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[Pspp-commits] [SCM] GNU PSPP annotated tag, v0.10.0, created. v0.10.0

From: Ben Pfaff
Subject: [Pspp-commits] [SCM] GNU PSPP annotated tag, v0.10.0, created. v0.10.0
Date: Sat, 26 Mar 2016 17:31:29 +0000

This is an automated email from the git hooks/post-receive script. It was
generated because a ref change was pushed to the repository containing
the project "GNU PSPP".

The annotated tag, v0.10.0 has been created
        at  f8bae1a374bec94f55153a248b1b6e014d1c935a (tag)
   tagging  7357c6578857aa0dbd409305bc212e3992ef3eb2 (commit)
  replaces  v0.8.5
 tagged by  Ben Pfaff
        on  Sat Mar 26 10:31:12 2016 -0700

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
GNU PSPP version 0.10.0.
Version: GnuPG v1


Alan Mead (1):
      QUICK CLUSTER: New subcommand: /PRINT

Ben Pfaff (83):
      gtkxpaned: Remove write-only variables.
      gtkxpaned: Implement GTK+3 sizing.
      gtkxpaned: Use g_object_unref() instead of gdk_cursor_unref().
      gtkxpaned: Remove style code from gtk_xpaned_realize().
      gtkxpaned: Use GTK+3 painting functions instead of deprecated ones.
      gtkxpaned: Avoid deprecated gtk_widget_get_pointer().
      gtkxpaned: Fix bug introduced in earlier commit.
      gtkxpaned: Avoid deprecated gdk_pointer_grab(), 
      pspp-sheet-view: Adapt to GTK+3 scrolling infrastructure.
      Merge master into gtk3.
      Merge 'master' into 'gtk3'.
      po: Update translations from
      Merge "gtk3" branch into "master".
      pspp-sheet-view: Remove write-only variable from 
      pspp-sheet-view: Removed unused variable.
      configure: With -Werror, add -Wno-error=deprecated-declarations.
      po: Update translations from
      po: Update translations from
      po: Update translations from
      FREQUENCIES: Reimplement FORMAT=LIMIT feature.
      GET DATA/TYPE=TXT: Remove ESCAPE subcommand and make its behavior default.
      dictionary: Make dict_delete_var() much faster in common case.
      sys-file-reader: Avoid hanging forever if a system file has no variables.
      sys-file-reader: Change some errors to warnings.
      system-file-format; Add a little more information gleaned from examples.
      T-TEST: Use correct keyword CI (instead of CIN) on CRITERIA subcommand.
      T-TEST: Allow both CIN and CI on CRITERIA.
      T-TEST: Allow comma to be omitted in GROUPS subcommand.
      sys-file-reader: Add PSPP version to messages that ask for files.
      Pulled the latest translations from
      po: Update translations from
      gui: Mark print_startup_time() unused to avoid warning.
      pc+-file-reader: Fix handling of short files.
      any-reader: Add some comments on interface and implementation.
      doc: Document encrypted syntax file format.
      doc: Add missing file to doc_pspp_dev_TEXINFOS.
      pspp-convert: Support decrypting encrypted SPSS syntax files.
      po: Update translations from
      tests: Distribute tests/data/test-encrypted.sps also.
      QUICK CLUSTER: Avoid "unused parameter" warning.
      psppire-dialog-action: Fix compilation error.
      LIST: Allow a subset of the CASES settings to be specified.
      RANK: Issue syntax error in case where it was omitted before.
      sys-file-reader: Disallow system and scratch long variable names too.
      QUICK CLUSTER: Correct typo in documentation of PRINT subcommand.
      val-labs-dialog: Improve keyboard interface.
      REGRESSION: Warn when REGRESSION with SAVE runs with a filter configured.
      GET DATA /TYPE=TXT: Remove obsolete IMPORTCASES subcommand.
      REGRESSION: Correctly handle data in temporary file for SAVE subcommand.
      segment: Fix buffer overrun error in segmenter_detect_command_name__().
      APPLY DICTIONARY: Fix segmentation fault when setting value labels.
      Makefiles: Add $(AM_V_GEN) and $(AM_V_at) to a few more rules.
      psppire-var-view: Fix constness error.
      FACTOR: Avoid assertion failures on syntax errors expecting numbers.
      LIST: Improve wording of error messages.
      SAVE TRANSLATE: Improve error message.
      psppire-button-editable: Don't mark spec parameter text as translatable.
      measure: Improve wording of error message.
