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[psynth-devel] Ubuntu 9.10 packages...

From: Aleksander Morgado
Subject: [psynth-devel] Ubuntu 9.10 packages...
Date: Mon, 09 Nov 2009 19:45:45 +0100

Ey again JP,

So I managed to have the Karmic packages in my PPA. As in Jaunty, Andrew
Fenn's PPA is also needed:

# Andrew Finn's PPA for ogre 1.6 (new ones!)
deb karmic main 
deb-src karmic main

# Aleksander Morgado's PPA for Psychosynth
deb karmic main 
deb-src karmic main 

BUT... doesn't seem to work properly :-)

I launched it 4 times, 3 times it crashed. It gets stuck somewhere with Alsa. 
The only time it worked, I didn't get any Alsa error; don't know why... Any 

address@hidden:~$ more psynth3d.log 
[gui] INFO: Loading settings.
[gui] INFO: Initializing Ogre.
[gui] INFO: Initializing OIS.
[gui] INFO: Initializing synthesizer.
sample_rate 44100
block_size 256
num_channels 2
[gui] INFO: Initializing networking.
[gui] INFO: Initializing scene.
[alsa] WARNING: Could not write to device. (Broken pipe)
[alsa] WARNING: Buffer underrun ocurred.
[alsa] WARNING: Buffer underrun ocurred.
(and the alsa message forever)

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