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[Pspp-commits] [SCM] GNU PSPP annotated tag, v1.5.4, created. v1.5.4

From: Ben Pfaff
Subject: [Pspp-commits] [SCM] GNU PSPP annotated tag, v1.5.4, created. v1.5.4
Date: Thu, 31 Mar 2022 22:58:22 -0400 (EDT)

This is an automated email from the git hooks/post-receive script. It was
generated because a ref change was pushed to the repository containing
the project "GNU PSPP".

The annotated tag, v1.5.4 has been created
        at  af4b2e0c1874abcd266bb6d119daac3956d4ac5c (tag)
   tagging  d3e9d59c11521fbc730c3556ae71e453d1282279 (commit)
  replaces  v1.4.1
 tagged by  Ben Pfaff
        on  Thu Mar 31 19:57:45 2022 -0700

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
GNU PSPP version 1.5.4.


Ben Pfaff (381):
      Update version number to 1.4.2.
      po: Fix placement of $(AM_V_at) in
      po: Don't regenerate po files just before replacing them.
      po: Simplify wget command.
      po: Add comment.
      po: Update translations from
      HOST: Check for setitimer() failure.
      HOST: Implement timeouts on Hurd.
      pspp-output: Make the binary relocatable.
      i18n: Fix use of const qualifiers in create_iconv().
      README.Git: Increase gnulib version. Add built-sources target.
      doc: Add targets to build example outputs and HTML.
      Make configure create doc/examples so the Makefiles don't need to.
      spv-driver: Fix double free on error path.
      zip-writer: Fix writing a zip file to a pipe.
      doc: Improve rules for generating output from examples.
      doc: Generate output for tutorial examples at build time too.
      doc: Enclose @psppoutput and @psppsyntax in @smallexample.
      doc: Fix dependencies.
      pspp-output: Add new --nth-commands option.
      tex: Avoid compiler warning for unused variable.
      doc: Improve formatting of tutorial in PDF output.
      doc: Fix use of @psppsyntax that should have been @psppoutput.
      pspp-output: New option --table-look.
      Use gnu_printf in attribute(()) to indicate GNU printf extension support.
      spv: Avoid some compiler warnings on mingw.
      psppire-window: Use "long int" for %ld.
      help-menu: Avoid const-ness warnings on Mingw.
      spv: Support underlining in table styles.
      pspp-output: New command get-table-look.
      output: New HTML driver option "bare".
      render: Fix rendering of backgrounds in middle- or bottom-justified cells.
      doc: Use --css-ref option to makeinfo, instead of postprocessing with sed.
      table: Rename area_style to table_area_style for consistency.
      output: Break struct pivot_table_look out of struct pivot_table.
      spv-table-look: Don't use user-provided text as format string.
      Add support for .tlo TableLook files from SPSS 15 and earlier.
      Fix parsing of some more .tlo files.
      work on getting better output into documentation
      Smake: Clean icons from "clean" target and add clean-icons target.
      svg2png: Speed up gimp startup with -d option.
      src/libpspp/ Fix atomicity of version.c generation.
      Makefile: Fix spelling of "prerequisites".
      doc: Move output examples from "examples" to "pspp-figures".
      doc: Be consistent about plurals in figure target and variable names.
      doc: Use $(convert) variable consistently.
      doc: Make figure references relative to doc/, not to doc/pspp-figures.
      cairo: Simplify and modernize xr_create().
      cairo: Remove obsolete 'nest' member from struct xr_driver.
      cairo: Remove unused 'command_name', 'title', 'subtitle' from xr_driver.
      cairo: Remove 'heading_vars' from struct xr_driver.
      cairo: Remove 'x' from struct xr_driver.
      options: Fix error message for parsing chart file names.
      output: Move parse_color() from cairo.c to options.c.
      psppire-dialog-action-crosstabs: Mention Cramer's V along with Phi.
      tests: Restore tests that were commented out by buggy commit.
      expressions: Improve error messages.
      sys-file-reader: Omit @(#) from file strings in sfm_get_strings().
      output: Fix typos in copyright notices.
      render: Add comment.
