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XBoard-GTK Development and accessibility - GSOC 2014

From: Nalin.x.Linux
Subject: XBoard-GTK Development and accessibility - GSOC 2014
Date: Thu, 20 Mar 2014 19:23:56 +0530

Hai i am Nalin a student from India. I understand that XBoard needs a GTK developer from there webpage. And it is still using Gtk2 not the updated version of Gtk(3).  And also it seems that XBoard GTK demands for some more accessibility features. What i have noticed is that there is no navigation of pieces using arrow keys and also it does not help a visually challenged person to know current position of pieces in the board. it is also noted that ORCA(Screen Reader) does not right away announce the movement played by the opponent. etc......

i have submitted a proposal regarding this to GNU. Please review it and give me feedback. 
Thanking you Nalin.  

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