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Re: [gnu-soc] summer-of-code Digest, Vol 110, Issue 2

From: Simon Sobisch
Subject: Re: [gnu-soc] summer-of-code Digest, Vol 110, Issue 2
Date: Sun, 31 Dec 2023 19:10:45 +0100
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Dear Chaitanya and Puneeth,

thanks for reaching out this mailing list and for your interest to both the GNU organization and the Google Summer of Code.

To get more information on both, you may want to visit
and the links it provides.

Please be sure to understand those if you want to take part in GSOC with sponsoring by Google.

In general the GNU Operating System has several programs that you can contribute to in general and some that take part in GSOC (= provide mentors which are needed to become a GSoC contributor). In general keep in mind that the organizations that take part don't know how many "slots" they receive, so no one can tell you if your contribution actually will be sponsored by Google or not.

In any case - taking part in an "open source" community (in general GNU folks prefer "free source" which means that not only the source is available but you can actually use it, with the additional preference of copyleft licenses) to get familiar with the contribution flow is useful.

You may want to check (also linked in the site above) to look out for something that interest you (these GNU software communities are _likely_ to take part again) and start getting in contact with those that interest you most.

For some reason GnuCOBOL has no ideas listed, but if you have interest - we can discuss those, too :-)

Happy New Year to both of you and to all readers of this list!

Am 31.12.2023 um 18:00 schrieb
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Today's Topics:

    1.  Wanting to start contributing. (CJ)
    2.  I'd love to contribute to GNU project (Puneeth Y)


Message: 1
Date: Sun, 31 Dec 2023 15:55:57 +0530
From: CJ <>
Subject: [gnu-soc] Wanting to start contributing.
Content-Type: text/plain; charset="utf-8"

Hello team,
I'm Chaitaya Rathod, I'm a final year student at Sardar Vallabhbhai
National Institute of Technology,
I'm very much fascinated by your organization and would like to contribute
to your project. I know, c, c++, python and am familiar with linux.
I'm facing some confusion regarding how to get started with contributing to
open source.
Can you please guide me in doing that?
Chaitanya Rathod


Message: 2
Date: Tue, 26 Dec 2023 20:15:59 +0530
From: Puneeth Y <>
Subject: [gnu-soc] I'd love to contribute to GNU project
Content-Type: text/plain; charset="utf-8"

While exploring organizations for GSOC 2024, I stumbled upon this amazing
organization. I'd love to be a part of the community and I'm eager to
contribute in any way I can.
Please let me know how I can get involved!

Thanks for taking the time to consider my request

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