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GNU Social

From: Diogo Cordeiro
Subject: GNU Social
Date: Mon, 8 Jan 2018 23:50:39 +0000

I am unsure if this is either the right place or moment to ask about this, but I noticed that LilyPond has mailed about participating again in GSoC and I am worried if GNU Social has that in the plans as well (since it didn't seem to in previous year edition). In GSoC's website (Student Guide) is stated that "many organizations encourage original ideas proposed by students", it is unclear though if we can contribute in other projects not in the organization's GSoC related page (as, apparently, was the case with GNU Social past year).

I would LOVE to be involved in GNU Social development in this year GSoC edition as it is a project in which I am truly interested both in learning more about and contributing.

If that's not in their plans, I would like to let the GNU Social community know that if they opt in there will be, at least, one person really interested in contributing (and that would thanks the support of a mentor to help integrating in the community), maybe I should issue about this in their git repo?

Thanks in advance and sorry if this was unappropriated, is just that I am afraid that GNU Social can not participate after the organizations applications finishes and, since I believe both (students and GNU Social) could benefit with their participation, I wanted to make that clear in time.

Please excuse any mispellings (pun intended) as English is not my native language...

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