      cairo: Drop unused line_spacing, line_width members from xr_driver.
      psppire-output-view: Consistently apply "transparent" and "systemcolors".
      page-eject-item: Factor out of text_item.
      render: Make struct render_params a little smaller.
      doc: Use $(infodir) for Info, not $(prefix)/share/info.
      doc: Use "rm", not nonexistent variable $(RM), in uninstall-local.
      options: Make parse_color() parse alpha.
      cairo: Remove "emphasis" font option because it had no real effect.
      cairo: Factor out code for basic rendering.
      cairo: Get rid of unused PangoLayouts.
      cairo: Move chart code into cairo-chart.
      cairo: Use arrays for page sizes and margins, to simplify code.
      cairo: Use pango_cairo_context_set_resolution() to get font sizes correct.
      cairo-pager: New.
      cairo: Add support for png and trim.
      doc: Add .png output to the Info manual.
      doc: Fix formatting of output in formats that use text output.
      pivot-table: Change the default format to omit empty rows and columns.
      MEANS: Remove one more assignment to omit_empty missed in previous commit.
      pivot-table: Make pivot_table_look a refcounted object.
      Add --table-look command line option and SET TLOOK command.
      cairo: Add missing new-lines at the end of messages written to stderr.
      Add more Valgrind leak report suppressions.
      Fix memory leaks reported by Address Sanitizer.
      doc: Suppress fontconfig warnings from Leak Sanitizer running pspp-output.
      cairo: Avoid using cairo_t for a destroyed cairo_surface_t.
      cairo-pager: Add outline to PDF output.
      po: Update French translation from
      cairo-fsm: Remove code that was #if'd out.
      cairo: Support scaling tables to fit page width and page length.
      cairo: Label pages in PDFs with page numbers.
      html: Pop up tooltip with table notes in output.
      render: Only scale to fit vertically with drivers that support it.
      message-item: Fix reference counting in message_item_to_text_item().
      table: Delete some functions that were unused or barely used.
      table: Get rid of accessor functions for 'h' and 'n' members.
      psppire-window: Fix use-after-free error in read_spv_file().
      psppire-output-view: Set tooltips on tables from table_item notes.
      spv-file-format: Better describe structure member labels and table notes.
      html: Fix border-right for non-square tables.
      pivot-table: Include pivot table subtype in pivot_table_dump() output.
      spv-file-format: Better document MANIFEST.MF.
      pivot-output: Fill corner cell even without corner text.
      html: Implement more styling features.
      pivot-output: Implement header rotation correctly.
      cairo-fsm: Always center rotated cells.
      html: Implement rotated cells.
      html: Make <th> cells be font-weight: normal by default.
      output: Eliminate duplicated color parsing code.
      spv-css-parser: The font-size is really "px" even though it says "pt".
      spv-css-parser: Parse text color also.
      spv-file-format: Document CSS in more detail.
      table: Add comment.
      tests: Be consistent about adding to $(check_PROGRAMS).
      pivot-table: Fix incorrect allocation count in pivot_table_dump().
      cairo-fsm: Implement dashed lines.
      ascii: Refactor definition of box characters.
      ascii: Support dashed lines in output.
      spv-file-format: Document "show-title" option.
      pivot-output: Implement superscript.
      output: Remove superscript support.
      pivot-output: Really fix formatting of the corner cell.
      pivot-output: Replicate dimension headings when divided by vertical rules.
      pivot-output: Fix drawing lines between dimensions within a heading.
      pivot-output: Fix vertical line presence and style.
      spv-file-format: Footnotes can't refer to footnotes.
      pivot-table: Don't allow data cells for nonexistent categories.
      pspp-output: New feature for retrieving the default look.
      pivot-table: Update comments to drop mention of omit_empty.
      output: Improve comments.
      tests: Break off --draw-mode from render-test into ascii-test.
      pivot-table: Fix memory leak in pivot_table_destroy()
      html: Step toward better handling of text_items.
      output-item: Make label a part of every output_item.
      table-provider: Remove "const" from struct table_cell members.
      table-item: Remove barely used parameters from table_item_create().
      table-item: Change title from table_item_text to table_cell.
