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[Stratagus-cvs] stratagus data/ccl/human/units.ccl data/ccl/orc...

From: Crestez Leonard
Subject: [Stratagus-cvs] stratagus data/ccl/human/units.ccl data/ccl/orc...
Date: Fri, 11 Jul 2003 10:35:34 -0400

CVSROOT:        /cvsroot/stratagus
Module name:    stratagus
Changes by:     Crestez Leonard <address@hidden>        03/07/11 10:35:34

Modified files:
        data/ccl/human : units.ccl 
        data/ccl/orc   : units.ccl 
        doc            : ChangeLog.html 
        src/action     : action_attack.c action_board.c action_build.c 
                         action_demolish.c action_die.c action_follow.c 
                         action_harvest.c action_minegold.c 
                         action_move.c action_patrol.c action_repair.c 
                         action_research.c action_resource.c 
                         action_returngoods.c action_spellcast.c 
                         action_stand.c action_still.c action_train.c 
                         action_unload.c action_upgradeto.c actions.c 
        src/ai         : ai.c ai_building.c ai_force.c ai_local.h 
                         ai_magic.c ai_plan.c ai_resource.c ccl_ai.c 
        src/beos       : beos.c 
        src/clone      : ccl.c ccl_player.c clone.c construct.c groups.c 
                         iolib.c mainloop.c mpq.c player.c pud.c scm.c 
                         selection.c spells.c unit_draw.c unit_find.c 
        src/editor     : ccl_editor.c editloop.c editor.c edmap.c 
        src/game       : campaign.c game.c intro.c loadgame.c savegame.c 
        src/include    : actions.h ai.h avi.h campaign.h ccl.h 
                         ccl_sound.h cdaudio.h commands.h construct.h 
                         cursor.h deco.h depend.h editor.h fc_types.h 
                         font.h icons.h interface.h iocompat.h iolib.h 
                         map.h master.h menus.h minimap.h missile.h 
                         movie.h mpq.h myendian.h net_lowlevel.h 
                         netconnect.h network.h pathfinder.h player.h 
                         pud.h settings.h sound.h sound_id.h 
                         sound_server.h spells.h stratagus.h tileset.h 
                         trigger.h ui.h unit.h unitsound.h unittype.h 
                         upgrade.h upgrade_structs.h video.h 
        src/map        : ccl_map.c ccl_tileset.c map.c map_draw.c 
                         map_fog.c map_rock.c map_save.c map_wall.c 
                         map_wood.c minimap.c tileset.c 
        src/missile    : ccl_missile.c missile.c 
        src/movie      : avi.c movie.c 
        src/network    : commands.c lowlevel.c master.c netconnect.c 
        src/pathfinder : astar.c ccl_pathfinder.c floodfill.c 
                         hierarchical.h pathfinder.c pf_lowlevel.c 
        src/sound      : arts_audio.c ccl_sound.c cdaudio.c cdda.c 
                         flac.c mad.c music.c ogg.c oss_audio.c 
                         sdl_audio.c sound.c sound_id.c sound_server.c 
                         unitsound.c wav.c 
        src/ui         : botpanel.c button_checks.c ccl_ui.c console.c 
                         icons.c interface.c mainscr.c 
                         menu_proc.c menus.c mouse.c ui.c 
        src/unit       : ccl_unit.c ccl_unittype.c depend.c unit_ai.c 
                         unit_save.c unittype.c upgrade.c 
        src/video      : X11.c _clip_rectangle cursor.c deco.c font.c 
                         graphic.c intern_video.h linedraw.c new_X11.c 
                         png.c sdl.c sprite.c svgalib.c sweepline.c 
                         video.c wince.c 
        tools          : startool.c war1tool.c wartool.c 

Log message:
        Fixed multi-line comment warning in gcc 3.*
        Changed removed units handling (for buildings/trasporters).
        Compacted Rescued and RescuedFrom members of the Unit struct.
        'max-on-board for transporters now works.
        Began work on resource configuration (compacted FindDeposit and 
        Also this means 'stores-* flags in ccl have to be changed to 'can-store 
'(resource list).


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