      Add documentation for SPV file format.
      spv-file-format: Fix names of pmml, stats, and model members.
      spv-file-format: Fix typo.
      spreadsheet: Avoid sharing a dictionary between spreadsheet and client.
      MISSING VALUES: Report an error when too many missing values are 
      sys-file-reader: Read system files with multiple subtype-18 extensions.
      pspp-convert: Fix use of uninitialized data in error case.
      Makefiles: Fix use of $(AM_V_at) in makefile rules.
      expressions: Merge all the little generator programs into
      expressions: Implement the REPLACE string function.
      pc+-file-reader: Fix memory leak.
      table: Fix memory leak.
      cairo: Fix memory leak of pango_layout_iter.
      render: Fix memory leaks in rendering.
      EXAMINE: Fix memory leak in box-whisker plots.
      Fix several cases where lex_integer() or lex_number() could assert-fail.
      gui: Add some generated files to .gitignore files.
      psppire: Remove unused function.
      doc: Document that value labels are case sensitive.
      expressions: Implement the MEDIAN function.
      expressions: Implement the STRUNC function.
      expressions: Add support for mult and fuzzbits arguments to TRUNC 
      Implement new command SORT VARIABLES.
      SORT VARIABLES: Add test.
      Update version number to 0.10.0.

Friedrich Beckmann (34):
      merge master->gtk3, fixed psppire-output-view.c refactoring; this 
compiles and runs but the window update is only working partly
      Fixed horizontal scrolling for header window (variable names)
      fixed initial show of names in header window. Variable names only showed 
up after switching between variable and data window. The reason is that the 
buttons of the columns are not created. This is due to interdependency between 
the size allocation and the button creation. I removed the need_button 
      gtk3 - added NULL check to tt_test_options_dialog_destroy - psppire 
crashed during exit on debian 8
      gtk3 - adapted draw routine to gtk_cairo_should_draw_window. 
gtk-criticals with undefined drag window disappeared. The gtk-criticals showed 
up in debian 8.
      gtk3 - fix to show selected cells with adwaita theme
      gtk3: replaced gtk_widget_register_window with older code depending on 
gtk version (pre 3.8)
      repair glade; switched to gladeui-2.0; removed the internal-child in 
      fixed the scroll-to-bottom; removed the size-request signal warning
      scatterplot: fixed compiler warnings
      fixed scrolling of edited cell - fixes bug #45113
      removed references to psppire-dialog orientation property
      Smake: build from git on Mac OSX
      histogram tick drawing - added format generation for optimum tick drawing
      charts: changed scientifc number display from e+6 type to pango markup
      replaced decimal module, xrchart_scale with autoformat, histogram x-axis 
ticks changed.
      output window: added allocation setting for drawing areas. fixes bug 
      output window: click on overview item adjusts output view (jump)
      gtk3 - output window: migrated to style context, less rerendering
      charts: switched from bullet operator to multiplication sign for numbers
      fix crash when exporting pdf via gui - fixes bug #45272
      fix s390x build failure on debian due to wrong type casting
      psppire-output-view.c: added check for view->xr - fixes bug #45421
      missing-val-dialog.c: fixed bug #45419 - added value type checks
      Smake clean target removed po/ChangeLog and po/ (both are in 
      osx: Test 172 (decrypt an encrypted syntax file) failed in regression
      osx: Test 605 (QUICK CLUSTER with pairwise missing) failed on Mac OS
      changed a character in po/pl.po that was reported as illegal in sed on 
      GRAPH scatterplot - fixed missing BY variable rendering
      MacOS build - fixed src/libpspp/automake.c version.c generation
      histogram - fixed missing cases which have the maximum value
      histogram - changed bin range computation
      Revert "histogram - fixed missing cases which have the maximum value"
      histogram - added another upper bin to include cases which have max values

John Darrington (412):
      Recent GTK version to 2.24
      Avoid use of deprecated GtkComboBoxEntry
      Avoid problems with G_CONST_RETURN
      Avoid gdk_drawable_get_size which is now deprecated
      Avoid use of deprecated gdk_drawable_get_display
      Avoid use of deprecated gdk_drawable_get_screen
      Avoid use of deprecated gdk_drawable_get_size
      Avoid use of deprecated GTK_SET_FLAGS
      Avoid use of gdk_draw_line
      Remove grid_line_gc
      Disable code which is not used and is Gtk3 unfriendly
      Replace GSEAL in widget headers by a different symbol
      Text import dialog : Avoid deprecated Gtk functions
      Avoid direct access to sealed Gtk Widget members.