      table-item: Make caption into table_cell too.
      text-item: Use struct font_style instead of individual fields.
      output: Drop TAB_FIX and the idea of a configurable fixed-width font.
      render: Simplify 'pages' array in struct render_pager.
      pivot-output: Fix typo in comment.
      pivot-table: Don't rely on xcalloc (0, x) returning nonnull.
      pivot-table: Define numeric formats of categories as well as their cells.
      pivot-table: Add some more utility functions for pivot data structures.
      csv: Change footnote format.
      output: Make table_item a pivot_table, table_cell a pivot_value.
      pivot-table: Add more tests for pivot table rendering.
      configure: Ensure the version always has 3 parts in PSPP_CHECK_XGETTEXT.
      format: Fix typo in comment.
      format: Make format settings structure smaller and cheaper.
      format: Move epoch into struct fmt_settings.
      Make data input and output take a fmt_settings structure.
      pivot-table: Incorporate format settings.
      pivot-table: Implement SET SMALL.
      spv-file-format: Describe format 40 and the meaning of 'small'.
      perl-module: Fix to build with recent changes.
      spv-light-decoder: Text strings are all UTF-8 encoded.
      spv: Encode and decode AHEX format in light binary members.
      spv-file-format: Revise .spv light member documentation.
      cairo-fsm: Tolerate negative "space" argument to xr_fsm_draw_slice().
      zip-writer: Add functions for writing a member over multiple calls.
      Add support for PNG images in .spv files.
      Make the Cairo and Pango libraries required rather than optional.
      pivot-table: Fix cut and paste error in pivot_value_clone().
      spv-select: Allow structure_member and png_member to be selected also.
      spv-legacy-decoder: Set data_index and presentation_index in leaves.
      spv-legacy-decoder: Initialize all members for SPV_VALUE_TEXT.
      pivot-table: Tolerate nulls in pivot_value_clone().
      pivot-table: Minor coding style improvements.
      pspp-output: Add --help-developer option.
      pspp-output: Don't write binary data to a terminal for dump-legacy-data.
      pspp-output: Minor coding style, comment fixes.
      string-array: New function string_array_uniq().
      pspp-output: New "strings" developer command.
      spv-light-decoder: Add back character set encoding support.
      cairo-fsm: Honor displaying footnote markers as subscripts.
      pivot-table: Allow footnote marker style to change after creation.
      ascii: Include footnote markers in output.
      pivot-table: Always put footnote markers in sorted order.
      pivot-table: Add test for footnotes.
      pivot-table: Implement hiding footnotes.
      spv-light-decoder: Drop special case for dim 0 in decode_data_index().
      spv-light-decoder: Support special format 40 in decode_spvlb_value().
      pivot-table: Fix handling of current-layer in spv files, and update 
      pivot-table: Test round-tripping to an .spv file.
      output: Make spv-writer code understand output_item.
      spv-writer: Consistently use label from output_item.
      table-item: Don't unshare a pivot_table upon adding to table_item.
      spv-file-format: Update heading, label elements in structure XML.
      text-item: Fix reference leak in text_item_to_table_item().
      spv-file-format: More detailed requirements for structure members.
      output: Rename page-eject-item to page-break-item.
      text-item: Simplify text_item further to just hold a pivot_value.
      spv-file-format: Update understanding of commandName attribute.
      str: Add function xstrdup_if_nonnull() and introduce many users.
      output: Change command names from uppercase to title case.
      cairo-fsm: Remove dead code in xr_fsm_create().
      output-item: Make command name part of every output_item.
      output-item: Collapse the inheritance hierarchy into a single struct.
      output: Add missing chart.h.
      configure: Require @clicksequence to be present.
      output-item: Allocate correct size in message_item_create().
      pspp-output: Fix typo in user message.
      str: Avoid passing null pointer to memcpy() in ds_put_substring().
      llx: Introduce new iteration macros and some users.
      output: New function output_log().
      spv-legacy-decoder: Make 'data' parameter to decode_spvdx_table() const.
