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Re: [Solang-devel] String freeze for 0.4.1

From: feuloren
Subject: Re: [Solang-devel] String freeze for 0.4.1
Date: Sat, 3 Apr 2010 12:22:05 +0200 (CEST)

----- "Debarshi Ray" <address@hidden> wrote:

> I just pushed a bunch of changes to master. These contain some
> commits
> from Florent's help branch, and few others. With these in place, I
> think we are ready for 0.4.1. Since some of our recent activities
> have
> changed a few user-visible strings, I am planning to have a week long
> string freeze to let the translators catch up.
> If anyone has any changes that might affect UI strings or
> documentation, please shout! Otherwise I will notify the translators
> on Sunday.

I'll write something about the "show all tags" and quit_enlarged_mode things 
this afternoon, so it's ok for freezing strings on sunday.


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