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Re: [ShopSuite-dev] UI

Subject: Re: [ShopSuite-dev] UI
Date: Tue, 20 Nov 2001 12:28:56 +0100

> 1.
>        Code is spelled 'Code', not 'Cod'.

I will fix it.

> 2.
>        There are two fields labelled 'Description' on some dialogs.
>        They should be relabelled as 'Short Description' and 'Long 
>        Description'.

Option 1:
Long-descriptions are labelled "Long Description". Short-descriptions 
stay as "Description" to avoid GUI deformation due to long labels 
("Short Description") with short textboxs, ...

Option 2:
Short-descriptions are moved from "Description" to "Product". So Long-
description fields stay with the label "Description".

I prefer the option 2. What do you think?.


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