      DEBUG EVALUATE: Use output_log() instead of printf().
      zip-reader: Use endian conversion functions from integer-format.h.
      zip-reader: Fix file descriptor leak in zip_reader_create().
      zip-reader: Switch to a more usual error reporting mechanism.
      zip-reader: Make the zip_reader reference counted.
      output-item: Add basic support for visibility.
      output: Make groups contain their subitems, and get rid of spv_item.
      output: Replace OUTPUT_ITEM_PAGE_SETUP by a new driver function.
      spv: Remove code that was just #if 0'd out before.
      spv: Add support for page breaks.
      spv-light-decoder: Fix check for valid decimal point characters.
      spvbin-helpers: Properly handle parsing strings with no destination.
      spv-writer: Avoid obsolete function asctime().
      spv-light-decoder: Use unsigned int, not int, for %x with sscanf().
      psppire-output-view: Remove dead code.
      psppire-output-view: Fix display of groups.
      psppire-output-view: Remove more dead code.
      ascii: Always include <sys/ioctl.h> if we're calling ioctl.
      tests: Ignore .pspprc in a different way, to fix running TeX on Fedora.
      Improve error message for creating a new string var with COMPUTE or IF.
      DELETE VARIABLES: Fix crash when deleting and adding vars at same time.
      format: Reduce size of struct fmt_spec from 12 bytes to 6.
      format: Reduce size of struct fmt_spec from 6 bytes to 4.
      pivot-table: Reduce size of struct pivot_value from 96 bytes to 80.
      pivot-table: Reduce size of struct pivot_value from 80 bytes to 40.
      Add syntax mode radio button to syntax editor window.
      gui: Label unnamed syntax windows as "Untitled" in error messages.
      gui: Include line number in error messages generated from syntax windows.
      CROSSTABS: Reimplement parser without q2c.
      SET: Reimplement parser without q2c.
      q2c: Remove, since it is no longer used.
      doc: Update documentation for SET command to match recent code changes.
      lexer: New function lex_force_int_range().
      segment: Properly handle DO REPEAT in batch mode.
      segment: Fix segmentation of integer followed by "." at end of file.
      lexer: Add support for macro identifiers (that begin with '!').
      lexer: Add support for macro punctuation.
      lexer: Add support for DEFINE...!ENDDEFINE.
      command: DEFINE command is still unimplemented.
      segment: Improve segmentation when DEFINE command has early terminator.
      psppire-dialog-action-regression: Fix unused variable warning.
      segment: Allow '.' as separate token with a line, for macros.
      settings: Use modern initializer style.
      settings: Add macro settings.
      Refactor SET and SHOW commands so it's harder to forget implementing SHOW.
      lexer: Fix typo in comment.
      format-parser: Fix inconsistent use of "char *" vs "char[NUMBER]".
      box-whisker: Use consistent array size for box_whisker_hinges().
      psppire-output-view: Avoid doubling output when exporting or printing.
      lexer: Remove lex_syntax_mode in favor of segmenter_mode.
      token: Rename token_destroy() to token_uninit().
      segment-test: Make debugging easier for some kinds of test failures.
      segment: The body of DEFINE does not have to be on separate lines.
      segment: Fix implementation of is_all_spaces().
      segment: Refine treatment of start of macro body.
      identifier: Remove TOKEN_N_TYPES from enum token_type.
      doc: Fix operator precedence chart.
      lexer: Factor some token inspectors out into new token functions.
      lexer: New function lex_next_representation().
      TITLE and SUBTITLE: Don't treat an unquoted argument as a quoted string.
      stringi-map: Add some support for non-null-terminated strings.
      stringi-set: New functions for not necessarily null terminated strings.
      message: Get rid of 'shipped' member in struct message.
      message: Break message location out into a separate struct.
      message: Make msg_emit() take full ownership of its argument.
      lexer: Factor out scan error messages into new function.
      segment: Distinguish snippets from full files.
      segment: Ignore !ENDDEFINE in /*comments*/ and "strings".
      token: Update functional interface and add token_copy(), token_equal().
      lexer: Move lex_ellipsize() into string module, as str_ellipsize().
