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Re: The GNU Project has been accepted to GSoC for 2010

From: Nils Gey
Subject: Re: The GNU Project has been accepted to GSoC for 2010
Date: Thu, 18 Mar 2010 21:10:27 +0100

Hey list,

Thats very good to hear ;)
Good job, Admin and thanks for the (from my point of view) head over heels 

How many Slots does GNU get for Mentors/Students? And I mean the real slots for 
the Orga which is listed as "The GNU Project" on google and not GCC or Gimp.

Greetings, Nils

On Thu, 18 Mar 2010 12:27:10 -0700
Micah Cowan <address@hidden> wrote:

> GNU has been approved to participate in this year's Google Summer of
> Code program.
> If you are planning to act as a mentor in this year's program, please
> sign into the GSoC web app (at and apply to
> become a mentor with GNU (click the "Apply to become a Mentor" link in
> the sidebar, under "GSoC 2010").
> Please take the time as soon as possible to take a look at your ideas
> page, and your section of the GNU ideas page
> (, and evaluate
> it with an eye for how a potential student will be likely to view it. If
> you were a  student looking for a project to join, how would you view
> this list? Which project would you choose to look into, given no
> particular preferences? Which projects would you be liable to pass over,
> because not enough information or "hook" was provided to capture their
> attention?
> FYI, the acceptance email included this notice:
> <<We will periodically subscribe mentors who sign up with your
> organization to the program's private mentors mailing list. Please let
> your mentors know to expect this. Please also let them know that they
> may be resubscribed a few times if they choose to unsubscribe and we
> apologize in advance if this occurs. It may be worth setting the mailing
> list preferences to digest only for the few days of the program.>>
> Also note that GNU's main SoC page still says "we don't know if we will
> be accepted". I will fix this, but can't until I leave work for home
> (where my SSH keys are).
> Good luck to all!
> -- 
> Micah J. Cowan

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