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GSOC Proposal - Denemo - Importer/Exporter for other formats

From: Mihai Chereji
Subject: GSOC Proposal - Denemo - Importer/Exporter for other formats
Date: Thu, 08 Apr 2010 05:42:41 +0300
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Hello, my name is Chereji Mihai, I'm a first year under-graduate
Software Engineering student at The Babes-Boylai University in Cluj,

As somewhat of a musician, and a software student, I understand the
importance of music software (scoring or otherwise) and that is why I
would like to try to improve Denemo.

That is why I would like to try working on the importer/exporter for
other formats. Apart from the MusicXML format proposed by you, I would
suggest trying to import/export other popular formats, like Guitar Pro
files (.gp3, .gp4, .gp5) or PowerTab files (.ptb).

Although I have no experience with either Guile or Python, I have a good
grasp of the concepts of programming and am quite able in C/C++,PHP,
Pascal, Javascript and am confident in my ability to learn all that is
required in time for the beginning of the actual coding period of GSoC.

I also know this is all on the last minute, but I do hope that in some
way or another I can prove myself.

All the best,

Mihai Chereji

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