      DEFINE: New command.
      configure: Enable GCC warnings to report use of C2x features.
      segment: Make negative numbers into single segments.
      str: New function ss_swap().
      lexer: Change the pipeline to allow more flexible use of macros.
      DEFINE: Allow !DEFAULT to follow the argument type declaration.
      DEFINE: Don't use PSPP_CHECK_MACRO_EXPANSION macro in tests.
      macro: Properly parse !ENCLOSE keyword arguments.
      DEFINE: Equals sign is optional for both positional and keyword 
      Turn !* into a single token, for macro expansion purposes.
      macro: Allow macro A to use its arguments as part of call to macro B.
      identifier: Make T_STOP always 0.
      macro: Make ARG_CHAREND and ARG_ENCLOSE more uniform in struct 
      macro: Allow positional arguments to be empty.
      macro: Continue expanding macro even in face of errors in call.
      DEFINE: Only expand macro functions when the name is followed by '('.
      macro: Fix crash for !QUOTE of a quoted string.
      DEFINE: Properly support redefining a macro.
      Remove unneeded Emacs declarations that say that a .c file is in C.
      sys-file-encoding: Put the buffer-read-only declaration at the very top.
      case: Introduce new functions for numbers and substrings in cases.
      MATRIX DATA: Fully implement.
      sys-file-encoding: Automatically generate the .c file at build time.
      lexer: Fix use-after-free error in lex_source_get_lookahead().
      Implement the MCONVERT command.
      segment: Fix 1-byte read past initialized data when file ends in CR.
      encoding-guesser: Avoid reading uninitialized data for zero-length files.
      dictionary: Allow dict_set_documents() argument to reference old 
      DATA LIST: Fix assertion when RECORDS given twice with decreasing value.
      expressions: Parse multiple sets of parentheses for grouping together.
      segment: Fix read past end of buffer when input ends in '-'.
      macro: Fix memory leak with keyword "enclose" arguments.
      macro: Fix memory leak expanding !DO loop over list.
      lexer: Fix memory leak when macro expands as empty.
      macro: Fix memory leaks in error cases parsing function arguments.
      lexer: Fix memory leak merging tokens only some of which come from macros.
      pivot-table-test: Fix memory leak when table is not displayed.
      dataset: Fix memory leak destroying a dataset that has a permanent_dict.
      expressions: Fix definitions of IDF.T1G and IDF.T2G.
      MATRIX DATA: Add test for factors and splits together.
      driver: New function output_log_nocopy().
      any-writer: Add comment.
      format: Make fmt_check() easier to translate.
      segment: Add comment about zero-length segments.
      doc: Typo fixes, wording and formatting improvements.
      lexer: Be consistent across 32/64 bit in lex_force_int_range().
      lexer: Issue error message in forgotten case in lex_force_int_range().
      lexer: New lex_at_phrase(), lex_get_n() functions.
      lexer: Factor out functions for counting columns.
      file-handle-def: New function fh_equal().
      lexer: Add tokens for '{', '}', ':', ';' for use in the matrix language.
      data-writer: New function dfm_put_record_utf8().
      distributions: New module for probability distribution functions.
      expressions: Simplify function name parsing.
      variable-parser: New functions for parsing syntax without a dictionary.
      string-array: New functions for comparing string arrays.
      u8-line: Add definition of an initializer.
      pivot-table: New function pivot_value_new_variable__().
      lexer: Keep entire source file in memory.
      lexer: Drop 'line_pos' from lex_token and lex_source.
      lexer: Allow for negative lookahead within a command.
      message: Intern file names in msg_location to make them cheaper to copy.
      message: Introduce underlining for error message regions.
      Implement the MATRIX command.
      treewide: Replace <name>_cnt by n_<name>s and <name>_cap by 
      Clean up how transformations work.
      Fix build requirements by correctly noting that Python is required.
      expressions: Rewrite code generator in Python.
      configure: Check for Perl modules needed to build PSPP's Perl module.
      perl-module: Fix build errors and ignore warnings.
      perl-module: Skip memory test if Address Sanitizer is in use.
      matrix: Avoid gsl_linalg_LU_invx() because it was new in GSL 2.6.
      MATRIX: Update EVAL test to avoid failure on i386. Remove unused script.
