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GNU Dr. Geo Ideas

From: gagan
Subject: GNU Dr. Geo Ideas
Date: Fri, 7 Mar 2014 10:36:22 +0530

Hello, these are the ideas for GNU Dr. Geo

Dr. Geo is quite old software and has not been maintained or coded
since last 6 years. The code base is very old and causes errors and
segmentation faults with new libraries. The plan is to write Dr. Geo
from scratch. For students to be able to complete their work in GSoC
period, this has been divided into two parts.

GUI part of Dr. Geo

Mentor : H.S Rai

The old code uses c++ and with that WxWidgets library to draw the
windows and other geometrical objects. Goal of this project is to
rewrite the GUI part of Dr. Geo project using C/Vala programming
language and GTK+ widgets toolkit. This will include all the contents
of the window, the frame in which user is able to draw the geometrical
objects and the Console window to provide user input.

Kernel part of Dr. Geo

Mentor : Mandeep Simak

The old code is just a blob of confusions. The goal of this project is
to provide a modular approach, a kernel that could be attached with
the GUI part using a good API. Kernel will get input from the GUI,
will send the output to GUI. All the data manipulations and data
storage will be handled by the kernel.

DXF import/export

Mentor : Jasleen Kaur

DXF is a popular format for CAD data storage and support of DXF read
write should be provided in Dr. Geo. Aim of project is to create a DXF
Read/Write library in C/Vala to be integratable into Dr. Geo.


Tags are,
Geometry, C, C++

"Jai Sai Naath"

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