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Announcement: Evo Artificial Life Framework

From: Michael Krumpus
Subject: Announcement: Evo Artificial Life Framework
Date: Wed, 26 Apr 2000 20:49:14 -0500

Fellow Swarmers,

I have developed an alife framework built on top of Swarm called "Evo".
Evo is a development framework that allows Swarm developers to build
agent-based simulations in order to study the evolution of behavior in
environments that are crafted by the developer.  Evo employs biological
operators such as genetic recombination and mutation to evolve the
behavior of agents so that they are more adapted to their environment.
Evo is similar to genetic programming in the sense that the genome of an
individual agent is a program that is executed. The Evo framework
handles the generation and execution of these genomes.

Evo is open source (of course!), is documented well, and comes with
several example applications.  Read about and download Evo by visiting
the Evo website at http://www.omicrongroup.org/evo.
Hope you like it!

Michael Krumpus
The Omicron Group

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