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[Speech-reco] Some success speeding up espeak

From: Bill Cox
Subject: [Speech-reco] Some success speeding up espeak
Date: Tue, 5 Oct 2010 11:08:48 -0400

I have attached two sound samples.  voxin_test_out.wav is at my
currently preferred listening speed, which is quite a bit faster than
espeak at it's top speed of -s 450.  espeak_test_out.wav is just as
fast, and I can understand it!  Clearly, my LPC speed up code needs a
lot of work, but there's a clear path for improving sound quality.
For example, switch to LPC-10, LPC-10e, CELP, or MELPe.  CELP is the
cell phone standard used by Verizon, and it's also used in speex, as
well as Skype, I think.

What I want to do, once I've got the sound quality improved enough, is
add an option to espeak to use LPC to increase the speed beyond what
is possible now.  Ideally, we can enable people to switch to
open-source TTS without having to take a major productivity hit.


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