add JOURNAL subcommand.
      Merge 'master' into 'psppsheet'.
      value: New function value_is_spaces().
      combine-files: Break apart apply_file_case_and_advance().
      UPDATE: Do not update from missing values in transaction files.
      glade: Add #include <config.h>.
      AUTORECODE: Fix incorrect #include.
      u8-line: Factor out new library for composing lines of text in UTF-8.
      u8-line: Add new u8_line_set_length() function.
      placement-parser: Don't allow "/" as a FORTRAN input format.
      placement-parser: New public function parse_column().
      PRINT: Support ENCODING subcommand.
      Use "C" locale comparisons for language constructs.
      Use UTF-8 case-insensitive hashes and comparisons for language 
      i18n: New functions for UTF-8 case conversion.
      csv-file-writer: Fix implementation of decimal point option.
      Merge 'master' into 'psppsheet'.
      hmap: New interfaces for iterating a bucket without comparing hashes.
      CROSSTABS: Drop use of variable aux data.
      case-map: Drop use of variable aux data.
      perl-module: Rename sysfile_info to syswriter_info.
      perl-module: Put struct dictionary inside a wrapper "struct pspp_dict".
      perl-module: Drop use of variable aux data.
      variable: Remove 'aux' member from struct variable.
      expressions: Fix dependency on current year in tests.
      identifier: Broaden the class of characters allowed in identifiers.
      Merge 'master' into 'psppsheet'.
      doc: Improve formatting of RECODE command description.
      doc: Better describe the meaning of THRU in the RECODE command.
      cairo: Include command name in error messages.
      identifier: Make lex_id_get_length() handle Unicode.
      segment: Separate SEG_N_TYPES from enum segment_type.
      segment: Don't require the input to end in a new-line.
      scan: Introduce string_lexer for simple tokenizing of a string.
      lexer: Generalize lex_match_phrase() to handle any syntax.
      Document and implement "precision record" in portable file format.
      casegrouper: Add comments.
      subcase: New function subcase_add_vars_always().
      transformations: Relax the rules for transformation finalizing.
      RANK: Lowercase the name of "enum RANK_FUNC".
      RANK: Remove write-only struct member 'ascending'.
      RANK: Put #include directives into typical order.
      RANK: Simplify fraction_name() function.
      RANK: Simplify rank_sorted_file() with new function sum_weights().
      RANK: Create all variables together, in order.
      RANK: Adopt a new ranking implementation.
      RANK: Add support for temporary transformations.
      casereader: Remove casereader_split() function.
      Merge 'master' into 'psppsheet'.
      pspp-sheet-view: Make Control+Left, Control+Right go to ends of lines.
      psppire-window: Avoid doubled separator in Windows menu.
      pspp-sheet-view: Rename GtkTreeSelectMode to PsppSheetSelectMode.
      pspp-sheet-view: Get rid of ctrl_pressed and shift_pressed.
      pspp-sheet-view: Make Ctrl+Up and Ctrl+Down go to top and bottom.
      Fix warnings introduced by minor type errors in recently added code.
      RANK: Fix crash ranking multiple variables without any rank specs.
      Merge 'master' into 'psppsheet'.
      psppire-data-sheet: Implement primary selection.
      SET: Fix format specifier in show_workspace().
      FILE HANDLE: Add new ENDS subcommand to control new-lines in output.
      FILE HANDLE: Use system native line ends by default.
      configure: Increase version number to 0.7.10.
      gui: Fix GCC warning in page-file source file.
      MATCH FILES: Fix bugs along error path.
      ods-reader: Fix GCC warning.
      RELIABILITY: Fix memory leaks and dereferences of uninitialized pointers.
      CORRELATIONS: Fix crash with separate sets of row and column variables.
      ascii: Omit whitespace at the end of a line.
      po: Update Dutch translation from
      AUTORECODE: Trim trailing white space correctly.
      AUTORECODE: Avoid use-after-free error with TEMPORARY.
      tests: Make "read ISO-8859-1 as Auto,ISO-8859-1" failures easier to read.
      encoding-guesser: New function encoding_guess_bom_length().
      u8-istream: Fix handling of UTF-8 byte order marks.
      u8-istream: Fix reading UTF-16 and UTF-32 files.
      FLIP: Fix use-after-free error with temporary transformations.
      psppire-data-sheet: Remove stray debug printf.
      psppire-data-sheet: Obtain data sheet targets via callback.
      psppire-data-sheet: Disconnect clipboard owner-change signal on dispose.
      psppire-window: Disconnect signal handlers before unregistering.
