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[smc-calendar] Re: Good news folks - traced the bug back to setYMD

From: Praveen A
Subject: [smc-calendar] Re: Good news folks - traced the bug back to setYMD
Date: Sun, 11 Jan 2009 01:51:27 -0800

2009/1/10 Praveen A <address@hidden>:
> KCalendarSystemSaka::SakaToJD(). It got to change a bit to consider actual
> day the year start, depending on it, it can be 78 or 79 years to add (for
> eaxmple it is 1930 in Saka which is 79 years behind). Got to clean the whole
> code a bit I guess.
> So we have almost full working code.

Santhosh did think about it. We validated this function today (in
spite of my poor math - 5*31 came to 153 and 120+153+21 came to 291,
well its 1 am in the morning, and Santhosh had a calculator).

So we have all functions working and perfect calendar now. Folks
please test all corner cases now.

- Praveen
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