      Missing value dialog: Avoid access to sealed Gtk members
      Independent Samples dialog: Avoid direct access to sealed widget members
      PsppireDataWindow : Avoid direct access to sealed widget members
      Avoid yet more sealed access
      GtkSelectionData: only access using functions
      Yet more Gseal stuff
      Temporarily disable the splash screen
      Yet more sealage
      Use gtk_adjustment methods instead of direct access
      Get window
      More sealage
      Rename allocation -> col_allocation
      Sealage old_width
      More sealage
      PsppSheetViewColumn reparented to GObject
      Disable the remaining Gtk+2 features.
      gtk.h wrapper: Remove workarounds which are no longer required.
      GtkXPaned: Avoid direct inclusion of gtk library header
      GtkXPaned: Replace GSEALed member access with the corresponding function 
      PsppireButtonBox: Remove dependence on flags deprecated in Gtk3
      Replace some instances of GdkDrawable with GdkWindow
      Missing Value Dialog: Remove GTK_DIALOG_NO_SEPARATOR flag which does not 
exist in Gtk3
      PsppSheetView: Disable function pspp_sheet_view_create_row_drag_icon
      GtkXPaned: Remove xor_gc member.
      PsppSheetViewColumn: Avoid name conflict with Gtk3 standard headers
      PsppSheetView: Temporarily avoid drag begin
      Included gdkkeysyms-compat.h where necessary
      PsppSheetView: Avoid using GdkRegion
      PsppSheetView: Remove calls to gdk_window_set_back_pixmap
      Temporarily remove optimisation in expose callback.
      Temporarily disable unused rubber banding feature
      Use cairo_t instead of GdkEvent->Window
      Remove expose optimisation which is moot in Gtk3
      PsppSheetView: Update the whole widget on expose not just the exposed 
      PsppireOutputWindow: Draw the entire page instead of just the exposed 
      Update required GTK version from 2.x to 3.x
      PsppireDataEditor: Cope with another change to the GtkNotebook 
switch_page signature
      Psppire*ButtonBox: replace size_request with get_preferred_height/width
      PsppWidgetFacade and PsppCellRender: Update to Gtk3 paint functions
      GtkXPaned: Convert expose-event signal to draw signal
      GtkXPaned: Convert size_request to get_preferred_height/width
      PsppSheetViewColumn: Remove colormap reference which is obsolete
      PsppSheetViewColumn (*_cell_render): Replace GdkWindow with cairo_t
      PsppSheetViewColumn (*_cell_draw_focus): Replace GdkWindow with cairo_t
      PsppSheetView: Remove reference to colormap which is removed in Gtk3
      PsppSheetView (draw_empty_focus): Port to Gtk3
      Change GTK_OBJECT -> G_OBJECT
      Disable GDK3 deprecation warnings.
      Pass the corrent arguments to pspp_sheet_view_column_cell_render
      Remove unused expose_area parameters from pspp_sheet_view_column functions
      Update several calls to gtk_paint_flat_box to new signature
      Avoid call to gdk_display_get_core_pointer which is gone in Gtk3
      Update remaining gtk_paint_focus calls to Gtk3 signature
      pspp_sheet_view_bin_expose : remove GdkEventExpose parameter and replace 
with cairo_t
      pspp_sheet_view_class_init: Change size_request method to 
      Remove set_scroll_adjustment_signal
      PsppSheetView: Convert expose callback to draw callback.
      Correct problems with psppire-cell-renderer-button
      PsppOutputWindow: Change "expose" callback to "draw" callback and update 
      Syntax editor: Remove obsolete property "has-resize-grip"
      Simplify the draw callback
      Fix broken expose callback in pspp-sheet-view
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into gtk3
      Removed deprecated function calls from spreadsheet-test.c
      Avoid deprecation warnings by use of gtk2 -> gtk3 wrapper macros.
      Sheet View optimisation: Do not attempt to draw sheet cells which lie 
outside of the exposed area.
      Fix crash when cancelling variable type dialog.
      Fix GtkCritical whilst displaying last line of variable view.
