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[Stratagus-CVS] Enjoy Take your chance to make her adore you. Outrun her

From: Sasha
Subject: [Stratagus-CVS] Enjoy Take your chance to make her adore you. Outrun her ex in terms of size and performance!
Date: Sun, 5 Nov 2006 10:26:35 -0500

 If you thought getting more size and girth was impossible, take a look at 
this. A month or even less, and you will see your best friend growing in length 
and girth.

 Did she ever tell you your size is insufficient? No? Maybe she was just being 
polite? You'll be dazzled to last for hours and hours with your new stronger, 
longer bed tool. Take a look: 

Act while others wait! Increase your confidence to enormous levels!

 The difference between the Laptop Dyno and the inertial dyno were negligible 
at best, with a difference of less than 2 hp and lb-ft of torque Because the 
core is 20mm thicker than stock, its capacity is bumped up to 3.1 liters They 
make the waist look small and the boobs look big You don't know me I love 
unicorns and Ligers VTEC innovations are evolving and constantly leaving their 
mark in the automotive world.

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