      Merge 'psppsheet' into 'master'.
      psppire-cell-renderer-button: Translate coords before propagating event.
      psppire-cell-renderer-button: Do not update 'event->window'.
      psppire-cell-renderer-button: Don't use gdk_window_coords_to_parent().
      DESCRIPTIVES: Fix a pair of memory leaks.
      FLIP: Fix use-after-free and double frees with temporary transformations.
      DESCRIPTIVES: Avoid use-after-free with TEMPORARY and Z scores.
      REGRESSION: Avoid use-after-free error with TEMPORARY and SAVE.
      DELETE VARIABLES: Fix crash with FILTER.
      Smake: Use glibtoolize instead of libtoolize, if it is available.
      Avoid letting data fields overflow in output and GUI.
      INPUT PROGRAM: Avoid infinite loop for trivially empty input program.
      manual: REGRESSION and DESCRIPTIVES make temp transformations permanent.
      command.def: Disallow DATASET commands inside INPUT PROGRAM, FILE TYPE.
      INPUT PROGRAM: Use a separate dataset for the input program.
      datasheet: Avoid reading a given row more than necessary in source_read().
      session: Fix two memory leaks.
      CROSSTABS: Fix memory leaks.
      range-tower: Fix memory leaks.
      model-checker: Fix memory leak in finish_mc().
      sparse-xarray: Fix memory leak in dump_sparse_xarray_to_disk().
      tower-test: Use memmove(), not memcpy(), for overlapping memory move.
      ONEWAY: Fix memory leak in run_oneway. Increase version number to 0.7.11.
      Updated localisations from
      Update version number to 0.8.0.

John Darrington (606):
      New abstract base class: PsppireWindowBase
      Logo rework.
      Added an implementation of the Jonckheere-Terpstra test
      npar.c: Added some missing initialisers.
      NPAR /J-T correct significance calculation when test statistic is greater 
than zero
      Corrected typo in documentation
      Fixed bug #35494 - Levene test crash on no valid values.
      Added a dialog box for the MEANS command
      Mark separator names for translation
      Use ButtonBox Mask nick field for it's correct purpose.
      Add missing translation markup
      Reliability Test: Do not allow splits greater than the number of 
      Psppire: Allow syntax files to be provided as an argument
      Means: Report totals as well as catagories
      MEANS: Correct position of double vertical rule
      fix warnings
      categoricals.c: Fix memory access problems on empty interactions.
      Use if(0) instead of #if 0
      Remove erroneous case_unrefs. Found by valgrind
      Revert "Mark separator names for translation"
      ODS Reader: fix uninitialised variables
      Attempt to cope with endian issues in zip reader.
      MEANS: plug memory leaks
      Fix bug #35532: Error setting PsppireDict predicate
      ascii.c (ascii_reserve) Added assertion.
      ascii.c: Move auto out of the #if HAVE_DECL_SIGWINCH condtional
      Remove redundant assignment
      ascii.c: Reallocate the lines after the page is resized
      Remove translator credits from AUTHORS file.
      Generate pspp.desktop
      zip-test.c: More thorough error messages
      Kruskal-Wallis: Sort grouped ranks before displaying them.
      Postgres test: Create socket in /tmp instead of current directory
      Don't update the icon cache if DESTDIR is non-empty.
      zip-writer.c: Fix incorrect big-endian handling.
      Examine tests: Remove leading slash from factor variables.
      categoricals.c: Delete redundant function dump_interaction
      Categoricals.c: Call payload->destroy inside categoricals_done
      oneway.c: Set destroy pointer to NULL, since it is unused here
      moments.c: Implement calc_semean.
      Remove unnecessary #include
      interaction.c: interaction_dump: don't crash on empty interactions (ie 
those with no variables)
      Regression: Fix bug where missing values in the dependent variable were 
not getting ignored.
      Fix GtkCritical in recode dialog.
      Recode Dialog: Stringify the variable label
      math/np.c: Change np_create to take 3 doubles rather than a struct 
      Categoricals: Dont crash when getting non-existant user data
      order_stats: New function order_state_accumulate_idx
      EXAMINE: Complete re-implementation
      Fix memory leaks in the new EXAMINE implementation.
      examine.c: Rename xxx0 and xxx1 to something more sensible
      Whitespace changes only
      Fix compiler warnings
      Improve translator comments.