      Gtk+3: Replace deprecated gtk_cell_renderer_get_size with 
      Gtk+3: Replace deprecated gtk_widget_size_request with 
      Gtk+3: Replace deprecated gtk_layout_get_vadjustment with 
      gtk3: Replace gdk_window_get_pointer with gdk_window_get_device_position
      Value Label Dialog: Do not attempt to read selection if there is none.
      Move version dependent constructs to
      gtk_widget_modify_font -> gtk_widget_override_font
      Gtk3: Fix font selection of variable and dataview.
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into gtk3
      Replace deprecated functions
      PsppireOutputView redefined parameter y to be of type long.
      GRAPH: Correct spacing and punctuation of error message
      Missing value dialog: Simplify error dialog.
      PsppireScanf and PsppireAcr: Avoid deprected API features
      Replace GtkStock, GtkVBox and GtkHBox with their non-deprecated 
      Replace GtkFontSelectionDialog with GtkFontChooserDialog
      Remove deprecated functions gtk_threads_enter and gdk_threads_leave
      PsppireKeypad: replace GtkTable with GtkGrid
      Data import dialog: GtkTable -> GtkGrid
      NEWS: add note to mention the transition to Gtk+3
      gdk_cursor_unref -> g_object_unref
      Fix typo in value chooser
      Replace some obsolete Gtk2 functions
      Select cases dialog: Change GtkTable to GtkGrid
      gdk_cursor_unref -> g_object_unref
      CROSSTABS: Fixed the reporting of the standard error of Cohen's Kappa
      Paired samples T-TEST: fix bug calculating correlation coefficient.
      Replace deprecated GTK_STOCK_ symbols with translatable strings
      Replaced a few instances of gdk_window_get_pointer by 
      Revert "Replaced a few instances of gdk_window_get_pointer by 
      Replace two instances of gdk_pointer_grab with gdk_device_grab
      gtk_widget_size_request --> gtk_widget_get_preferred_size
      Removed unreachable code section
      OutputWindow: Convert deprecated widgets to non-deprecated ones
      Remove deprecations from help-menu.c
      GtkTable -> GtkGrid
      PsppireValChooser: remove deprecated functions
      PsppireMeansLayer: Remove useless widget
      Fix non-working accelerator key
      Correct bad button label
      Fix bug when searching through an empty dataset.
      PsppireWindowRegister: Remove unused function
      Avoid GtkArrow which is deprecated
      Avoid gtk_widget_reparent which is deprecated
      Linreg: Reduce scope of variables
      GET DATA TXT: change syntax generation from /IMPORTCASES to IMPORTCASE
      Independent Samples T-Test dialog: Replace deprected GtkVBox and GtkHBox
      PsppireDialogActionIndepSamples: Replace GtkTable with GtkGrid
      PsppireValueEntry: Enable can_focus in realize callback
      Fix behaviour of the REGRESSION /STATISTICS subcommand.
      Added notes about glade versions to src/ui/gui/memorandum.txt
      PsppireDialogAction and subclasses - use function to set class activate 
and thus minimise deprecation warnings
      Data Editor: Remove the GtkHandleBox
      Replace deprecated GtkHBox with GtkBox
      PsppireDataWindow: reduce scope of incidental
      PsppireDataWindow (on_switch_page): Add comment and reformat
      psppire_cell_renderer_button_render: Avoid deprecation warning
      REGRESSION: Relaxed the syntax parser slightly and include /METHO=ENTER 
in generated syntax.
      Removed superfluous #include directive
      Remove deprecation: gtk_misc_set_alignment -> gtk_widget_set_valign
      Pulled the latest translations from
      Restore the splash screen.
      TextImportDialog: GtkTable --> GtkGrid
      TextImportDialog: GtkVPaned --> GtkPaned
      TextImportDialog: Remove unused struct definition
      TextImportDialog: Gtk[VH]Box  --> GtkBox
      Don't bother freeing import dialog memory. Thus avoid crashes.
      PsppireEncodingSelector: Add comment
      Encoding selector: fix memory leak
      Splash screen: Flush display after drawing.
      Have "make distcheck" run without errors
      Remove some unnecessary #include directives
      Fix dereference to reallocated pointer in data-parser.c 
(parse_delimited_no_span, parse_delimited_span)
      Ref count struct spreadsheet
      Text file importer: Initialise the total_is_exact variable.
