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Please add Org-mode to GNU GSoC umbrella

From: Thorsten
Subject: Please add Org-mode to GNU GSoC umbrella
Date: Sat, 17 Mar 2012 15:24:39 +0100
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Hi Jose, Hi List, 

in case you need a short description of the Org-mode project for the GNU
project page, I just prepared one. Maybe you can use it. 


GNU Emacs Org-mode (

Org is an Emacs Mode for Notes, Planning, and Authoring. Org-mode is for
keeping notes, maintaining TODO lists, doing project planning, and
authoring with a fast and effective plain-text system.

Included in Org-mode is Org-babel, a new computing environment for
authoring mixed natural and computer language documents. In this
environment a single hierarchically-organized plain text source file may
contain a variety of elements such as code in arbitrary programming
languages, raw data, links to external resources, project management
data, working notes, and text for publication. Code fragments may be
executed in situ with graphical, numerical and textual output captured
or linked in the file. Export to LATEX, HTML, LATEX beamer, DocBook and
other formats permits working reports, presentations and manuscripts for
publication to be generated from the file. In addition, functioning pure
code files can be automatically extracted from the file. This
environment is implemented as an extension to the Emacs text editor and
provides a rich set of features for authoring both prose and code, as
well as sophisticated project management capabilities.
Contact: Org-mode mailing-list (subscribe and info:

Ideas Page:

Mentor's emails: 
Bastien Guerry address@hidden
Eric Schulte address@hidden


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