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Swarm 2.0.1 available

From: Marcus G. Daniels
Subject: Swarm 2.0.1 available
Date: 18 Sep 1999 21:17:54 -0700
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To the collectively evolving,

The Swarm Development Group is pleased to announce that Swarm 2.0.1 is ready. 
Swarm 2.0.1 is a stability release coinciding with distribution of a
new Swarm CD-ROM.¹ Binary distributions for Debian 2.2, Solaris 2.7,
and Windows 98/NT are available on the release page:


Java users should definitely consider installing 2.0.1, as it includes
important bug fixes and API simplifications.  Also with this release is a
port of Heatbugs to Java.

Finally, there were a number of GUI-related fixes and work done to
plug a memory leak that occurred when using Swarms to manage other
Swarms, a.k.a.  `experiment Swarms'.

Thanks for all the bug reports!

¹ http://www.santafe.edu/projects/swarm/cdrom.html

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