      Fix memory leak in ODS reader
      Fix memory leak in PsppireVarSheet
      PsppireSpreadsheetModel: Take reference to underlying model
      Fix memory leak in initialization
      Zip Reader: Avoid undefined behaviour when reading short files
      Fix the INCLUDE /ENCODING subcommand and add a test for it.
      lexer.c: Remove file_name member from lex_reader_file
      replace_file_start: Now takes a file handle instead of a file name
      replace_file_start: remove parameter TMP_FILE
      Ensure all lex_readers have the encoding parameter
      struct file_handle: Add new member file_name_encoding and an accessor 
      Remove unnecessary #include directive
      Add tests for cases exercising the atomic replacement mechanism
      Gnumeric Reader: Fix memory leak
      Provide stubs for spreadsheet functions when no spreadsheet support is 
      Move definition of handler inside the #ifdef HAVE_READLINE
      Change pattern of tmpfiles from <name>.tmpXXXXXX to <name>tmpXXXXXX
      Append the correct number of null bytes to the end of recoded strings
      Skip fifo test for w32 hosted builds
      make-file.c: Behave better under windows operating systems
      caseproto_ref: Append compiler directive WARN_UNUSED_RESULT
      Avoid "definition without prototype" warnings
      Avoid "definition without prototype" warnings
      Remove unused function
      Remove obsolete prototype
      Add test to check that reading from a pipe works ok
      Remove unused function fn_is_special
      dfm_writer_error: Correct comment
      Remove unused functions fn_dir_name fn_getenv and fn_getenv_default
      Use a better method of identifying files on w32
      Fixed problem building documentation in absence of xmllint
      get_default_paper_size: Use access instead of fn_exists
      Updated version number to 0.9.0 ( 9 indicating unstable version )
      Fix typo in NEWS file
      Fix crash on w32
      Avoid possible overflow in fn_identity.
      Quick Cluster: Add horizontal rule in cluster membership table.
      Quick Cluster: Print an error instead of failing silently
      Quick Cluster:  Reimplement clustering algorithm
      New top level menu for Graphs.
      Move fn_identity from file-name.c to file-handle-def.c
      fh_get_identity: Remove incorrect statement from comment.
      QUICK CLUSTER: Remove sqrt from Euclidean distance calculations
      fh_get_identity: Move to static scope
      Remove unnecessary #include directives
      Remove diagnostic code from quick-cluster.c
      Make fn_open and fn_close take a struct file_handle instead of char *
      Persist dialog box widget settings.
      Fix change inadvertently added by previous commit
      Correct the rendering of the data and variable sheets in RTL locales
      Fix compiler warning
      Fix build issue on Gnewsense mips64
      Output viewer: Add diagnostic feature
      Output viewer:  Right justify output items if an RTL locale is in effect
      Output renderer:  Reverse the order of table columns when in RTL locale
      Vertically reflect the table borders for RTL locales
      Sheet Grid Lines: Correct positioning.
      Ensure that the leftmost vertical gridline gets rendered in RTL mode.
      NEWS: fix typo
      Split psppire.ui into three separate files
      Sort Dialog: Remove deprecated widgets and make some cosmetic improvements
      Fix bug in two sample non-parametric dialog.
      Fix compiler warning
      Comment Dialog: Remove GtkAlignment
      Quick Cluster Dialog: Remove GtkAlignment
      Value Labels Dialog: Remove GtkAlignment
      Variable Type Dialog: Remove GtkAlignment
      Missing Value Dialog: Remove GtkAlignment
      Autorecode Dialog: Replace deprecated widgets
      Binomial dialog: Remove GtkAlignment
      Oneway Dialog: Remove obsolete widgets
      Binomial Dialog: Remove deprecated widgets
      Weight Dialog: Remove deprecated widgets
      Goto Case Dialog: Remove deprecated widgets
      Variable Info Dialog: Remove deprecated widgets
      Transpose Dialog: Remove deprecated widgets
      Entry Dialog: Remove deprecated widgets
      Comments Dialog: Remove deprecated widgets
      Histogram Dialog: Remove deprecated widgets
      Value Labels Dialog: Remove deprecated widgets
      Crosstabs Dialog: Remove some deprecated widgets
      Crosstabs Dialog: Remove GtkAlignment widgets
      Crosstabs Dialog: Remove deprecated widgets
      Scatterplot Dialog: Remove GtkVBox and GtkHBox widgets
      Scatterplot Dialog: Replace GtkTable with GtkGrid
      Scatterplot Dialog: fix spacing
      Scatterplot Dialog: Remove GtkAlignment widgets
      Scatterplot Dialog: Remove the last of the deprecated widgets
      Crosstabs Dialog: Remove final deprecated widgets
      Bar Chart Dialog: Remove deprecated widgets
      Frequencies Dialog: Replace deprecated widgets
      Find Dialog: Replace deprecated widgets
      Frequencies Dialog: Remove final GtkAlignment widgets
      Descriptives Dialog: Remove deprecated widgets
      Independent Samples Dialog: Replace GtkTable with GtkGrid
      Correlation Dialog: Replace deprecated widgets
      Examine Dialog: Replace deprecated widgets
      Add a silent zone "gutter" to the output viewer.
