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Swarm 2.1.1 available

From: Marcus G. Daniels
Subject: Swarm 2.1.1 available
Date: 10 Apr 2000 21:59:29 -0700
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Hey folks, I just put up Swarm 2.1.1 at the usual coordinates:


Nothing major here in terms of the Swarm source tree itself, but the
reported Windows 98 related problems should be squared away.  Note the
Windows binaries are not just the 2.1 files with updated DLLs; quite a
few packages were updated to be in synch with the pending Cygwin
release, and everything was rebuilt.  

Among other things, the 2.1.1 CD-ROM includes a newer Emacs and the
new documented version of Artificial Stock Market.  This is just FYI,
we're not making money on CD-ROMs!

For Windows users we considered organizing minor releases such as this
one as `service packs' in order to minimize download size, but decided
against it since members will get CD-ROMs anyway.  Service packs muddy
version bookkeeping and complicate uninstall procedures.  Swarm 2.1.1
will install a whole new hierarchy and make a parallel set of mounts.

For Unix users, the Swarm 2.1.1 release includes the usual batch of
binary distributions:
  Debian (sparc, x86)
  Redhat (sparc, x86, ppc)
  SuSE 6.3 (x86)
  Solaris 2.7 (sparc)

Thanks for the bug reports! 

We'll start sending out CD-ROMs on Thursday.  If you've got a fast
internet connection, please give 2.1.1 a spin.  Apologies to those of
you that have pending 2.1 CD-ROM orders.  Real soon now!

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