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[Shaman-X-support] Fw: Shaman-X progress report on 24 Aug 2003

From: Dominique Chabord
Subject: [Shaman-X-support] Fw: Shaman-X progress report on 24 Aug 2003
Date: Fri, 5 Sep 2003 09:31:01 +0200

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Sent: Sunday, August 24, 2003 9:49 PM
Subject: Shaman-X progress report on 24 Aug 2003

Hello everybody,
Bonjour à tous,
Here is some news about the project
1) Technical: Bug tracking
David has passed through the code and checked it. It appears that Compaq engineering started their project from an old release of the product. David therefore updates WDX code with the different modifications which were done in the common tree of the code (the part which is operating system independant).
2) WDX self documentation
I refurbished the Makefile, just it looks better finalized, and I added some documentation inside the different script templates that are given with the software.
These are demo scripts which implement a quick and dirty demo of IP floatting address (aka Cluster address). As you all know about my talents as a programmer, you understand it was not so quick but it is very dirty.
WDX is downloadable from under .tar format and then follow instructions of in its previous version.
3) WDX TO-DO list
I've  updated the to-do list with the results of this week discussions.
4) Announcements:
WDX V0.2 has been publicly announced in different places:, in 19thAugust issue
fr.comp.applications.libres news group on 19 th August news group on19th August
I asked for a link to Shaman-X on Linux-HA site. Alan Robertson seems to be off.
Linux Cluster Information Center agreed to add references to Shaman-X:
An article was published in our local (Annecy) Linux User group:
I failed in putting it in both comp.os.linux.announce and fr.comp.os.linux. The submission process is quite odd and I gave up.
If you know about good places to get informed, please let me know. Feel free also to spread the news directly to your contacts, you have enough messages on the web site you can reuse.
5)WDX integration project with DRBD
DRBD ( is a network mirroring software. Although it is still limited in functionnality, it is quite famous for low-end high availability.
DRBD project manager is Philipp Reisner. Philipp agreed for a WDX-DRBD integration project. It consists in creating a WDX mission to manage DRBD states: primary, secondary, resync, out-of-sync, etc...
If you are interested in testing DRBD and writing (simple) WDX scripts to built that magic machine, please do. I'm working on a draft technical design paper.
6) Web site
Direct links to news, downloads, mailing list and so on have been added. The link to also added. Nothing significant.
This is all for today,
Thank you for everybody's contribution

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