      Relax NPAR SIGN test
      NEWS: Mention changes to EXAMINE
      histogram.c: histogram_create now takes bin width instead of the number 
of bins
      Correct geometrical error plotting histograms
      EXAMINE: Allow the /ID subcommand to take a non-numeric variable
      Improve the way in which histogram bin ranges are chosen
      Updated the documentation for EXAMINE
      Update the BUGS chapter in the manual
      chart_rounded_tick: Avoid arithmetic problems with inputs close to zero
      Corrected previous commit
      Histograms:  Ensure that the bins are aligned to an odd number of half 
bin widths
      cairo-chart.c: new struct xrchart_axis
      Avoid floating point precision problems in chart scale
      Mark histogram legend strings for translation
      Fixed yet another problem caused by use of abs where fabs is appropriate
      Fix a crashes where histograms of a single datum were trying to be 
      Whitespace changes only
      Cairo charts: Move check for near zero values to inside of draw_tick
      Histograms: Put hard limit on the number of histogram bins
      Histogram plotting: (hist_draw_bar) Added label argument.
      Boxplot: Remove function boxplot_draw_yscale
      Histogram calculations: Use integer arithmetic
      Examine: Print extreme values using the print format of the variable
      xrchart_write_scale: Use integer arithmetic
      Simplify algebra
      Histograms: Improve the code calculating the bin ranges and comment
      Readjust histogram parameters if on the first attempt, the number of bins 
is too large
      Fix crash on datasets with single values (again)
      Correct errors in histogram geometry calcs and add test
      Histograms: Fix the alignment case where little slack exists on either 
side of the data
      Documentation: Add a @pspp macro
      Documentation: New markup for subcommands
      Documentation: More markup
      Explore Dialog: Replace add hoc functions with the new DialogAction class
      examine.c: Fix a seg fault which caused a crash when recovering from bad 
      Examine: Added the /PLOT=SPREADLEVEL option
      Correct typo in examine.ui
      Corrected bug in chart rendering which caused the ordinate label to never 
get displayed
      Text Importer: Added filter to the file chooser.
      Documentation: Yet more markup
      Remove KMO and Bartlett statistics from bug check test.
      categoricals.c: Distinguish between missing values on the dependent and 
categorical variables.
      EXAMINE: Implement MISSING=REPORT option
      Examine gui: remove var-is-numeric predicate from dict-view
      Examine dialog: Allow only numeric variables to be selected as the 
dependent variable
      PspppireSelector: Prevent selection of disallowed entries.
      Replace regression.q with regression.c
      PsppireDialog: Added assignment for parent_class which it seems was 
      PsppireDictView: Call gtk_widget_destroy instead of g_object_unref
      Correct bugs in PsppireSelector which cause the Examine Dialog to crash
      SHOW: New subcommand N
      DO IF test:  Correct expected outcome
      PsppireButtonBox: Remove Close from the default set of buttons
      Improve Independent Samples T-test dialog
      PsppireValueEntry: Remove GNU_CONST declaration because it prevents the 
type being found by GtkBuilder
      PsppireValueEntry: Clear the entry, when the underlying model changes.
      val_labs_equal: Accept null pointers
      PsppireValueEntry: Remove unnecessary function calls
      PsppireValueEntry: Unref model after the combo box assumes it
      Add PsppireValueEntry to the list of pre-declared widgets
      ROC Dialog: Use PsppireValueEntry for the state value entry
      Correct erroneous g_object_unref calls
      Regression Dialog: Tidy up and comment.
      PsppireSelector: Don't try to set callbacks on null model
      PsppireDialogAction: Destroy dialog after it has been run
      Unref GtkBuilder objects when they are no longer required
      Convert Rank Dialog to PsppireDialogAction
      Converted Factor Dialog to PsppireDialogAction class
      Independent T-TEST Dialog: Use PsppireValueEntry in the group value 
definition sub-dialog
      Frequencies dialog: Add Mnemonics
      MEANS: Use var_to_string instead of var_get_name for factor variable 
      frequencies.ui: Reformat using glade-3
      Frequencies.ui: Adjust widget packing properties.
      Move comment to correct function
      Histograms: Rotate labels when there are lots of bins
      HISTOGRAMS: Fix bin width problems on large numbers of bins
      Minor documentation formatting changes
      Add SET TVARS option. Closes bug #31566
      T-TEST Independent Samples Dialog: Converted to a PsppireDialogAction 
      Regression Dialog: Convert to PsppireDialogAction object
      Extract the independent samples gui from  t-test.ui into its own file.
      CORRELATIONS: Fixed bug displaying non-sqaure correlation matrices
      ext-array.c: Ensure that fseek is called before switching between read 
and write.
