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[pygsear] Re: errors in 0.37.1 ?

From: Lee Harr
Subject: [pygsear] Re: errors in 0.37.1 ?
Date: Sat, 29 Mar 2003 21:00:54 +0000

I ran into quite a few errors trying to run 0.37.1 /examples/ at first it wouldn't open at all problem with no time out for self.waitFor(timeout=5000) line 881 I plan to go back to 0.36.3 and use the changes to 0.37.1 as a >tool for better understanding. I stepped through several of new the examples like gradient and >the colors change on each run. Great Thanks again re-v

It sounds like either you did not install the new version, or
else it is confused about which version to use. Do you have
more than one version of python installed? Sometimes that happens
to me, that I will accidentally install something using python
(linked to python2.1) then trying to run the program with

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