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Re: [gnu-soc] Wanting to start contributing.

From: Jose E. Marchesi
Subject: Re: [gnu-soc] Wanting to start contributing.
Date: Wed, 03 Jan 2024 12:46:17 +0100
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> Hello team,
> I'm Chaitaya Rathod, I'm a final year student at Sardar Vallabhbhai
> National Institute of Technology,
> I'm very much fascinated by your organization and would like to contribute
> to your project. I know, c, c++, python and am familiar with linux.
> I'm facing some confusion regarding how to get started with contributing to
> open source.
> Can you please guide me in doing that?

The time for applying organizations to apply for GSOC 2024 doesn't start
until January 22.

We will apply.  Please stay tuned in this list.

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