      Readme.Git: Update gnulib SHA to include fixes for windows tempfile issues
      New Slovenian localisation from
      Use text_aa instead of solid black for sheet grid lines.
      Documentation: correct punctuation and grammar
      Fixed crash in two sample npar tests with (paired)
      PsppireDataSheet: Reference handler improvements.
      PsppireCellRendererButton: Replace destroy with dispose
      PsppireVarSheet: Replace Destroy with Dispose
      PsppireVarSheet: Keep reference to the return value of _get_ui_manager
      PsppireDataStore: Move datasheet_destroy from dispose to finalize
      pspp-sheet-view.c: Separate destroy method into finalize and dispose.
      Reduce the flicker when redrawing the toolbar and menubar.
      PsppSheetView resize handler:  Do nothing if the widget is not realized
      PsppireDataWindow: Deal with ui_manager in dispose routine
      Delete module customentry
      PsppSheetView unrealize: Call parent method before any other operation
      PsppireDataEditor: Add comment emphasising lack of final unref of 
      Fix compiler warnings
      Fixed memory leak in cairo driver.
      PsppireDataEditor: No longer keep a reference to the data window.
      PsppireVarStore: Fix memory leak
      psppire-button-editable.c: Added stub for "editing-canceled" property
      psppire-button-editable.c: Move dispose to finalize
      README: Remove sentance about being first release with a GUI
      Plug some memory leaks
      cairo.c (apply_options): Fix potential memory leak
      Data file reader: Avoid crash after failing to open file
      Fixed bug where psppire crashed after selecting custom currency type.
      DO REPEAT: Fix memory leak
      Fix some of the memory leaks in MEANS
      Fix memory leak in odt driver
      GET DATA: Fix memory leak
      Workaround runtime problem in cygwin
      PsppireWindow and PsppireDialog: Use correct the parent structures.
      Fixed leak in aggregate dialog
      Fixed memory leaks coming from file-handle-def.c
      scan-test.c: Fix memory leak
      datasehhet.c: Fix memory leak
      dict_clone: Fix memory leak.
      Fix memory leak in datasheet-test.c
      Fix memory leak in format-guesser-test.c
      Fix memory leak in encoding-guesser-test
      Fix typo in include-path.c which was causing memory leaks.
      Fix leak in u8-istream-test.c
      Fixed memory leaks in FACTOR
      Fixed some of the leaks in REGRESSION
      README.Git - Update the gnulib commit number to include memory leak fix
      Fixed a memory leak in sparse-xarray-test.c
      Fix leaks in ODS reader
      Fix memory leak in dictionary.c
      Fix memory leak in AGGREGATE command
      Fix memory leak in Chisquare
      Fix one of the leaks in ONEWAY
      Fixed a second ONEWAY leak
      Fix leak in psppire-lex-reader.c
      sys-file-reader.c: Fix leak in parse_mrsets
      Fix leak in render-test
      Make categoricals own its interactions
      ONEWAY: call categoricals_done only once
      categoricals.c (struct payload): Rename destroy to calculate
      Fixed leak in Chi-Squared test
      Fix leaks in RELIABILITY command
      Fixed one of the leaks in MEANS
      src/math/categoricals.c: Remove inappropriate const qualifier
      Fix memory leaks in ONEWAY command
      Fixed remaining leaks in ONEWAY
      fix some of the leaks in the AUTORECODE command
      Fix leaks in MEANS command
      Fixed the remaining leaks in AUTORECODE
      Fix leaks in REGRESSION
      Fixed memory leak in FACTOR
      ref count the linreg structure so as to avoid double free problems
      Fix memory leak in sys-file-reader.c
      Update widgets.c from psppsheet branch
      Merge branch 'master' into psppsheet
      var-type-dialog: Adjust packing parameters
      Perl Module: Avoid forcing scalar value into a pointer.
      Added keybindings to move to the extremities of the sheet.
      src/data/data-out.c: Added assertion to catch negative values
      gtk.h wrapper: Added *_set_realized and set_mapped
      Avoid deprecated function: gtk_button_released
      Fix bug where, after double-clicking to switch sheet view, a spurious 
release event was processed.
      doc/ New mutations to generated docbook xml to workaround 
makeinfo bugs
      doc/ Added further mutations to docbook xml to workaround 
makeinfo bugs
      doc/ Replace lines inadvertently removed by previous commit
      doc/ Added a convenience rule for building all the 
documentation formats
      doc/introduction.texi: Update documentations introductory section
      Updated my entry in AUTHORS
      First attempt at a LOGISTIC REGRESSION command
      GUI: Added Mnemonic keys to Examine dialog
      logistic.c  : Avoid compiler warnings
      Anova Dialog: Fix widget associations
      glm.c: (lex_match_variable and parse_design_interaction) remove 
dependence on struct glm
      Move function parse_design_interaction into variable-parser.c
      logistic.c: Fix read from uninitialised memory.