      Roc Dialog: Replace deprecated widgets
      Logistic Regression Dialog: Replace deprecated widgets
      Linear Regression Dialog: Replace deprecated widgets
      Factor Analysis Dialog: Replace deprecated widgets
      QUICK CLUSTER Dialog: Replace deprecated widgets
      K Related Dialog: Replace deprecated widgets
      Reliability Dialog: Replace deprecated widgets
      Paired Samples Dialog: Replace deprecated widgets
      Independent Samples Dialog: Remove GtkAlignment widgets
      Split File Dialog: Remove deprecated widgets
      Runs Dialog: Replace deprecated widgets
      Rank Dialog: Replace deprecated widgets
      Count Dialog: Replace deprecated widgets
      Univariate Dialog: replace deprecated widgets
      Means Dialog: Replace deprecated widgets
      Variable Type Dialog: Replace deprecated widgets
      Chi Square Dialog: Replace deprecated widgets
      Kolmogorov Smirnof One Sample Dialog: replace deprecated widgets
      examples/repairs.sav: Update sav file version
      Missing Values Dialog: replace deprecated widgets
      Autorecode Dialog: replace deprecated widgets
      Remove destroy signal handler for dialogs.
      Descriptives Dialog: Avoid multiple appendages to the statistics list box
      Fix bug rendering margin in output viewer.
      Frequencies Dialog: Avoid initialising things more than once per dialog
      Barchart Dialog: Avoid initialising multiple times
      K Means Dialog: Correct order of widgets
      Factor Dialog: Avoid populating dialog more than once
      Crosstabs Dialog: Avoid populating dialog more than once
      Transpose Dialog: Add margin
      Chi Square Dialog: Cosmetic improvements
      Paired Samples Dialog: Fix broken logic
      Barchart Dialog: Cosmetic improvements
      Weight Dialog: Cosmetic improvements
      T-Test Dialog: remove deprecated widgets
      Remove POT-Creation-Date from pspp.pot and from .po files
      Fix minor grammatical error in documentation
      Update selector widgets on dialog activation.
      Fix generation of help-pages-list file
      Compute Dialog: Replace deprecated widgets
      Aggregate Dialog: Replace deprecated widgets
      Fix generate-changelog rule when building from outside of the source 
      Compute dialog: Avoid double population
      Make rule for src/libpspp/version.c atomic
      Replace "sed" with "$(SED)" in Makefiles
      Rename psppire_dialog_action_get_pointer -> 
      Aggregate Dialog: Convert from old fashioned method to 
PsppireDialogAction paradigm
      Documentation add subsections for each GRAPH type
      PsppireSheetView: Remove code marked with GTK3_TRANSITION
      Select Cases Dialog: Replace obsolete widgets
      Fix compiler warnings
      Kolmogorov Smironov Dialog: Add help_page property
      Fix crash calling RINDEX with a zero needle length
      Recode Dialog: Remove deprecated widgets
      PsppSheetViewColumn: Remove GtkArrow
      PsppSheetViewColumn: Replace GtkAlignment with a GtkBin
      PsppSheetViewColumn: Replace some deprecated functions
      Autorecode Dialog: Convert from add hoc to PsppireDialogAction
      Remove string stat_version
      Improved the autoconf test for xmllint
      Remove stray quotation marks and angle brackets
      Remove deprecated widgets
      Whitespace changes only
      Rewrite Import Dialog.
      Change some instances of GtkAction to PsppireDialogAction
      PsppireKeypad: Correct the  attachment of buttons to the grid.
      Weight cases dialog: Convert from add hoc to PsppireDialogAction
      Comments dialog: convert to PsppireDialogAction
      examples/physiology.sav:  Add a DOCUMENT comment to explain that the file 
contains "deliberate" data entry errors.
