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Re: [gnu-soc] Possible project ideas for GSOC 2021

From: Jose E. Marchesi
Subject: Re: [gnu-soc] Possible project ideas for GSOC 2021
Date: Fri, 15 Jan 2021 23:49:19 +0100
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>       As under the umbrella of the gnu organisation their are multiple
> projects and any of which may be included in the idea's list if gnu
> happens to be selected for gsoc 2021, I would like to know in specific
> which projects will likely be included in order to get familiar with
> their codebases.
>       Because unlike other organisations which take part in gsoc that
> have a single codebase to focus on, the gnu projects are numerous and
> students have no way to make an early start and grow familiar to the
> projects.

I can advance that if GNU gets admitted as a GSOC org, I will have GNU
poke ( participating in the project.

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