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Re: Fwd: GSoC 2012: Mentor application?

From: Giuseppe Scrivano
Subject: Re: Fwd: GSoC 2012: Mentor application?
Date: Fri, 30 Mar 2012 20:35:33 +0200
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address@hidden (Alfred M. Szmidt) writes:

>    >> That's right. Remember, mentors receive money from Google too!
>    >> So they go through the same registration hassle as students, and
>    >> a mentor is later formally associated with its student (mentors
>    >> who get no students don't get paid).
>    > 
>    > This is a bit misleading, especially on this list. Orgs get paid, 
>    > not mentors. Some orgs redistribute this money to the mentors; GNU 
>    > hasn't generally done this.
>    That is sad :( For all their hard work mentors deserve to be rewarded.
>    Oh, well, i stand corrected then.
> The reward is computer user freedom.

absolutely right, but on the other hand there is some money and who
deserves it more than who is doing the real job?  As this money is
supposed to support the development of Free Software/Open Source
software, I don't see a better way to use this money than give it, at
least partly, to whom is directly involved with it.  Differently than
sporadic contributions, a mentor has responsibilities with the student
and has to find some time for it.

In any case, I will not just leave my comment on this mailing list but
raise this problem to RMS, because from my simplistic vision of the
things it can be defined a problem.


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