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New GNU project for GSOC 2012: combining Org and Picolisp

From: Bastien
Subject: New GNU project for GSOC 2012: combining Org and Picolisp
Date: Tue, 28 Feb 2012 13:14:11 +0100
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Dear all,

I'm the maintainer of Emacs org-mode (

Thorsten is a student, interested in working on combining Org and
Picolisp as a GSOC project.  He is currently refining his idea and
defining deliverables for the project, but here is an overview:

  "Orgmode is great to produce static webpages.  But its AFAIK
  impossible to build webapplication in orgmode that interact with the
  user.  That is extremely efficient with the PicoLisp application
  framework - a web-GUI that acts directly on the underlying
  object-oriented data-bases, everything written in lisp and part of the

  The idea is to combine both things - use orgmode as a webdesign tool
  and picolisp for the logic and db. export org files with picolisp
  source blocks that produce html forms embedded in the static
  orgmode-html, making it possible to get data from the user and present
  him results of his queries, i.e. do real interactive webprogramming on
  top of a (lisp) database in orgmode."

More about Picolisp:!wiki?home

More about Org+Picolisp:

I'm cc'ing Chong Yidong, co-maintainer of Emacs, who supports this idea.

I'm volunteering to be the mentor for this project -- once the project's
description is available, we will surely look for a secondary co-mentor.

I'd like to know if GNU is willing to submit this project as a mentoring

If so, what is the next step we need to undertake?

Thanks a lot!


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