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Re: [psynth-devel] libceguiogre-dev ¿?

From: Juan Pedro Bolívar Puente
Subject: Re: [psynth-devel] libceguiogre-dev ¿?
Date: Fri, 08 Jul 2011 13:24:38 +0200
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On 08/07/11 12:52, Aleksander Morgado wrote:
> Hey JP,
> In Ubuntu Oneiric there is no longer a proper libceguiogre package. When
> I try to install libceguiogre-dev from the repos, a broken deps error is
> launched. Reported in Launchpad:
> According to the replies on the bugreport, it seems that the ogre source
> package no longer depends on cegui, and no longer will generate a
> libceguiogre...
> What should we do with this?

Yet-another-CEGUI-related-pain-in-the-... hehe. Indeed, a few months ago
libceguiogre was removed from Debian SID too, but I have survived by
avoiding a dist-upgrade and locking Ogre at version 1.6.

I didn't know that ceguiogre was generated from Ogre sources, I would
expect it to be part of CEGUI ... Do you think that, maybe, distributing
ceguiogre with the psychosynth sources might solve de problem?


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