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[Social] First status report

From: Ian Denhardt
Subject: [Social] First status report
Date: Tue, 3 Aug 2010 20:47:07 -0400

Hi Everyone,

Matt has asked me to send daily status reports to the list while I'm
working on GNU Social at the FSF office. I sent one yesterday, but due
to a problem with my mail server, which I'm still working out, it
didn't go through. Therefore today's status report will cover yesterday
as well. Here's what I've done the past two days:

- Updated the main gnu-social branch on gitorious with respect to the
  statusnet mainline. GNU Social as it stood when the alpha was
  announced has been tagged with gnu-social-0.1alpha.
- A few little cleanups here and there; for example, the gnu-social
  template was missing an opening html tag, and was indented poorly, so
  I fixed that.
- Started work on the photo sharing plugin. right now, when it is
  enabled, any pictures you attach to a post will be indexed at:


  With thumbnails which link to the actual photos themselves. The code
  for this plugin could use a bit of cleanup, in addition to finishing
  up its feature set.

The changes since the merge are available in my personal branch on


I look forward to working more on this tomorrow.


-Ian Denhardt

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