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innovation in OSS

From: Anna Granudd
Subject: innovation in OSS
Date: Tue, 13 Apr 2010 11:00:40 +0200

I'm currently writing my master's thesis on the topic innovations within OSS and am looking at if projects participating in Google Summer of Code 2009 led to more innovations compared to projects that did not participate. To find out if this was the case, I have put together a small survey which I'm now asking you to help me answer. Since it has been rather hard to get the email addresses to the different projects, I hope you don't mind me sending this to you. If you think you don't know enough of the project to be able to answer the questions, maybe you could recommend me who might be better suited for me to contact or forward this to them?

Even though the number of projects that participated is high (150 projects 2009) I really want you to help me answer this and not just dispose of it because you think other people will answer it anyway. I successfully participated myself in one of the projects and I realize you must be getting questions from researchers all the time, but please help me out - as one participant to another.

This study is not part of some study by Google, I chose the topic simply because I'm really into open source and would like it to gain more attention in the academic literature. The questions are all on the web in order to be simple and quick to answer, please take the time and answer them as soon as you can (I know I would probably think "I'll do it later"' and then forget it, hence, please answer them right away if you can :)).

The survey can be found here:

Thank you,
Anna Granudd

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