      Compute Dialog: Add mnemonics and focus widgets on activation.
      Added markup to the spilt-file dialog
      Added Mnemonics to the value chooser widget and to the recode dialog.
      Added mnemonic to t-test options dialog
      cateoricals.c categoricals.h clean up.
      Categoricals: Accept null pointer as subject.
      Fix bug in parse_design_interaction.
      Added markup to GUI elements where necessary
      Added mnemonics to rank types dialog
      Fixed some compiler warnings, which arose from recent commits.
      Categoricals: Provide separate functions for effects and dummy coding.
      Categoricals.c: Ensure that categories are processed order of their 
categorical variable(s).
      Logistic Regression: Added categorical variable support
      Remove _base_init and base_finalize functions from psppire-selector
      Small refactoring and cleanup of psppire-selector.c
      Find dialog: Don't crash when searching for a non-existant label.
      Remove empty _finalize function
      Logistic Regression: Fix crash if categorical variable has no distinct 
      Logistic Regression: Handle missing categoricals
      Fix possible memory corruption when creating dialogs with selectors.
      logistic.c: minor refactoring
      Logistic Regression: Added the Classification Table
      Fixed Texinfo problems which arise under Texinfo 4.13.90
      Logistic Regression: Optimise the classification calculations.
      Fix (again) problems displaying a GtkSourceView widget on Cygwin
      Analyze Menu: New submenu for Regression
      Added rudimentary version of the Logistic Regression Dialog
      Changed the labels of the Regression menu to keep them shorter.
      Logistic Regression Dialog: Added missing shortcut target.
      Logistic Regression: Calculate the logs of the likelihood instead of the 
raw value.
      Logistic Regression: Fix bug where some confidence intervals were not 
      Logistic Regression: Added a test to check the confidence interval display
      Logistic Regression: Added options dialog box
      Logistic Regression: Ignore cases with missing dependent variables.
      Merge remote branch 'origin/master' into psppsheet
      Refactoring: common function set_sensitivity from toggle
      Fix compiler warning
      Binomial test dialog:  Convert to new style of action objects.
      Fixed bug in NPAR BINOMIAL
      Frequencies dialog: Convert to new system
      Runs Dialog: use global callback instead of a private one
      Aggregate Dialog: use global callback
      file handle properties: Make encoding member const
      Disable asserts in histogram code except in --testing-mode
      data-out.c: Added assertion to avoid out of bounds memory access
      measure.c: Use c_strtod instead of strtod
      Converted crosstabs-dialog to the new way of doing things
      Replaced strtod with c_strtod where appropriate
      Updated the German translation from
      Replaced sprintf with c_snprintf where appropriate
      PsppireOutputWindow (create_xr_print_driver) fix LC_NUMERIC issues.
      Update Gnulib hash
      str.c: New functions ds_put_c_vformat and ds_put_c_format
      psppire-var-view.c: New function psppire_var_view_append_names_str
      syntax-gen.c (syntax_gen_pspp_valist): Add new %g directive
      Logistic Regression GUI: make locale independent.
      Autorecode: use locale independent printf function
      Factor dialog: use locale independent syntax generator
      New wrapper function c_dtoastr.
      Replace dtoastr with c_dtoastr where appropriate
      Frequencies Dialog: Make the syntax generator locale independent
      Binomial Dialog: Make syntax generation locale independent
      Count Dialog and Recode Dialog: Make syntax generation locale independent
      Chi-Square Dialog: Fix locale dependent issues
      T-TEST dialogs: Fixe locale dependent issues
      Oneway dialog: Fix locale dependent syntax generation issues
      Aggregate dialog: Fix locale dependent syntax generation
      select cases dialog: Fix syntax generation issues when in non C locales
      Set the LC_NUMERIC locale category on startup.
      Fixed crash parsing NPAR CHISQUARE
      Remove assertions which compare the sum of weights between passes.
      Fix bug #37984 - EXAMINE extremes vs. fractional weights.
      Update tests to reflect change in EXAMINE / EXTREME behaviour.