      Convert all Perl build tools to Python and remove Perl build dependency.
      expressions: Simplify type declarations for nodes.
      expressions: Fix built sources.
      expressions: Major work to improve error messages.
      Change how checking for missing values works.
      moments: Spell out "variance" ("var" is easily confused with "variable").
      Replace more uses of 'cnt' by 'n'.
      FREQUENCIES: Remove unused struct members.
      FREQUENCIES: Remove unused pool.
      FREQUENCIES: Fix percentiles and median calculation for multiple 
      format-parser: Improve comment.
      lexer: New functions for parsing real numbers in specified ranges.
      psppire-dialog-action-crosstabs: Do not add PIVOT or NOPIVOT to command.
      expressions: Fix value of $TIME variable and add a test.
      spv-light-decoder: Avoid GCC 11.x warning in decode_spvlb_halign().
      Update to newest gnulib.
      tests: Update testsuite results to accomodate new Gnulib.
      Gnulib needs Automake 1.14 or later.
      Switch from recursive to non-recursive use of Gnulib.
      Makefile: Fix running "make dist" before "make all".
      configure: Also support gtksourceview 4.x. Fix release dates.
      Rename icon files to match full application ID.
      Rename pspp.xml to org.fsf.pspp.xml.
      svg2png: Use rsvg-convert if GIMP is not available.
      icons: Fix uninstall.
      sys-file-encoding: Clean up .c file on distclean.
      Release version 1.5.4.

Friedrich Beckmann (20):
      metainfo.its: changed this from a build requirement to a warning
      fixed typo in pl.po which breaks sed on MacOS
      output view: make items selectable and use system colours
      cairo: added xr_draw_svg_file function
      psppire-output-view: modified the way how copy and paste works
      psppire-output: disable the select-all menu
      psppire-output: added drag-n-drop
      psppire: add "Plots" subdialog for examine (Explore)
      metainfo: Fixed typos in metainfo
      metainfo: added releases 1.4.0 and 1.4.1
      metainfo - changed url from commit to tree
      added spreadsheetwidget CFLAGS to automake
      automake: added EXEEXT for windows support
      check gcc version before using gnu_printf attribute
      MacOS: wc does not support -L option
      windows: EXEEXT was at wrong place
      windows cross build: Add example build instructions in documentation
      Windows build: Adapted icon names to org.fsf.pspp naming
      Windows: Native build failed due to missing gnulib dependencies
      bug #62189: Fixed clipped numbers in histogram legend

John Darrington (178):
      Fix build error when building --without-gui
      Correct the copyright holder named in some files.
      Add static qualifiers where appropriate.
      README.Git: Remove mention of --with-gui-tools.
      Regression Dialog: Reduce the size of the Independent Variables widget.
      Remove obsolete acknowlegdement.
      Use PACKAGE_BUGREPORT instead of a literal string
      Percentiles: Remove unused static data
      Psppire: Move Mac OS specific code to its own file
      doc/invoking.texi (Main Options): Correct minor informational error
      Examine Dialog:  Cosmetic improvements
      src/ui/gui/psppire-dialog-action-examine.c: constness
      Examine Plots Dialog : Set combo box sensitivity
      Examine Spreadlevel: Allow power to be non-integer
      Frequencies Dialog: Cosmetic Improvements
      Rank Dialog: Cosmetic Improvements
      Select Cases Dialog: Cosmetic Improvements
      Select Cases Dialog: Make the 'All Cases' button easier to select.
      psppire.xml: Add PsppireAcr and PsppireValChooser
      Recode Dialog Box: Remove deprecated properties
      Aggregate Dialog Box: Remove deprecated properties
      Factor Dialog: Remove depdecated properties
      Reliability Dialog: Remove depdecated properties
      Oneway Dialog: Remove deprecated properties
      src/ui/gui/psppire.xml: Add definition of PsppireKeypad
      PsppireKeypad: Remove deprecated properties
      src/ui/gui/psppire-window-base.c: Remove erroneous "return"
      acinclude.m4: Remove one oxymoron and one tautology
      PspppireKeypad: Add tooltips to buttons
      psppire.xml: Replace placeholder strings, add missing widgets and sort
      Avoid calling stdio function calls from within signal handler.
