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[gnu-soc] Fwd: Ideas List for GSoC 2019

From: Pranav Gadikar
Subject: [gnu-soc] Fwd: Ideas List for GSoC 2019
Date: Wed, 16 Jan 2019 17:03:56 +0530

Hello Mentors/collaborators,
    Can you please tell me where to find the ideas list for GSoC 2019?

I was actually going through last years ideas and found lisp and assembly language related projects very interesting. I have done c,c++,lisp,python,prolog as a part of my curriculum along with operating systems and machine learning and artificial intelligence courses.
I want to participate in GSoC 2019 with GNU project as my first choice.
Can you please suggest me how to start working or how to approach presently to have a strong proposal.
  I am willing to put in the required effort.

Thanks and regards
3rd Yr CS undergraduate

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