      Add an appropriate help page for the Variable Info dialog box
      Split File Dialog: Convert to PsppireDialogAction
      Rearange widget registration into a table.
      Select Cases Dialog: minor refactor.
      Select Cases Dialog: Convert to PsppireDialogAction
      Rename Dataset dialog: Add spacing and help button
      Syntax menu definition: Rename "menuitem7" to "edit-menu"
      "margin-left" -> "margin-start" && "margin-right" -> "margin-end"
      Logistic Regression Dialog: Reimplement syntax generator using GString
      Logistical Regression Dialog: Automatically mark appropriate variables as 
      Fix bad syntax generation introduced by previous commit.
      Logistic Regression Dialog: Add missing property
      .ui files: Bump version of required Gtk to 3.4.2
      Scatter plot dialog: Correct order of variables in syntax generator
      Add some tests for empty parens
      Fixed some bugs related to empty parentheses
      ONEWAY: fix crash in contrasts when dataset is empty
      EXAMINE: Extend test for empty dataset and fix bug.
      Update appdata.xml
      Populate select dialog's dialog_is_valid function
      Sample Dialog: Ensure that controls stay at self consistent values
      Set import dialog to fullscreen mode.
      Convert THANKS file to utf8
      Help menu now uses "version" instead of "bare version".
      Recode Dialog: Convert to PsppireDialogAction
      Place a warning on the splash screen for odd numbered releases
      Append a warning to the window title bar for odd versions.
      Include a dissuader for odd numbered minor releases
      Smake: ensure that the "all" target is the first
      Fix compiler warning
      PsppireDialogAction (generate_syntax): Change signature.
      Add documentation for GLM
      GLM: Do not print the intercept if the model is unbalanced
      GLM: remove warning
      Remove g_mem_set_vtable
      Reimplement the Windows menu.
      Remove commented out code
      Use win32 functions for accessing filename
      Correct the  use of signals vs. events.
      Set visibility on univariate dialog
      Univariate Dialog: Set margins
      Univariate Dialog: Fix help-page
      Frequencies: Fix some memory leaks
      Fix memory leak in barcharts
      Save File test: Restore permissions after test
      Remove some g_param_spec_ strings from the translation domain
      Fix memory leak in render-test.c
      Fix memory leak which occured when iconv failed
      Fix memory leak in SYSFILE command
      Fix memory leak pspp-convert
      Fix memory leak when writing compressed sav files
      Fix memory leak in pspp-convert
      Correct error in Mann-Whitney test
      Update fr.po from
      Boxplot: Do not attempt to draw whiskers if they are not defined
      Fixed bug where an empty chart (one with no data) would crash.
      Do not attempt to draw whiskers on boxplots if they are NaN.
      Barchart.c: Change type of flag from int to bool
      FREQUENCIES BARCHART: Honour then PERCENT option
      psppire-selector.c: Remove unused preprocessor macro
      Updated de.po from
      Remove attempts do destroy windows before quit.
      Speed up rendering of columns in sheet.
      DATA LIST: Do not treat the comma as a field separator if DECIMAL=COMMA
      Pipe read test: Replace "echo" with "printf"
      PsppireKeypad: Remove gdkkeysyms-compat.h
      Enable case insensitivity test.
      Added a "meta" file, explaining administrative procedures for bug handling
      Fix error in dist-hook-git.
      README.Git:  Update required Texinfo version
      spreadsheet-reader.c: Do not export local symbols
      Prevent link error when cross compiling with mingw
      Provide an environment where cross-compiled tests can run in an emulator
      Fix crash in correlations with empty dataset.
      Fixed crash in T-TEST when a non-number was passed where a number was 
      Fix crash when running GET DATA with incomplete command.
      Fix crash in histogram when all values are missing.
      Fix crash in LIST when no valid variables exist.
      Fix crash in DATA LIST when RECORDS and/or SKIP is negative
      Fix crash when no indepdendent variable in NPAR is given.
      Fix crash in ROC command when no valid state variable is given.
      Fix assertion failure when using PRINT with an empty argument.
      Fix crash in recode when the INTO variable was invalid.
      Fix crash in oneway when an invalid dependent variable was specified.
      Fixed crash in MODIFY OUTPUT when no valid FORMAT clause was specified.
      Fix double heap deallocation when erroneous SET was specified.
      Fix crash in FLIP with no variables.
      Fix bug in GRAPH when a bad dependent variable was specified.



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