      Psppire: On irrecoverable error display fatal error dialog
      src/ui/gui/t-test.ui: Remove deprecated properties
      Add remaining custom psppire widgets to our glade tools
      Ensure that data sheet and variable sheets can be constructed via 
      Fix broken ./configure --without-gui (again)
      Update translations from
      src/ui/gui/psppire-text-file.c (read_lines): Use const int instead of enum
      Remove width specifications from range strings (eg %3d-%3d)
      Update version number to 1.5.2
      Rework the spreadsheet import feature of the grapic user interface
      Update to a more modern version of texinfo.tex
      Add extra code examples to the documentation
      Fix build of pspp.xml
      Move org.fsf.pspp.* to doc
      Add default to generate prerequisistes for any rule
      Restore the mime defintion file pspp.xml
      Add a TeX driver
      TeX driver: Conditionally emit "\input graphics" control sequence.
      User manual: Use italic typeface for latin abbreviations
      User manual: filename -> file name
      User manual:  Move some sentances out of the future tense.
      User manual: Mention TeX in the list of supported output formats
      User manual: kg -> kilogram
      User manual: Add 2020 to copyright date
      Fix oneway bug and add a test
      doc/ Remove comment which is no longer appropriate
      doc/ Simplify conversion rules
      TeX driver: Use the glyphs from wasyfont instead of rolling our own
      TeX driver: Add some REVERSED glyphs
      New function: xr_draw_eps_chart
      Fix leak in perl module
      doc/ Re-instate html-local as a dummy rule
      Partial revert "work on getting better output into documentation"
      Move syntax generation to the psppire-import-textfile module
      src/data/dictionary.c (make_hinted_name): Limit generated name to 64 
bytes long
      Remove diagnostic
      Fix on_quote_combo_change callback
      Only reset the separators page when going forwards
      src/ui/gui/psppire-import-textfile.c: Fix compiler warnings
      Documentation: New example for the temporary command
      Documentation: Add an example showing the use of SELECT IF.
      Documentation: Add an example showing how AGGREGATE works
      Documentation: Add an example for SORT CASES
      doc/variables.texi: Rearrange sections into a more logical reading order.
      Documentation: Add some screenshots to the user manual.
      Documentation: Add the generated screenshots to the git repository
      When cross-compiling, also build native binaries, and use them to create
      doc/ (html-local): Add dependency on the directory 
      Install the documentation screenshots in the correct place.
      Use clean-temp module instead of tmpdir module
      Fix reproducibility issues when generating .eps files
      Add missing parentheses
      Fix make distcheck
      PsppireButtonBox: Allow widget to be explicitly created.
      Reimplement the variable info dialog.
      Fix make distcheck
      Add new popup menu to the dictionary view widget
      New function width_of_m to get the width of M rendered in a widget. Abort attempts to cross build in source
      Fix building --without-cairo
      pspp-dev (Graphic User Interface): New chapter.
      Fix compiler warning
      Add copyright and licence notices to files which lack them
      Start of a crosstabs example
      Fix reproducibility issues in png files
      Make cross-building slightly more reliable
      tex-rendering.c: Add missing include directive
      Remove dummy-prerequisite rule
      perl-module/README: update version references
      PSPPIRE: Add user hints dialog on startup
      Recent gettext to version 0.20 or later
      acinclude.m4 (PSPP_CHECK_XGETTEXT): Use sed instead of parameter expansion
      src/math/wilcoxon-sig.c (count_sums_to_W): Avoid use of unsigned value.
      src/data/sys-file-reader.c: (read_header): Remove redundant test.
      src/language/stats/autorecode.c (cmd_autorecode): Remove redundant test.
      src/libpspp/zip-reader.c (probe_magic): Fix inappropriate return value.
      /ui/gui/psppire-var-info.c (__set_property): Remove redundant test.
      src/language/expressions/ Fix build issues when cross building
      src/output/spv/ Add some explicit dependencies to help cross 
      psppire-import-spreadsheet.c: Fix typo
      src/ui/gui/main.c: Add a startup tip for Windows
      Avoid useless warnings on stderr.
