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Contact details for Prolog for Java

From: Daniel Thomas
Subject: Contact details for Prolog for Java
Date: Thu, 08 Apr 2010 18:00:19 +0100


I have been trying to contact the Prolog for Java project but I am not
sure that I have been using the correct contact details.

I may have managed to contact Constantine Plotnikov via the sourceforge
messaging system (but I don't know whether that worked). I tried four
different addresses for Michael Labhard before finding one (gmail) which
didn't bounce with 'user does not exist' or similar.

I would like to work on and bring life back to Prolog for Java but the
only any information on what needs doing for it that I have been able to
find is here:
" * It should really compile to JVM bytecodes to fasten things up and
the compiled code should be more optimal with respect to unification and
head matching.
      * It should support part 2 of the ISO standard (modules).
      * More documentation is required.
      * The parser should be redesigned."

Now I could write a proposal based on that but I should probably talk to
Constantine first and I am not sure that I have used the right mechanism
for doing so.

I didn't spot the Prolog for Java project as early on as I should have
done. olafBuddenhagen's message on the 26th March shows that I was on
#gsoc then.

Thank you,


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