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GSoC: Work on CLISP compiler.

From: Charles Zhang
Subject: GSoC: Work on CLISP compiler.
Date: Thu, 15 Feb 2018 15:22:02 -0800

Hi all,

I'd like to work on GNU CLISP for Google Summer of Code 2018.

Specifically, I am interested in either implementing lock-free hash-tables or working on the backend, e.g. adding either a bytecode to C transpiler, or using bytecode as an IR as a means to compile straight to native code, either AOT or adding onto the existing JITC work. Another possible idea I'm interested in would be to improve the byte-code compiler itself: adding various optimizations not already done or (more ambitiously) to perform better type inference. As far as I can tell, CLISP does not do as much type-informed optimizations as other Common Lisp implmentations.

I am familiar with the internals of SBCL and know the details of Lisp compilation fairly well, so compiler features rather than user-level additions like library bindings would be more interesting to work on. It would be great to hear thoughts from the CLISP maintainers on what seems like a feasible GSoC goal.


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