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[psynth-devel] Re: [Fwd: Re: [psynth-user] Problemas para instalar psych

From: Juan Pedro Bolivar Puente
Subject: [psynth-devel] Re: [Fwd: Re: [psynth-user] Problemas para instalar psychosynth en Ubuntu 9.10]
Date: Thu, 12 Nov 2009 23:09:52 +0200
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Aleksander Morgado wrote:
> JP,
> Seems the Alsa error issue is "solved" not using Alsa as audio output.
> Attached email from Seba who doesn't have the buffer underrun problem if
> OSS is selected as audio output.

Yes... The issue with Alsa buffer underruns have been known for a long
time. It is weird because it can only be reproduced in some machines and
Alsa versions... Using OSS works (despite that OSS is a bit of an
annoyance, as it locks the audio device) and so does Jack, but you need
to have a Jack server running (that is why it is not working in the
given log).



> Cheers,
> -Aleksander
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Subject:
> Re: [psynth-user] Problemas para instalar psychosynth en Ubuntu 9.10
> From:
> Seba <address@hidden>
> Date:
> Thu, 12 Nov 2009 14:20:53 -0300
> To:
> Aleksander Morgado <address@hidden>
> To:
> Aleksander Morgado <address@hidden>
> Buenas!
> La verdad que me funciona bien. Lo he estado probando y no se cuelga ni me
> lanza errores raros con la configuraciĆ³n por defecto. Cuando lo inicio desde
> consola muestra el siguiente log:
> $ psynth3d
> [gui] INFO: Loading settings.
> [gui] INFO: Initializing Ogre.
> [gui] INFO: Initializing OIS.
> [gui] INFO: Initializing synthesizer.
> macagonla
> macagonla
> [gui] INFO: Initializing networking.
> [gui] INFO: Initializing scene.
> [gui] INFO: Initializing CEGUI.
> [gui] INFO: Initializing GUI elements.
> En la configuraciĆ³n de sonido tengo seleccionado como *output* "oss" y *
> device* "/etc/dsp". Si intento seleccionar "Alsa" comienza una serie de
> excepciones o errores que parecen no terminar nunca. El error es el
> siguiente (y se repite indefinidamente hasta que selecciono otro output):
> [alsa] WARNING: Buffer underrun ocurred.
> Si intento utilizar "Jack" el error que muestra es el siguiente:
> [jack] ERROR: Could not connect to jackd, maybe it's not runningor the
> client name is duplicated.
> Por supuesto que ni con Alsa ni con Jack puedo reproducir los sonidos, pero
> si con oss. Bueno... eso es todo. Espero que te sirva!
> Saludos!

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