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[ShopSuite-dev] CVS repository state

From: Davi Leal
Subject: [ShopSuite-dev] CVS repository state
Date: Mon, 10 Sep 2001 19:41:21 +0100

Changes has been committed to The Savannah CVS repository. You can see the

Note: My personal copy is now identical to the repository copy. I have not any
modification without committing.

Mon Sep 10 18:57:46 WEST 2001  Davi Leal  <address@hidden>

 * rational/rational.c (rational_in): Check the rational input
 via a regular expression.
 * rational/rational.c (rational_out): Convert from X/1 to X so
 as to get the GUI more readable.

 From Tomasz Wegrzanowski <address@hidden>:
 * rational/rational.c: Fixed a bug. Now all negatives work. It
 was really nasty bug. num/=g generated wrong assembly code
 because g was unsigned. After changing g to signed bug went
 * rational/expected.out, rational/test.sql: Added this files so
 as to check the rational plug-in is accurate via:
     psql shop < test.sql > real.out
     diff -u expected.out real.out

 * doc/TODO: Added the 'rational plug-in' test.

 * rational/.cvsignore: Added the real.out file.

 * scripts/insert.psql: Tiny modification.

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