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Swarm 1.2 has been released

From: Alex Lancaster
Subject: Swarm 1.2 has been released
Date: 25 Jun 1998 05:50:41 -0600

To the extended Hive,

The Swarm team at the Santa Fe Institute is pleased to announce that
Swarm 1.2 is ready.

Please refer to the Swarm web release page for download URLs.


Highlights of this release are:

**  A complete documentation overhaul.

We have introduced `Literate programming' to Swarm (the interface
reference documentation is in the Swarm source code).  Markup of
documentation uses DocBook SGML instead of HTML.  DocBook is a modern
documentation system with rich markup oriented toward commercial
software.  Documentation system can output TeX, RTF, DVI, PostScript and
HTML.  The documentation system is also *highly* extensible.  We have
added generation of several types of indices and made numerous
formatting changes.

**  Installation

An autoconfiguration system for Swarm (and swarmdocs).  Package now
uses GNU `configure' scripts to simplify installation.

**  Other features:

We have added more graphical widgets for drawing on Raster (lines,
ellipses, rectangles).  We have also enhanced command parsing to allow
customizable command line argument parsing.

We have a porting document available (there is a link to this document
from the home page, and the release page).

Please send questions to address@hidden, and bugs to

  Alex Lancaster         |   e-mail: address@hidden
  Swarm Project          |      web: http://www.santafe.edu/projects/swarm
  Santa Fe Institute     |      tel: +1-(505) 984-8800 

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