      Fix bug where attempting to rendering an empty bar chart would crash
      Generate cosmetics for windows hosts.
      Bump micro version to 1.5.3
      src/ui/gui/helper.c (clone_list_store): Remove unused variable
      src/ui/gui/psppire.c (struct icon_size): Remove --- unused
      src/ui/gui/find-dialog.c (ip -> case_iterator): Rename.
      src/ui/gui/psppire-dialog-action-runs.c (generate_syntax): Rename 'text' 
to 'str'
      src/ui/gui/psppire.c: Fold long line
      src/ui/gui/ [src_ui_gui_psppire_CFLAGS]: Compile for a GUI 
under w32
      Output Window: Fix sensitivity of Save button. Also add option for png 
and svg files.
      src/libpspp/message.c (prepare_diagnostic_information): Relocate 
      src/language/stats/glm.c: Fix compiler warnings
      src/ui/gui/help-menu.c (open_windows_help): Reimplement
      Mention Harry Thijssen in THANKS
      src/language/stats/crosstabs.c (display_risk): Avoid warning found by 
      src/libpspp/float-format.c (extract_hex): Remove useless assignment.
      src/ui/gui/psppire-data-store.c (psppire_data_store_get_reader): Reduce 
scope of local variable.
      src/ui/gui/psppire-dialog-action-regression.c (generate_syntax): Reduce 
scope of local variables.
      src/ui/gui/psppire-dict.c (psppire_dict_set_name): Reduce scope of local 
      src/ui/gui/psppire-output-view.c (psppire_output_view_new): Reduce scope 
of local variables.
      src/ui/gui/var-display.c (missing_values_to_string): Reduce scope of 
local variable.
      tests/ Fix building of test runners
      Remove unused module subcommand-list
      Add w32 handler for "activate-link" signal
      doc/automake: Use correct syntax for configuring native build
      Added a script to assist building for w32
      Added rules to build nsis installers for w32
      Output drivers: Remove assertions on OUTPUT_ITEM_GROUP
      Windows/ Use more portable code
      src/output/pivot-table.c (pivot_value_ex_destroy): Fix memory leak
      src/ouput/output-item.c (output_item_unshare): Use result of 
      src/output/output-item.h (outpt_item_ref): Add WARN_UNUSED_RESULT 
      src/output/output-item.c (output_item_unref): Fix memory leak
      src/output/spv/spv.c (spv_read): Remove unused variable
      src/output/select.c (select_matches): Fix memory leak
      src/output/tex.c (post_process_tokens): Fix memory leak
      src/data/format.c (fmt_affix_free): Fix memory leak
      src/language/utilities/host.c (run_command): Fix memory leak
      po/hu.po: Update to lastest version from
      Fix broken build due to missing braces
      Tolerate pathnames with spaces
      Fix crash when double clicking on variable sheet cells when no variable 
is defined.
      Fix import of ods files with repeated column data.
      TeX tests: Use the shell instead of wc to test for maximum line length.
      Avoid GtkCritical on startup
      Add some missing #include directives
      Windows/build-dependencies: New flag --no-clean
      Windows/build-dependencies: Use correct logical OR operator
      Windows/build-dependencies: Add -fstack-protector flags
      Options dialog: add checkbox for startup tips
      Remove unused module src/math/extrema
      Fix possible incorrect assertion when creating unique casereaders.
      Avoid numerical problems with missing weights on non-linear cases.
      Ignore sanitizer ODR warnings, during testing with -fsanitize=address
      Matrix readers - fix memory leaks
      Replace numerous instances of xzalloc with XZALLOC
      Fix possible segfault when running RANK with bad syntax
      Use XCALLOC / XZALLOC macros where reasonable
      Fix memory leak upon failure to create matrix reader
      Fix memory leak in MCONVERT
      Fix memory leak in tokenize_string_segment
      Fix compiler warning
      Remove some unnecessary gettext macro definitions
      Fixed misleading results in the Kruskal-Wallis test

Stéphane Aulery (1):
      Updated the fr.po translation



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