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Re: [Shopsuite-dev] rational numbers plugin to pg

From: Davi Leal
Subject: Re: [Shopsuite-dev] rational numbers plugin to pg
Date: Sun, 12 Aug 2001 02:32:32 +0100

> > > OK. So, in order to install the final project version we will
> > > have to install the plug-in into the shop data base, not as
> > > a general postgres type. Right?. Is there a way to get "in catalog"
> > > the type added by a plug-in?.
> > >     ERROR:  Unable to locate type name 'rational' in catalog
> >
> > There probably is, but I'd prefer it not to require special priviledges,
> > so it can be just part of shop.psql

Tomasz Wegrzanowski wrote:
> Oh, and secure rate failed.
> I tried to make it in perl, but postgresql's perl plugin can't work with
> new types.
> Current solution is to add rationals to template1 database,
> and all new databases will have rationals.

OK. We can work so for the moment. Anyway, maybe we will have to use it as the 
final way.

> The annoying thing is that with the exception of parser and stringifier
> all the other parts _can_ be written w/o using C.

annoying?. Do you mean 'can' or _must_?

> To secure against div-by-0 special value (undef) X/0 will be added
> and all required checks.

    0/0 = indeterminate ---> Special X/0 value
    0/x = 0
    x/0 = infinite      ---> Special X/0 value

What do you think?

> I'll remake and send a segf-less version of rational plugin to shop-dev.


P.S.: Meet now?

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