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From: Jason Self
Subject: GNUtrition
Date: Sat, 10 Mar 2012 22:04:19 -0500

I hope I'm not too late.

<h3 id="gnutrition"><a href="";>
<p>GNUtrition is free nutrition analysis software written for the GNU 
Operating System. The US Department of Agriculture, Nutrient Database of 
Standard Reference is used as the source of food nutrient information.</p>

<p><strong>Contact:</strong> address@hidden (to subscribe, see 
the <a href="";>list-info 
<strong>Mentors:</strong> <a href="mailto:address@hidden";>Jason Self</a>

<h4>Use SQLite</h4>
<p>GNUtrition is written in Python and uses MySQL as a database backend. 
This task is to switch the backend to SQLite. In this way GNUtrition can 
read and write the database file directly and eliminate a dependency. When 
someone upgrades to this new version of GNUtrition it must be able to 
handle the transition from MySQL to SQLite for them.<p>

<h4>Update the food database</h4>
<p>The current version of the food database is from 1999, and is very old. 
This task is to update to the current version. The USDA's database format 
has changed since the 1999 version and so updates to GNUtrition itself will 
likely be required as well.</p>

<h4>Reimplement in C</h4>
<p>GNUtrition is currently written in Python. This task is to reimplement 
the program in C, retaining all current features and functionality.</p>

Jason Self
Project Maintainer
GPG Key: 47486962

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