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[Stratagus-CVS] stratagus/doc install.html

From: Nehal Mistry
Subject: [Stratagus-CVS] stratagus/doc install.html
Date: Sat, 08 Nov 2003 17:50:48 -0500

CVSROOT:        /cvsroot/stratagus
Module name:    stratagus
Changes by:     Nehal Mistry <address@hidden>   03/11/08 17:50:48

Modified files:
        doc            : install.html 

Log message:
        update installation instructions

Index: stratagus/doc/install.html
diff -u stratagus/doc/install.html:1.58 stratagus/doc/install.html:1.59
--- stratagus/doc/install.html:1.58     Wed Sep  3 07:46:49 2003
+++ stratagus/doc/install.html  Sat Nov  8 17:50:47 2003
@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@
-----   $Id: install.html,v 1.58 2003/09/03 11:46:49 grumbel Exp $
+----   $Id: install.html,v 1.59 2003/11/08 22:50:47 nehalmistry Exp $
 ----   (c) Copyright 2002-2003 by Nehal Mistry.
@@ -39,10 +39,7 @@
        will need the winsock 2 update from 
-       <li><b>A supported graphics library:</b> SDL, svgalib, X11/Xlib 
-       (although X11 is supported, SDL is recommended).<br>
-       <font color=red>NOTE: remote displays aren't supported.</font><p>
+       <li><a href="";>SDL</a> (required).<p>
        <li><a href="";>libpng</a> (required).<p>
        <li><a href="";>zlib</a> (required).<p>
        <li><a href="";>libogg/libvorbis</a> 
@@ -51,7 +48,7 @@
        <li><a href="";>libmad</a> 
        <li><a href="";>zziplib</a> (optional).<p>
-       <li>Either the original or expansion W*rcr*ft 2 CD, or the FcMP 
+       <li>Either the original or expansion wc2 CD, or another data set, such 
as aleona.<br>
        <font color="red">NOTE: the CD edition is not 
@@ -129,11 +126,11 @@
        <li><b>Step 3, Extract data:</b><p>
        Now that you have a working engine, you need some media data before 
-       you can actually play the game. There are two options, use the data 
-       from the W*rcr*ft 2 CD, or use FcMP.<p>
+       you can actually play the game. You can either use the data 
+       from the wc2 CD, or use another data set.<p>
-           <li><b>Using W*rcr*ft 2 data:</b><p>
+           <li><b>Using wc2 data:</b><p>
            For Win32, run:
            <pre>       build.bat DIR</pre>
            where DIR is the directory to your CD or your 
@@ -147,21 +144,14 @@
            you will run into problems. It will take some 
            time to extract everything.</font><p>
-           <li><b>Using FcMP data:</b><p>
-           Download FcMP from the download page and extract it to 
-           the stratagus root directory (where the stratagus 
-           binary exists).<br>
-           <font color="red">NOTE if you extract to a different directory, 
-           you will need to specify the directory by passing '-d DIR' flag 
+           <li><b>Using another data set:</b><p>
+           Installation for other data sets should be included with the 
+           download. You may download Aleona from 
+           <a href="";>here</a>.
+           <font color="red">NOTE you will need to specify the data 
+           directory by passing '-d DIR' flag 
            when you run the stratagus binary, by default the binary 
            looks for 'data' in the current directory.</font><p> 
-           If you are using the CVS engine, you may need to checkout 
-           the 'fcmp' module from CVS. Then edit the locations at the top 
-           of '' and run it, this will create a working 
-           FcMP dir called: 'data.fcmp' , you may then rename this to 
-           '$FCDIR/data' where $FCDIR is the directory where the stratagus 
-           binary exists, or run stratagus with the '-d' option.<p>
        <li><b>Step 4, Run:</b><p>

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