      Gnumeric reader: Avoid potential crash reading invalid gnumeric files
      GET DATA: Add error message on incorrect syntax
      GET DATA: Produce explicit error on invalid sheet index.
      Fixed a bug reading gnumeric files.
      Simplify creation of pango layout in xr driver.
      Gnumeric Reader: Set dictionary to NULL on error
      Remove configure flag --enable-anachronistic-dependencies
      Output window: properly handle the dispose/finalisation
      Fix xr to point unit conversion in cairo output driver.
      Improve the printing size on Windows.
      Reliability: Fix crash on invalid syntax
      Ensure that RELIABILITY is always fully constructed.
      Fixed compiler warning placement-parser.c
      REGRESSION: Added mention of the dependent variable to table titles.
      Output Viewer Export: Automatically append filename suffix
      Examine vs. Boxplots: Avoid labels overlapping one another
      Fixed a bug reading gnumeric files.
      Seperate test-data-import-dialog into different files
      Added file chooser filters for spreadsheet file types
      Basic working spreadsheet import dialog (sort of)
      Spreadsheet readers: Seperate the mandatory from the optional arguments.
      Change label from "import text" to "import".
      data import gui: update user interface
      Try to load the correct sheet
      Fix syntax generation
      fix compile issues
      Added a bit more to the gui
      Replace _Import with I_mport in GtkBuilder file.
      Enable specification of the cell range
      Use convert cell range instead of doing it ourselves
      Made a start at canonicalising the interface
      Started polymorphism of Gnumeric
      Started polymorphism of ODS
      Put the pages as pointers
      Move file_name member from sri to spreadsheet struct
      Intro page: contruction is initialisation
      Move all intro related stuff to the intro file
      Make sheet spec page opaque
      Move column count from seperators into assist
      separators construction is initialisation
      First line page construction is initialisation
      formats page: Construction is initialisation
      Only one spreadsheet
      Added a test program for the spread interface
      Basic Framework for test program
      Basic model
      Added property for the backend
      Basically working model
      sort of got the assistant working with the combo model
      Tidied up a bit
      Tidied up a bit more.  Eliminated some warnings
      Added a maxcol state
      Added the range column to the model
      Fix memory leak
      Make both work at the same time
      Added a callback to set the range entry on change
      Added a proper function to convert spreadsheet column refs
      Dont show range if it is null
      Added a reopen capability
      Use the gnumeric_reopen function
      Updated the test widget thing a bit
      Make the data visible
      Enable the syntax generation
      Rename sheets to n_sheets
      Rename sheet_index to current sheet
      Gnumeric reader cope with multiple passes, and empty cell elements
      Fixed many warnings
      Actually use the combobox setting
      Return NULL if not a gnumeric file
      Made the text import dialogs sort of work again
      Show errors on reading badly formed gnumeric files
      Got the text file import working again
      Zip Reader: Take members from the index if they exist.
      Zip Reader: Take members from the index if they exist.
      Add prototypes for syntax generation functions
      Make opts const
      Fixed some more warnings
      Added a warning if gnumeric files are not UTF8.  Then blidly assume that 
they are.
      Merge two option structs
      Got the ODS reader model (sort of) working.
      Fixed some incorrect range imputation
      Fix buffer overflow
      Avoided a number of other problems
      Made it crash a little less often
      Got some of the tests working
      Change the label to be vendor neutral
      Renamed some variables and removed some
      Rename variable
      New function reading_target_sheet
      Another test works
      Avoid crash when importing non-existant spreadsheet file
      Issue error message if spreadsheet does not exist
      Make sure that ODS reading works even when not in C locale
      ODS cellranges work again (sort of)
      Got another test working
      Got the last test working
      Avoid compiler warnings
      Fix some memory leaks
      Fixed some more leaks
      Made some code improvements.
      Display "(empty)" if a sheet has no data
      Test proglet work
      Fixed some memory allocation issues
      Fixed bug where repeated values were not being handled correctly
      Test proglet: Display all members of a case
      Fixed some memory leaks
      Use our own explicit loop instead of main_loop_run
      Renamed the spreadsheet test file and put it noinst
      Fixed some memory leaks
      Created wrappers for the ods/gnumeric functions
      Make GUI open either kind of spreadsheet
      Added a feature to read the meta data from spreadsheet files.
