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Some Questions

From: Michael Lucy
Subject: Some Questions
Date: Thu, 25 Mar 2010 00:53:46 -0500


I'm interested in applying to work on Guile, and I was hoping to talk
to somebody about the project ideas.  I noticed that said there
were already mentors picked out for the various projects; should I be
talking to them directly or writing to the Guile mailing lists?

If I should be talking to them directly, how should I get in contact
with them?  I couldn't find a list of GNU mentors anywhere.

If I should be writing to the mailing lists, should I be writing to
guile-user or guile-devel?

My school has unusually late finals (June 7-11) which happen to fall
in the actual coding period--would it be a significant problem if I
did minimal work for a week around then and made it up either by
starting during community bonding period or continuing after the
project has officially finished?

For the "Qualification" portion of the application, are you looking
for a summary of relevant technical knowledge or a resume-ish thing?
Do you want a resume-ish thing anywhere in the application?  (I'm
going off of the list of information under "Your proposal" from ).

Thanks for your time.

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