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Re: urgent: request for removal from appearing in my mail-list.

From: Bob Proulx
Subject: Re: urgent: request for removal from appearing in my mail-list.
Date: Fri, 3 Nov 2023 11:40:31 -0600

Takeda Shingen wrote:
> guys guys... sorry, i didn't expected you were to add my email to a
> search engine-crawled email list, i would like request that every
> email you might have related with this email-address i'm writing into
> might be deleted, including this one as well if possible
> ASAP. specially those included in the savannah-list if possible, from
> now on. thanks!

I was rather hoping that someone who sets policy might reply.  I am
only a person who helps and must follow policy.  There is a policy of
not modifying web archives.  See the "Mailing list archive policy"

Also as to your specific request I can't even tell from your message
what postings you are talking about other than these here asking to
delete them.  These are the only ones I am seeing.  I think if you had
not asked to have your email address deleted that your email address
would not have appeared anywhere.

As a practical matter trying to suppress information always calls
attention to it creating the opposite effect from the one you want.
This is known as The Streisand Effect.  You can read about the
phenomenon here.

This was very well described by Jon Oliver in his satirical news
show Last Week Tonight from May 2014.

    Right To Be Forgotten: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

One of the problems people face trying to delete information which is
distributed to the public is that the information is *distributed*
information.  It's not all in one place.  It is in your mailbox.  It's
in my mailbox.  It's in everyone's mailboxes!  And some of those
mailboxes are publicly available on the web.  It's everywhere!

It is simply not possible to delete public information from the public
because the public is very many different places all over the world.
It is impossible by reason of practicality to reach out silently to
all of them and ask thousands of places to delete history.  Trying to
do so will create a lot of new history that would itself need to be

My best advice is to let sleeping dogs lie and do nothing.


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