      Merge branch 'master' into import-gui
      Fixed crash reading ODS spreadsheets and added a test case
      Merge branch 'master' into import-gui
      zip-reader.c: Replace [cm]alloc by their x*alloc counterparts
      zip-test.c: Remove erroneous call to zip_member_unref
      Merge remote branch 'origin/master' into import-gui
      Make the spreadsheet reader responsible for destroying its opts
      Fewer memory leaks
      Let the test program open both kinds of spreadsheet
      Delete ods_file_casereader_clone function
      zip-reader.c: Fix memory leak
      zip-reader.c: Fix memory leak
      Merge remote branch 'origin/master' into import-gui
      Fix remaining leaks in ods-reader.c
      Fixed some more errors in the spreadsheet readers
      Merge branch 'master' into import-gui
      Zip reader: remove unnecessary test
      Fix remaining leaks in Gnumeric reader
      Fix remaining leaks in Gnumeric reader
      New module: psppire-spreadsheet-model.c
      Merge remote branch 'origin/master' into import-gui
      Ref count the gnumeric reader
      Made the test program a little more friendly
      Test program.  Make it crash less often
      Re-enabled Paste button
      main.c: Replaced macro with a static const
      Re-enabled the reset buttons
      Merge remote branch 'origin/master' into import-gui
      Ref count the gnumeric reader
      Merge remote branch 'origin/master' into import-gui
      Added a (non-shipped) gui test-program to test spreadsheet readers.
      Merge remote branch 'origin/master' into import-gui
      Merge remote branch 'origin/master' into import-gui
      Documentation:  Mention the units of the WORKSPACE setting
      Added the SHOW WORKSPACE command which was absent.
      Fix confusion over workspace units.
      Merge remote branch 'origin/master' into import-gui
      Reorganised the text-data import assistant into separate files for each 
      Merge branch 'master' into import-gui
      Reorganised the text-data import assistant into separate files for each 
      Merge remote branch 'origin/master' into import-gui
      Separate the reader state data into its own struct
      sheet meta data:  Move out of state data
      Added a second lot of state data
      Updated NEWS to match the version number
      Work around bug in compiler
      Merge remote branch 'origin/master' into import-gui
      Fix order of text-import subdialogs.
      Merge remote branch 'origin/master' into import-gui
      Revert experimentÃ
      Remove diagnostics
      Imported new lt.po file from translation-project.
      Merge remote branch 'origin/master' into import-gui
      Fixed some memory leaks
      Rename variable and add comment
      Fix memory allocation issues in ods-reader
      Merge remote branch 'origin/master' into import-gui
      Make the gnumeric reader behave the same as the odsreader
      Added a second lot of state data
      Fixed some memory leaks
      re-enable compiler bug workaroundä
      Commit remaining bits
      Fix bug reading empty sheets
      Fixed some memory allocation issues in the Gnumeric import code
      Merge remote branch 'origin/master' into import-gui
      Updated lt.po from
      ONEWAY /POSTHOC: Annotate output with dependent variable
      Merge remote branch 'origin/master' into import-gui
      Work-around bug in GCC 4.4.5
      Merge remote branch 'origin/master' into import-gui
      Fix compiler warning in gnumeric-reader.c
      Fixed bug displaying unicode box characters.
      ascii.c: Use symbol instead of constant literal
      Merge remote branch 'origin/master' into import-gui
      Update casereader.c from master
      Rename some identifiers for consistency
      Fixed crash when processing regression with bad syntax
      Ascii driver: Default to box=unicode iff the charset is UTF8
      Terminal reader: Interruptable command line interface
      terminal-reader.c: Added missing #include directive
      Changed "Text files" to "Text Files"
      Update documentation for the STRING command.
      Widen the criteria for assuming the terminal is utf capable.
      Use the select and pipe2 modules from gnulib
      Added strcasestr to list of gnulib modules
      Fixed crash in error path for GET DATA
      Added test for known split file problems
      Avoid test failures due to wrong terminal settings
      Do not try to set box=unicode if the driver is not the text driver.
      Fixed crash with GLM and MEANS vs. SPLIT
      Fixed crash with EXAMINE vs. SPLIT
      convert list.q to list.c
      Update ABOUT-NLS from gettext
      Added missing headers to terminal-reader.c
      Fixed a crash when RECODE attempted to increase the length of a string 
beyond the width of the variable.
      Correct error message from previous commit.
      Fix invalid read in ROC vs. TEMP
      Fix recently introduces bug in LIST /CASES
      Fix constness warnings
      ODS reader: Make the destroy method safer.
      Merge remote branch 'origin/master' into import-gui
      Add necessary initialisation to spreadsheet-test.c
      Fixed crash in error path of MEANS command
      list.c Use "long" instead of "int" for command parameters.
