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address@hidden BOUNCE address@hidden: Non-member submission from [Chr

From: Marcus G. Daniels
Subject: address@hidden BOUNCE address@hidden: Non-member submission from [Chris Langton <address@hidden>]
Date: 29 Apr 2000 12:35:57 -0700
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From: Chris Langton <address@hidden>
Subject: Irene is moving on...
To: address@hidden
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   To the Swarm community...

    After several years of dedicated service to the Swarm project,
most recently as the Prez/Exec of the SDG, Irene Lee is moving on
to spend more time on her own career and personal interests. 

    As you may or may not have known, Irene was devoting a good
deal of her time on a pro-bono basis (i.e. salary = 0) to manage
the business/financial/membership/organizational side of the SDG.
She successfully brought the Swarm project out of the SFI and
created its new non-profit corporate existence, the SDG. She has
played a critical role in managing the SwarmFests, seeking new
funding, keeping existing funders happy, and encouraging new 
members to join.

    Without Irene's incredible and dedicated contributions, there
would be no SDG today, and probably no remaining organized central
Swarm effort. We are all tremendously in debt to Irene's cheerful
spirit of community and contribution - she will be sorely missed.

    The SDG board of directors has met virtually to reshuffle the
assignment of officers now that Irene has resigned. The new line up
is as follows:  

     Prez:        Chris Langton
     Exec:        Marcus Daniels
     Veep:        Glen Ropella

    The three of us will try to muddle through what Irene was able 
to accomplish so effortlessly.

    Irene says:

     I want to thank the community members for their participation 
and contributions toward making Swarm a success and I'd like to thank 
Chris, Glen, Marcus, and Alex for giving me the opportunity to be a part 
of the Swarm project.

    And I says:

    Thanks Irene! and good luck in whatever you choose to do from here.
An entire community of Swarm Drones will miss you enormously...

    Chris Langton

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