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[ShopSuite-dev] CVS repository state

From: Davi Leal
Subject: [ShopSuite-dev] CVS repository state
Date: Fri, 24 Aug 2001 00:09:10 +0100

Changes has been committed to The Savannah CVS repository. You can see the

Fri Aug 24 00:02:32 WEST 2001  Davi Leal  <address@hidden>

 From Tomasz Wegrzanowski <address@hidden>:
 * scripts/shop.psql: Some indexes has been added. For example
 the shordsc UNIQUE flag avoid user adding several products with
 the same shortdsc. Note that we must wait up to the use of the
 new queries ask for new indexes before adding it.
 The 'transform' and 'transform_history' tables has been merged.
 A lot of fields have been set to 'NOT NULL'.
 The constraint rules between tables have not been added yet.
 * scripts/clean.psql: Removed the transform_history line.
 * scripts/insert.psql: Updated to fit to the new 'products'
 table state.
 * scripts/drop.psql: (new file) Drop a ShopSuite data base.
 * rational/README: (new file) Specification of rational numbers
 * rational/rational.c: Redesigned. See the new rational/README
 file to know the new "Specification of rational number format".
 * rational/ Binary format changed from 128-bit
 (16 bytes) to 64-bit (8 bytes). All databases that uses
 rational plug-in must be rebuild.

 * source/shopDB.cpp
 (keepTransform, startTransform, createIngredients): Changed due
 to the 'transform_history' table has been merged with the
 'transform' table.

 * doc/TODO: Added the answer to a task and a tip to a test.

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