      Add necessary initialisation to spreadsheet-test.c
      Merge remote branch 'origin/master' into import-gui
      Updated gnulib version
      Remove unused variable assigned in expression.
      Merge remote branch 'origin/master' into import-gui
      Remove include directives for non-existant files
      Revert "psppire-cell-renderer-button: Translate coords before propagating 
      Spreadsheetreader: new function create_cell_ref and rename existing 
function with that name.
      Gnumeric reader: Report cells which cannot be converted
      ods reader: Report cells which cannot be converted
      Update test to include new warning
      Fix stack corruption in ODS reader.
      Fix stack corruption in ODS reader.
      Revert "Work-around bug in GCC 4.4.5"
      Merge branch 'master' into import-gui
      Fix corner case in calculation of trimmed mean.
      Merge remote branch 'origin/master' into import-gui
      Gnumeric Reader: Use symbolic value instead of literal integer
      Made _xml_char_to_int less prone to crashing
      Gnumeric Reader: Use symbolic value instead of literal integer
      Made _xml_char_to_int less prone to crashing
      Merge branch 'master' into import-gui
      Updated localisations from
      Update INSTALL file
      Avoid compiler warning
      GtkXPaned: Whitespace changes only
      Replaced some obsolete GTK symbols with the recommended modern ones
      PsppSheetViewColumn: Remove inappropriate #ifndef
      Merge remote branch 'origin/master' into import-gui
      PsppireButtonBox: Do not use the GtkBoxChild structure.
      Avoid use of deprecated GtkNotebookPage
      Merge remote branch 'origin/master' into import-gui
      Import Assistant: Fix broken reset buttons
      Import Assistant: Fix broken reset buttons
      Merge remote branch 'origin/master' into import-gui
      Spreadsheet Import Dialog: Implement reset button
      Cairo output: Add a bit of horizontal between table columns.
      Documentation: Explain more emphatically that UPDATE/MATCH/ADD do not 
mutate input files.
      Sort items in datasheets dropdown box.
      Implement import dialog to import spreadsheet files.
      Remove unused function
      version.c: Make the build date/time independent of locale and timezone
      Fix constness problem in spreadsheet reader dialog
      Work around change in signature of the switch page callback in GtkNoteBook
      Add hint paramater to Window Load method
      Open imported files in new data window instead of overwriting the old
      Corrected the Degrees of Freedom in the Regression Coefficient 
      Regression: Use alternative formula for adjusted R-square
      Linear Regression Test: Provide more decimal places in test results.
      Remove "slash" property from psppire_button_editable, which is not used
      Fix leak check in oneway command
      Fixed memory leak in examine command
      Fix memory leak in LOGISTIC command
      Fix memory leak in error path of LOGISTIC REGRESSION
      Fix memory leak in error path of RECODE
      Whitespace changes only
      Text Import Dialog: Fix initialisation of pages which had got broken
      Correct typo in documentation of SAVE TRANSLATE
      psppire_var_type_dialog: Remove global functions which are not used
      Remove generation of GSignal marshallers which are  no longer required
      Minor additions and updates to the meta documentation
      variable.c: Add _quiet versions of the var_set_ methods and use in 
      dictionary.c: Added a WHAT argument to dict_var_changed callback
      dictionary.c: Added a oldvar parameter to the var_changed callback
      Added the WHAT and OLDVAR parameters to the var_changed dictionary 
      Changed the signature of the VARIABLE_CHANGED signal to take the WHAT and 
OLDVAR parameters
      dictionary.c: Remove the var_resized and var_display_width_changed 
      Fix constness of datasheet_resize_column arguments
      Fix and simplify the code for converting variables between types
      Split VAR_TRAIT_FORMAT into PRINT and WRITE variants
      variable.c: (var_set_width)  traits other than width may also be set
      variable.c: New function var_set_width_and_formats
      LOGISTIC REGRESSION: Fix memory leak in error path
      linreg: Remove some unused features
      linreg.c: Remove superfluous cast
      Partial fix for regression vs. splits issue
      Avoid unexpected failures in check-valgrind due to XTERM_LOCALE
      Rename tests from REGRESSION to LINEAR REGRESSION
      Added a test to ensure that SPLITS vs REGRESSION/SAVE works ok
      Added test to check that REGRESSION works with multiple dependent 
      Fix problems associated with LINEAR REGRESSION and splits
      Fixed incorrect behaviour of REGRESSION when multiple dependent variables 
are entered
      REGRESSION: Fix issues found by by review

Peter Lemenkov (1):
      Fix DSO linking issue



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